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Harry is merching?

Now if I saw this article with MM’s name on it I’d say she was hunting for sponsors. Only this time it isn’t MM it is Harry. So I have to reluctantly admit Harry appears to be hunting for sponsors so he can merch. This saddens me. Oh, Harry you stupid, stupid fool. How does one lose all their pride and self-respect like this? Goes from being a Prince of the UK to being a rent a celeb. What a fool he is.

I’ve had suspicions since he showed up at PE’s wedding in a Givenchy morning suit. The suit he had prior was much better quality and cut. The Givenchy was cheaper fabric and not cut well. But I did not mention cause well I had hopes and illusions about Harry. Then he showed up in Fraser Island wearing the same brand (the black shirt) that Megsy was merching. Now I see this article.
Harry, maybe you are broke, but this is not the way to go. You need to protect your “brand” and becoming Mr. Rent a Celeb is a losing proposition for you. Have some pride. You are better than merching mall that.


Normally, We wouldn’t say anything about this but considering that Meghan Markle was Invited to join the family by Prince Harry we have to look at everything now. We cannot ignore That Meghan Markle has been merching away, selling clothes to make money.ย  To my knowledge, it is illegal as the taxpayers do allow them to keep the money from the duchy for their upkeep.

As you know, we have gotten tips that said that Harry is brokeย can afford a sandwich, So we have to ask where did all that money go?ย Did he pay off Meghan Markle’s debt? Did Harry pay for Meghan Markle’s very expensive American public relations?

And we all know that Markle will never keep to an agreement she breaks them all the time. Soย the only thing that was going to keep her here longer was to pull the pregnancy card. So did she buy herself another three months or is this legit? Time will tell.

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