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Ghislaine Maxwell in talks with US Media to give a tell all

Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘pimp’ Ghislaine Maxwell ‘plans to defend her friend Prince Andrew in a tell-all interview on US TV’

Are you kidding me! After the disastrous car crash interview, she is going to give an interview. Okay, I say go for it, the FBI has what they need, and I’m sure the lawyers of Virginia Roberts are looking for a defamation lawsuit.

If so I expect NBC universal that will hold the interview, call it a hunch.

DM – Prince Andrew is in constant contact with Ghislaine Maxwell

Oh, yes he is!

Remember this little trip?  Well, Enty, the entertainment lawyer said, that both Fergie and Andrew met up with Ghislaine and others on how to handle this Epstein thing.  Of course, they will screw it up as they have done so far.

Ghislaine is saying she hired the help and professional masseuses, Okay yeah sure Jan! You are all over the blinds!

Blind Item #3

Speaking of cheating, this foreign born political leader has family here in the US all of you know. The leader didn’t bring his wife and instead, in the most bizarre of circumstances had dinner and spent the night with one of the victims of the billionaire pedophile who turned procurer.

CDAN – Blinds on Royals and Ghislaine Maxwell

Blind Item #9

According to the former assistant of the madam/procurer turned voice over actress, the madam said she had audio recordings of the disgraced royal taking kickbacks for favorable trade agreements.

The Scapegoating of a Prince ? Kitty links 🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤

Here are approximately 80 links to Prince Andrew and his “connections ” to the JeffreyEpstein case JD , apologies in advance !
These articles are all mostly to be found in the main stream news and can be found on the Spidercat WordPress Website . A few of the articles are from the alternative news community which I will use in part two of this article .

Prince Andrew’s bodyguards ‘turned a blind eye’ at paedophile financier’s parties




What do Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton have in common?

Pedophile Paradise: Caribbean Orgies and Bill Clinton’s Billionaire Buddy

The links in this article JD are to give an over view of just some of the news reportage of Prince Andrews involvement with Jeffrey Epstein .
They chart the length of time this has been reported , how it has been reported and the reaction to the reportage by both the general public and the “establishment ”
Andrews disastrous interview has not only served to destroy his credibility and left more questions unanswered than answered but has deflected and distracted attention from some of
the more prominent players in this “game ”



Is Andrews interview his Bill Clinton “moment ” ?
The Scapegoat .

Very often the scapegoat will take the blame( not voluntarily ) for the “collective”
In this case, Andrew could be the one being sacrificed to take the attention away from other members of the “group” who were more deeply involved with the child trafficking element of the Epstein Case
Plausible Deniability

This is obviously being practiced by both the Royal Family and the Duke of York .

A guide on how to manipulate us: the masses.

Part 2 will be exposing the darkest side of the Epstein Case, The Doutroux Case, and how and if the Royal Family fit into this.
Legislation to make us accept paedophilia as just another sexual preference .
How are children and we are being “groomed ” into accepting their sexualization by our education system?
An explanation of the “broken cross ”
Secret Societies and the so-called Elite.
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Prince Andrew is a liar! It looks like the NYT article that there some blackmail/extortion going on with Epstein Lawyers. Looks like Andrew didn’t pay up and maybe they did use Meghan Markle as a distraction.  She could be part of blackmail scheme, speculating of course.

Thank you, Kitty! 👤

The Storm is upon us tweets- Bezo invited Ghislaine Maxwell to a party!