Kitty Links! 🐱‍👓 Obamadramas and The Clowney’s

What to say about this little” Lovefest ” This article did make me smile JD and JKR 😁The Clowney’s and the Obamadrama’s, always good for a laugh!

This :

BFF ‘s and apparently quite the bromance going on here 😁

It started here :


He’s my best friend. Leave him alone .!


Wow, where have I heard that before?



I’m not an elected representative of the people of America (or anywhere) but who cares, see my sincere concerned face?
Note the CFR involved here. There is a clue. The CFR is another think tank.

Let me add to your post

Some good characters there, Rockefeller says not to privatize the VA, Trump did this because you are turned away at hospitals because the VA refused to pay them, Some waited 6 months for an appointment and by that time it was too late.  Take a look at what we up against. These people influence your life.

Doing boy stuff together. Racy texts! WOW !!

Sharing tips on hair care 😁


What’s 15 million dollars between friends?

UGH, The Daily Beast the ass kisser to the far left!  What a whirlwind bromance these two are having. Obama was against Gay marriage during campaigning.

The Obama’s have signed a deal with Netflix.
They will be able to continue with the causes dear to their heart on a wider public platform.
In other words more virtue signalling , and getting paid for it.
Maybe BFF George is advising Barack on all things Hollywood now, which is just what friends do.

JD: I do wonder what they will think and do when everyone finds out that the spying on trump happened under his watch?

A 300 feet exclusion zone around the Clooney property.
Lots of security, lots of Obamadrama. How to stay in the public eye!


I agree with you, they could have kept hush-hush but chose not to, I must assume the same as you staying in the public eye.

Kitty, my pleasure as always, anyone can make a post with links and I will make them look like this. Don’t be afraid to give your opinions for or against this how democracy works. We need to fight for this every day and cherish this freedom!

PS: weird blind I posted about a liquor company started by maybe let’s say GC, and they are poisoning the bottles and so far I think the death count is over 10.


Deadline~ George clooney gets righteous on the Sultan of Brunei

Written by George Clooney. Hey George!

Embed from Getty Images

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – JUNE 09: (EMBARGOED FOR PUBLICATION IN UK NEWSPAPERS UNTIL 48 HOURS AFTER CREATE DATE AND TIME) Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and The Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah attend the Gurkha 200 Pageant at the Royal Hospital Chelsea on June 9, 2015 in London, England. (Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images)

Comment from @aeltrileaf tumblr a reminder

STFU Closeted Looney, you are doing all of this for publicity. You don’t care for those stoning victims anymore than you cared about the kid who fell to his death trying to escape your sex party…



Thoughts~ the Queen has not say in Brexit

A connection to royals isn’t going to affect Brexit the Queen has no say in that. So that is not an issue. As for Clooney, his star has faded been a while since he had a hit and time moves quickly in H Wood. I think maybe Amal wants a knighthood (Dame) and might be silly enough to think hanging with Megsy will help her?

Hey, Thoughts!

Yes, I get that, Why are MM trolls using this?  It’s a stupid tactic other than to humiliate.

That’s Right! Now, George looks for any opportunity to keep himself in the spotlight. Who knows what Amal wants, but that could be plausible.  These people need to know that it takes years to be knighted. Is she even a citizen of the UK, I don’t know much about her, I really don’t care about these two, lol.


Thank you thoughts! 🌸😎

Creative Artist Agency~ Meghan Markle

Hey, friends, do you guys remember we got a tip that Meghan was over at the creative artist agency. That tip may be true!

George Clooney is a client, and so is Gayle King! Reese Wetherspoon, remember the blind she got invited to the royal wedding? She is with CAA.

It pays to dig around!  This was one giant PR stunt; this was staged by these wonderful people. How about them apples Markle?

JKR submits: Arthur Edwards about Meghan Markle

JKR submitted:

Arthur Edwards About Meghan

Meghan Markle, lighten up. You’re not the new Princess Diana and it’s time you and Prince Harry ended this phoney media war

GEORGE CLOONEY really should stick to flogging fancy coffee – and stop preaching about his friend Meghan Markle terribly difficult life.

The A-list actor claims the Duchess of Sussex is being “pursued, vilified and chased” in the same way that Princess Diana was, and, like a character from one of his TV melodramas, he warns: “We’ve seen how that ends.

I spent 17 years photographing Diana and we shared a great working relationship.

But that was very different. The truth is that Meghan is not remotely being hunted by photographers and enjoys extraordinary freedoms.

The paparazzi do not stalk her like they did the Princess of Wales — although they were often tipped off about where Diana would be.

Snappers were told when she was going for lunch with a friend, dressed up to the nines, or out for a night on the town in a sizzling frock. She had her favourite writers and her favoured photographers.

But the only paparazzi pictures ever to have been published of Meghan were taken when the story first broke that she was romantically linked with Harry.

This was a genuine news story. But because their media minders at Kensington Palace refused to issue an official photo of the couple together, they had created a market for one, and every paparazzo was desperate to get the first photo of them together.

Since then, in all her public engagements, she has been closely monitored by the Palace Press team. Even her wedding pictures were so tightly controlled that just one Press agency was allowed to photograph the marriage service inside St George’s Chapel in Windsor last May.

As a result, Meghan can quite happily live as a semi-private citizen in her palace.

She comes and goes when and where she wants, with no photographers following her.

We know precious little about the life she and Harry lead in London or at their luxury bolthole in Oxfordshire.

Yes, she likes Soho Farmhouse and she writes on bananas — but that’s about it.

Like everyone in the public eye, she is trolled on social media. Palace aides supposedly “spend hours” deleting hateful comments — but why bother? Why not simply ignore it? Their PR advisers hope to bypass the traditional media by controlling the photographs and stories they release.

Happy Valentine’s Day Arthur💖💖💖💖💖Truth! 

Meghan deleted her own social media accounts when she and Harry became engaged. Perhaps the Royal Family should do the same. Instagram does not equal real life.

Arthur my hero! 

When The Sun accurately reports about Meghan in fairly harmless stories, their frankly second-rate PR people set lawyers on us.


Yet the biggest invasion of her privacy was triggered by Meghan herself, after she gave consent to friends to talk to People magazine in America last week about the awful relationship she has with her dad.

Giddy with excitement! 

Although there have been stories about the “difficult Duchess” and the fall-out with Kate, most of her problems stem from back home in the USA.

Created drama my friend, MM could call it off anytime IMO 

Meghan’s father Thomas Markle, her half-sister Samantha — who Meghan says she barely knows — and her cannabis-grower half-brother Thomas Jr, have only ever said disparaging things about the Duchess.

I suspect that Meghan knew the letter she sent to her dad last August would be published and she used it to make sure the world knew she was disgusted with the lies being told by her family.

Yep, never complain, never explain 

Meanwhile, in his bid to “protect” his wife, Prince Harry — once the Press photographers’ favourite among the royals — has gone from hero to zero in his relationship with the media.


I have asked twice for Meghan to meet Britain’s royal correspondents but so far it has not happened. If she did, I am sure her profile would improve.

Despite being surrounded by great wealth and privilege, the young royals seem to have been seduced by the cult of victimhood.

Perpetual victims 

Harry talked about his anxiety and stress and Meghan is a victim of “global bullying” — whatever that means.

Thank you, Arthur!  People have a right to an opinion, we are sick to death of the PR. 

Meghan really needs to lighten up. So does Harry.

The pair of them should look across the road at Harry’s father, the Prince of Wales, and his lovely wife Camilla, who has had more hostile Press coverage than any other member of the Royal Family, including Diana.

But they just worked harder and harder to win people over, and Camilla’s approval rating is now sky high and she will certainly be our Queen.

Every job I have been on with Meghan she has been the star of the show. She engages brilliantly with people and is a true royal star.

My main hope is that this phoney war with the media — that they started and which has now been intensified by their friend Clooney — comes to an end before the Press loses interest.

Newspapers and websites could, after all, simply stop covering Harry and Megan’s engagements, which I’m not sure would please either of them.

Preach Arthur! 

So stick to acting, George, because there is no part for you in this royal soap opera.

I love this JKR! Arthur Edwards is one of my favorite photographers!  I will have to pull his interview back up so all can see. He talks about being a Sun photag shooting pictures of the late Princess Diana. This man knows first hand what Diana dealt with. Edward’s is a trusted source of information friends. 

Thank you JKR  💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

Anonymous said: Anyone know if Clooney is an investor in Soho?

Does anyone know if Clooney is an investor in Soho? His name seems to be used a lot in promos for a “private” club. If so, it would make sense that he’d speak up for MM. if she’s unpopular and disliked she can’t promote the club or its teapots. It’s the Markle affect. She’s awful for business.
Embed from Getty Images

TORONTO, ON – SEPTEMBER 10: (L-R) Actors Albert Brooks, Ryan Gosling and Actor/Director George Clooney attend ‘A Dangerous Method’ party hosted by GREY GOOSE Vodka at Soho House Pop Up Club during the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival on September 10, 2011 in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by Alexandra Wyman/Getty Images for GREY GOOSE Vodka)

Embed from Getty Images

TORONTO, ON – SEPTEMBER 09: (L-R) Evan Rachel Wood, George Clooney, Jeff Blake of Sony, Sony Corporation Chairman, CEO and President Sir Howard Stringer and Amy Pascal of Sony attend ‘The Ides of March’ party hosted by GREY GOOSE Vodka at Soho House Pop Up Club during the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival on September 9, 2011 in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by Jeff Vespa/Getty Images for GREY GOOSE Vodka)

Embed from Getty Images

LAS VEGAS, NV – OCTOBER 27: (Exclusive Coverage) George Clooney and Rande Gerber take over the controls en route to Las Vegas for round two of the Casamigos Halloween party while Cindy Crawford served as the flight attendant for lucky passengers on October 27, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Casamigos)

also, listed as a member George and Amal Clooney

Thank you anon 🌸😎

Aida submitted: George Clooney~ Just like Di~🙄Piers Morgan~ Nope George

George – Meghan – Piers

George Clooney claims his friend Meghan is being ‘pursued and vilified’ as he compares her struggles to Princess Diana – and ‘we’ve seen how that ends’

Sorry George, but Meghan’s no Princess Diana and it’s not the media that’s vilifying her – it’s her own family who she abandoned for celebrities like you

The shit show continues on the Daily Mail, you wonder why people like me see a problem here, and I’m the troll? LOL

Thank you, Aida, 🌸😎

Anon: Amal Clooney

Anonymous said:
Sorry JD, there was a second part, but it isn’t showing. That company is someone Amal Alamuddin works for, Doughty. She’s brilliant and has worked for world leaders from different countries & religions. I don’t know what the DM comments were, but that article lists her many achievements. I can’t for the life of me understand why she would socialize with those two (MM & PH). What…

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