Anon submits: Daily Mail- Prince Harry is ‘Hypocrital and Preachy’ and Prince Andrew’s new news

Prince Harry used to be the ‘people’s prince’ but has become ‘hypocritical, preachy and detached,’ a royal author claims

Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon!

What are they covering up today?

This is the must-read from the BBC 



Daily Mail: Ghislaine Maxwell In N Out burger was staged

Of course, she did, she was reading nonfiction about the CIA which we all know Epstein and company were involved with.  He was an asset for them along with alledged Mossad.


Was it pulled out to cover for her?


Today’s Blind Items – Mystery

I know usually, the items that appear in this space are longer, but this one is juicy enough to make it to the spot. A long time spy who lives here in LA is on vacation outside the country. Well, technically she is yachting on an actual yacht. Imagine her surprise when last night she was at a party at a restaurant located at a marina and a door to a private room opened. She knew two people who walked out of the room and it is a couple who are royal. She caught a glimpse of some others in the room. Being the great spy she is, she asked a waiter about the party going on in the private room. The waiter said it wasn’t a party, but rather some kind of business meeting. The waiter had also recognized the royal couple and one other person. He told the name to the spy who had no idea who it was, but Googled the name and l and behold that name is mentioned extensively in the case of the billionaire pedophile. It sounds like it was a meeting of the guilty and working out next moves.

Yesterday, thousands of pages were unsealed, and today Epstein is dead?

Yesterday, thousands of pages were unsealed, and today, Epstein is dead? Well … Epstein’s death won’t prevent those docs from going public. All the people who helped Epstein to commit crimes are well and alive.


Yesterday, we learned that former gov. of  New Mexico and Clinton’s cabinet member was allegedly involved into it but, of course, he denied it right away. I believe the point of no return has been crossed. Names of the rich and powerful will be out.

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WASHINGTON, DC – MAY 05: Former Governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson attends at the Conference on Iran on May 5, 2018, in Washington, DC. Over one thousand delegates from representing Iranian communities from forty states attend the Iran Freedom Convention for Human Rights and Democracy. (Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)


That’s right anon, the names are out, and we need a lawyer to answer an NDA question.  The victims won a civil lawsuit last year, and they had to sign NDA, now that Epstein is dead is the NDA still enforce? If it’s not that’s a lot of victims that could come forward and testify against these scum bags.  We know it’s not just a few, but many partaking in this sic shit.


They need to round up Ghislaine Maxwell now before she starts taking a dirt nap!


Let the scum party this weekend. It might be their last one. No ones above the law!  Right, Killary?


thank you anon, God bless America 🌸😎🙏🏼

Tweet from Enty, the entertainment lawyer

Epstein killed himself

Although, I said that he would kill himself or be killed for his knowledge. Which I think it was a hit, he was on suicide watch, what else are we going to think?


He should have been taken to Fort Knox! I’m worried for the girls who were brave enough to come forward.  Pedophiles beware, there are still 1 million documents, you may have postponed it, but I don’t think it’s going to end there.  At least I hope not.


The scum of the earth is resting well, and no doubt opened another bottle of 25k  wine to celebrate.  Ghislaine Maxwell is still walking the earth, and since she is the one that procured the girls for your disgusting acts, she is still in play.  If she sees an untimely accident, then we know the super-wealthy can get away with anything.  I do wonder how much money went into this distraction of late and the body count. Blood is not easily washed from one’s hands.


Rot in hell you prick!

Eye The Spy~ Joe M~ Qanons- focus on Epstein!