Daily Mail nails Justin with his WOKEness, LOL

Daily Mail nails Justin with his WOKEness, LOL

Politics is a contact sportMitch McConnell  We are on to the left “Woke” speak, and it’s contagious amongst Democrat Socialist libtards.  The New World Order is rubbish! Take your…

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Daily Mail nails Justin with his WOKEness, LOL

Politics is a contact sportMitch McConnell  

We are on to the left “Woke” speak, and it’s contagious amongst Democrat Socialist libtards.  The New World Order is rubbish! Take your unelected billionaires and shove off.

It’s we, the people and an honest candidate with ideas to serve us, we don’t want puppets.

Now time for gossip, Meghan Markle used to hang with Justin and his wife Sofie at Soho House Toronto. Claims have been made that he is involved with NXVIM, Rothchilds, Seagram’s Edward Bronfman former bootleg family.

Q claims he is a boy lover. Symbolism is everything to these kooks.

Read this one, loads of fun.  There are claims that Justin is Castro’s love child.


Anon said: What I think about Harry and Meghan

I have taken my rose colored glasses off as concerns Harry. I think what went down is Harry and Meghan went and got a surrogate implanted. Then sprung it on the family. That is the nervous looking Harry at Eugenie’s wedding. He knew it was wrong but did it anyway.

That is why Will wants nothing to do with him. That is why the foundation is being split they know Harry and Meghan cannot be trusted, and so they protect W and K from the shenanigans these two will get into.

Embed from Getty Images

So H and M botched the surrogacy cover up cause they are both idiots (alcohol and drugs never made anyone intelligent). So now suspicion abounds. The family is not actively covering up generally, but they go along cause Harry and threats. Meghan and threats. They are sitting on a powder keg with these two but have another gin and tonic.

H and M get sent away to the unfortunate CW where they will continue to screw up. But hey Andy screwed up for years too. Eventually, Megsy will bail Harry will end up bitter resentful and drunk blaming everyone but himself for screwing up his life. The RF always knew Harry was a mess and always knew he’d screw up. Probably hoped for better though. Hope isn’t enough.

I read an astrologers prediction some yrs ago about Harry that he would have several wives. Yep. Sounds true. He probably just wants what Will has but lacks the intelligence and character to do it right, so he marries some aging balding psycho who crawled out of the LA celeb sewer. And then has to fake a pregnancy with said dimwitted z lister to get the kid. It is pathetic. But hey have another gin and tonic and screw your family while you are at it.

We were wrong,  JD he never was a nice guy he always was what NYC said he was.


I know sweetie, but as you may know, we all shared our private thoughts on DM.  NYC was right, and I will never discount why she was here, to begin with. Yes, I believe it was a crisis mode that Prince Charles was trying to rescue him from back in November 2016.

NYC was there to do what PR’s do cover the ass of the client, the truth was Harry was having an affair with a woman who was in a civil living arrangement with celebrity Chef Corey, and she came with less than stellar reputation.

As you also know, we dug up the pieces of dirt we could find, and they went behind us moving and covering it up. The only thing was NYC was keeping us away from the blind items.  I was a newbie, a greenhorn, so I was an easy mark to play with.  In a way, I’m glad we didn’t go there because after NYC left, we got to see all the nasty stuff about the yachting, mostly on land as Enty said she wasn’t that successful at it.  MM had her land yachting with Englishman that wanted to pay, and it was a regular gig to come to London.

We all learned what a sewer Soho House can be with starlets, and that included Harry, it was the perfect storm. Harry was an easy mark because as he got drunk, he started spilling his guts to Markus Anderson.

We knew he wasn’t the guy we admired from afar, but still, we thought the charities he was involved with made him savable. I still support him.  Invictus Games better be about the injured vets this year! Walking with the wounded is my favorite charity. I was looking forward to him doing the walk in the US, does anyone know what happened there? Let do a quick check.



Oh, I was led to believe he was going with them.

Remember, Wink said with the right PR strategy Harry will be okay, I believe this is happening now, he is toeing the line.  They’re about to embark to Africa this summer. That should be interesting since she was leaking about LA, anon said no way! I kind of believe that message.

We did hear rumors that he was smashed in Italy after playing polo. I doubt any of that will change soon. St. Meghan loves parting just as much as Harry! We all thought that was the attraction, to begin with.

I will say this if Harry gets caught cheating that will be the Achilles heel for Meghan, she demands loyalty, but who doesn’t? The more the bloggers push the Anti MM narrative and continue to believe the LARP, Harry will hold on tighter. That is why I chilled. It’s not worth it. I’d instead give up popularity than to continue on with the insanity.

We all do have to remember Prince Harry is not going to listen to any of us.

Harry needs to cut the dead weight of celeb hangers-on, Markus, Izzy, and Jess Mulroney, dump Daniel Martin he leaks. We all know Harry used to get rid of people just for mentioning his name.

He once said he would love to have a child if he was lucky enough.  Now he has one, and I bet he is going to protect that little soul like you couldn’t comprehend. From the pictures, we saw he is amazed by Archie no matter how he got the little tike.


I do appreciate your ask, and I hope you return soon, Thank you, 🌸😎💖💖


Tumblr anon said: Rose Hanbury is in the DM again!

There’s an article on today’s Mail Online about Rose Hanbury again. However, this article seems to hint that all is not what it seems with there marriage. I’d hazard a guess it’s a bearding relationship and the Marquess is gay?
A few snippets: The ‘Marquess is relying on his close friend Banier, 71, for support. The pair have been close for more than 30 years..’ They’re a ‘professional couple and best male friends too..’ The Marquess stays at his ‘townhouse in Paris or on his estate…’

Francois is a dirtbag!

This is listed at the bottom of the wiki page about this grifter!

In 2013, a curious relationship between Liliane Bettencourt—nonagenarian heiress to the L’Oreal fortune and, according to Forbes, the richest woman in the world—and François-Marie Banier, a much younger, gay artist, brought about the biggest scandal in recent French history. Bettencourt showered hundreds of millions of dollars, along with real estate and other gifts, upon her vivacious friend. Ultimately, her adult daughter, Françoise, incited an investigation that led to allegations of political corruption that ended then French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s career.

My heart goes out to Rose Hanbury, the friends will stay out of the way until the smoke clears. As you can see above the Palace would advise Kate and William to stay clear and not offer any comment.  Marquess duty is to the Monarch, let’s pray he comes to his senses.

I knew it wasn’t about Will and Kate, their relationship is solid. Unfortunately, there won’t be any shoulder to cry on.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎

I’ve been told the Mayfair club is where you want to be, not Soho cesspool



Good Morning! My friends! Oh the ghastly rumors we will find today

It appears the tabs are fighting mad at Meghan and Harry for getting cockblocked over being snubbed after they help support their causes and follow them during their work as royals.


UNSPECIFIED – UNDATED: (STRICTLY EMBARGOED FROM ALL USAGE UNTIL 00:01 BST ON FRIDAY MAY 10, 2019) (NO SALES) In this undated handout image provided by Shout on May 9, 2019, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex meet Crisis Volunteers working with Shout, a free text messaging service which aims to provide 24/7 support for anyone experiencing mental health crisis. (Photo by Shout via Getty Images) NOTE TO EDITORS: This handout photo may only be used in for editorial reporting purposes for the contemporaneous illustration of events, things or the people in the image or facts mentioned in the caption. Reuse of the picture may require further permission from the copyright holder.

Embed from Getty Images

This Getty plugin is fantastic! The shout pictures have no bylines; unspecified ~ undated, Sara are you playing games?  Naughty, naughty to take the spotlight away from William and Kate who gave the Duo credit. Gee, I wonder how PO they are today?

Embed from Getty Images




Who can blame them for being upset as they do the heavy lifting and Gayle King who doesn’t know Meghan well and was invited to the scam baby shower in New York City several months ago?

Embed from Getty Images

This blog outed that MM has a relationship with Creative Artist Agency to invite celebrity’s to her wedding last year. That’s why thirsty Oprah, Gayle King,  George, and Amal Clooney showed up at the wedding. These people had never met MM before yet they are all BFF now.  They all connected to #metoo  and  Times Up, and they pick and choose who they want to throw under the bus.

Embed from Getty Images

I think these two would show up to bar mitzvah if it had a red carpet! Wow, are they parched!

If you read here, you would know that Oprah is involved in supporting Harvey Weinstein, even financially to get him off of sexual assault charges. Enty says the fix is in for him not to serve any jail time.  Oprah also looked the other way while Harvey forced himself onto to at least two women.

Embed from Getty Images

The misinformation highway is in overdrive and whoever is doing this *cough Sara Latham cough* is hitting the hardcore tabs like the Globe to make you believe that Harry is the father.  Why do this? Oh, that’s right, surrogate.  No wonder the queen isn’t bestowing any titles on Archie, what a little doll he is!  Harry will have to wait until his father becomes king and then he can give Meghan’s cat the honor of prince, whoops I mean the baby.  Might be another ten years to wait for that.

Embed from Getty Images

Send me your anonymous ask with links to this website at https://jerseydeanne.com let’s have the conversation!

Bonus! As I was searching Prince William Shout Out picture, it wasn’t there and when I searched Prince Harry and Meghan this showed up, no lie! 😱

Tumblr Anon asked when is someone going to put a muzzle on the leaker?

When is someone going to put a muzzle on the leaker and take away sm? Rips on kate now suggested the four together, and one retires early, the other passes out drunk, the other male knocks up the dried old has been claims now the male cannot keep it zipped up. Outrageous pr bs!!

I am told the rumours of a falling out between these two attractive young women are false. I can also reveal both sides have considered legal action but, because none of the reports have been able to offer any evidence about what the so-called dispute is about, they have chosen to ignore it. Richard Eden

I’m cracking up over term “Me-again” which was first used on tumblr, and I’m quite fond of using this term well appropriate term.

Ian Gallager wrote this article, and he is listed as the Chief reporter for the Daily Mail.

Tatler notes that Meghan, unlike the Duchess of Cambridge, has a penchant for very expensive clothes, ‘perhaps paid for by Meghan, perhaps by the Prince of Wales’.  

Thank goodness the press is waking up, I’m sorry for implicating DM in MM scheme to bamboozle the GB but there are supporters  MM since the beginning, and they need to be challenged from time to time.  Sorry Piers.

If you have links, please send them in, I’m swamped right now in real life, and I really would appreciate the help with this.  This everyone’s site, make sure you download the WordPress app to stay informed of all the postings. Please contribute to the forum that is separate from the website.  If you like to post and I’ve made you an author feel free, we will help you


Thank you very much anon, 💋🌸😎 and all anons 💋

Anonymous said: Their engagements the other night was a flop

Their engagements the other night was a flop. There wasn’t a crowd at all just paps. And these paps said something behind their back. They said, “the world doesn’t think very much of these two let alone the brf.” Also, mm was trying to create a fake Brit accent again. Even dyed her hair darker almost black. Shes def. Portraying someone she is envy over. But not sure just yet…

That is a bloody shame! One thing I love is a natural history museum,  London is one the best in the world. It was for the Queens canopy she supports. 

They don’t give enough warning for these two. 

Okay, are you dropping a mini scoops anon?  Where did you hear this from?  I didn’t listen to the videos, but I’ll post one in a moment. Let’s do it now. 


I do like the rookie on Twitter, and please follow him, I swore I saw a comment that had to do with them leaving, oh well I should have grabbed it. 

I did notice MM hair, and there were no visible white scalp marks, I’m wondering did she invest in a proper wig. Some are so well made you would never know. Does anyone have a close-up?  Are you talking about Kate? yay, I get that.  My advice, chill out!

Thank you anon 🌸😎

Anonymous said: JD, I’m going to ask you for a tip now

JD, I’m going to ask you for a tip now. What kind of tips would you give someone who can’t stop clicking on articles about a certain celebrity? How can this person manage to get away from clicking on those articles? It’s like an addiction. A bit unhealthy at this point.
Embed from Getty Images


It was built this way for maximum exposure and competing narratives to continue to poke one another’s bear.  It sounds good on paper, but you’re right, how to make it stop. This was the point I was trying to make to Peter Sheridan, the west coast reporter from Daily Mail.
Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.
If Peter were honest and realized what I was trying to say to him maybe we could do some good for a change instead of throwing me under the bus. I could have helped.
The PR has to stop dead, no more articles! Stay under the radar for at least three months, but I do think there is a cleanup happening and I have a hunch the shredders are working overtime.
Unplug, go outside for fresh air, join the rest of the population that doesn’t give a hoot about MM  & Harry.
We managed the other night successfully on the website to post songs from our era and bring back floods of old memories, and it was a stress relief for me.
Talk with a friend, don’t buy the glossy tabloids People, US, don’t watch E, stay off the comment pages for a while.  That’s the most significant and most important things to do.
It shoots me in the foot with this new found venture of mine. There are more important things that I want to do than to talk about two constant self-promoters.
Life is full of categories,  pick one!
Thank you anon! Chatting really does help. 🌸😎JD

Plan B

If you cannot have your own home Hypno birth, then go for birth on foreign soil. By their request, an invitation to use them as cover. To cement royal blood into their country, as well as into the RF. Intriguing, maybe somewhat true.

She did say to a person in the crowd when she was wearing that Di 2.0 red coat that, “her friend went into labor 12 weeks early.” Was it 12? That’s three months early. I can’t keep all of this stuff straight. The houses, the letters phone calls, the timelines! And, HM celebrates 67 years with no fanfare. PP stops driving, mon dieu, time is going by fast.

Will Toronto paper spill more? Can’t even find them, but I’m not on Twitter. Please post if they resurface. Anyway, I’m taking some Advil and going to bed. My head’s spinning. Stay safe, this doxing has got to stop.

What happened to silly gossip? It’s all legal “get you” now, kill you, your hamster and your right to point out funny things that make you go, “Hmm.”


Toronto news was just posted, and I hope they spill more and hope they are legit. We can be leary of all newcomers to this party.  MM can’t stop leaking, and I think she is going to have a baby in her arms this month.  Please come back hmm anon!  thank you so much 🌸😎💋

No Milk for Free

No Milk for Free

No milk for Free
Prince Harry & Meghan Markle the PR concocted myths~ Part 1 
by JD 😎🌸

We all start somewhere, you comment and put your two cents in on public forums like the Daily Mail.  Who would have ever thought that I would become the leading blogger in the Harry and Meghan debacle? This article will become amulti-parts about Prince Harry the Myth and MM the PR concoction.  


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