It appears to be making the rounds- Sussex Royal Foundation

As you can see, it’s making its rounds to different outlets. British outlet also mentioned that the foundations cover instructional video, so it’s a soup to nuts.  That’s how they are going to survive, on taking people’s money, giving 5 to 10% to the actual charity — one giant scam against the people. 

We heard they have one started in New Mexico?? was it?? Because the laws are lax and tax reporting almost non-existant. 

The Dim Wits can become George and Amal Clooney.  It’s everything I said was going to happen.  Harry will be a circus boy, and they will all have a great laugh! Then she takes all the money and says bye MFer! Harry, you deserve it, you think your in bliss right now, but you are going to hurt like nobody business. 

Your fans tried to tell you, and your family tried to tell you, your friends who you ghosted tried to tell you, The bitch ain’t no good!  Meghan Markle is a gold digger! 

Yo, holla back



The Grape Vine ~ gold digger ~ African point of view

The Grape Vine ~ gold digger ~ African point of view

These guys are a smart bunch of people, and I respect them. This is a hot issue, in the beginning, they talk over one another which unlike them. This is such important to  PoC.  Fast forward over the over talking.

I believe all people have much in common, see all people as the human race regardless of your color and cultural diversity…

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Anon Time! MM divorce

Anon Time! MM divorce

Anonymous said:

Meghan will wipe the floor with dim Harry when they divorce.

That’s so funny, he not going have any hair left by then, I’m not sure it’s even legal.  MM’s is going away with something she can bank on for the rest of her life.

Thank you anon  🌸🌸😎

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Anon Time!! GREED

Anonymous said:
This is freaking beyond the pale! She merched a Ralph Lauren sweater whilst holding that IG flag! ENOUGH of this shit already. Despite it barely being seen in the photo it has been reported on one of Markle’s fashion sites Meghan Maven. This greedy woman will probably merch when she gives her speech at IG. All she is into is this merching. Greed. I am really beginning to despise…

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To Turtle Time 🐢🐢

To Turtle Time 🐢🐢

Anonymous said:
In response to Turtle: I have a family member who married a gold digger narc. She alienated him from all of his friends and all family but one person. I tried to speak to him after the FIRST time I met her. He didn’t listen. They got engaged 2 months later, and she has controlled him since then. Cutting off everyone who challenges her control of him. We have all given up. I have…

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holy mother meg

when it is already a payback for harry to gain Meghan Market as ex wife but with Meg kid gosh forever he should be ready to have freddy’s nightmares . Thank you God for that i’m korean , my tax money is in safe ; being far away from hungry Meghan lol those memes ..

Sorry to keep you waiting, life got in the way.  This is really funny. God’s the only person that knows for sure when that chicken is flying the coop! 

Thank you for submission, Jd   

child custody ex wife funny ile ilgili görsel sonucu

child custody ex wife funny ile ilgili görsel sonucu

child custody ex wife funny ile ilgili görsel sonucu