“Let’s face it, when it comes to helping others out, Meghan is only in it for the fame. If a camera isn’t there to document the moment and paint her in a good light, she’s not interested.”

  • Meghan Markle’s BFF Jessica Mulroney is hiding in her Toronto home ever since she hit the headlines for attacking an influencer.
  • Her parents have rushed to her side to take care of the kids, but Meghan is nowhere.
  • We shouldn’t be surprised. Meghan has a long history of fleeing the scene when things get tough.

Shahs of Sunset star Nema Vand says Meghan ‘ghosted’ her ex-boyfriend after appearing on Suits

Although Nema has nothing but nice things to say about Meghan, he did call her out for breaking his good friend’s heart.  

‘If Meghan Markle listens to this — I’m gonna say this one time — Meghan, you really upset our friend Gabe,’ he said. ‘My friend Gabe that I grew up with dated Meghan in high school, and he said that after she got on Suits, they were friends for years afterward. 

‘And he was like, “Yeah, she kind of, like, ghosted me after Suits,” and it, like, really hurt his feelings. I got the sense that Gabe really valued her friendship.’

Harry’s friends express concern

Prince Harry’s friends express concern after he ‘cut off’ contact while Meghan Markle was pregnant – with many ‘no longer having his phone number’

An article published in the May 2019 issue of Tatler magazine claimed Harry had ‘banished’ childhood friend Mr Inskip, affectionately known as ‘Skippy’.

I showed you yesterday that Inskip took Harry yachting, 😉 He is the one that introduced Markle to Harry.  Inskip works in Washington DC is good friends with Beatrice and Eugenie.  He never talked but he could. 

Meghan Markle crucified him publicly in The Express. 

The article stated: ‘Hang out with the Clooney/Beckham/Soho House set and be assailed for being too Hollywood, for forcing your hen-pecked husband to abandon his old, country-set muckers – including Tom “Skippy” Inskip, the ultra-loyal, tight-lipped Harry pal, who, it’s said, advised Harry not to marry Meghan and has paid the price: banishment.’

No shit, you are a yachter, Meghan and your past John’s have said so to Harry in public. 



I do not get it. UPDATE from JD

“Harry is still into her so there you have it …” I don’t get it. If Thomas Markle told the truth when he said that Harry didn’t call him prior to the engagement, and they didn’t talk on the phone, then how Harry could be into her? What the heck happened? Or Harry is that disrespectful, he just ignored MM’s father? If the answer is” yes”, he is even worse than many have thought.

You guys forget when Harry and PC went to the radio station, Harry said something crude about MM family.  MM has a new family.  MM must have given Harry a song and a dance about how horrible they are. They performed brilliantly!  Markle ghosted her family and Harry helped her.




I’m gonna go with disrespectful. Final Answer. lol



Tom Markle did help his daughter, he proved it

Yes – all father’s should provide for their children as Thomas did. This is not the issue. The issue is Meghan paints herself as having had zero support from Thomas, which is clearly untrue. She gave Prince Harry the impression she never had a family yet she went to an exclusive school and up until recently was sending her father sweet cards while writing loving Instagram captions about him. I wish rational people would be critical of Meghan. It’s either blind devotion or hates sadly.

I’m a softie, put a human spin on it I fall to pieces.  I agree, Prince Harry said what he was told. The Palace advised MM to send out invitations to her family; it’s a keepsake.

This poor man doesn’t have a clue what is going on. He had to bring receipts, proof that he was at the first marriage, Tom did go to graduation, he did raise her from the time she was 11. Providing her with the best schools, he could afford. That’s the thanks he gets.  The man was ghosted!  OMG! Aww, how sad.

MM is all about appearance sadly, that’s your papa! I feel sorry for her; she has lost her moral compass.

Both sides came at me! It’s fake receipts! I’m like are you 🤬 me?

Thank you anon 😎🎄🕎🎁

Anon Time!! Inskip was ghosted 🙀

Anon Time!! Inskip was ghosted 🙀

Anonymous said:
What is weird about the report in The Sun that MM has banned Inskip as a friend is that Harry and Chels broke up over arguments about bad influences. Harry wanted some of her friends to be banned she wanted some of Harry’s friends to be banned. So he breaks up with a woman he did love over the friend banning. But now he allows Markle to ban his friend since childhood? Inskip? Does…

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