BBC reports~ Fifty Children saved as a International Pedophile Ring is busted~ Drain the Swamp!


This is wild ! Audi deal stalls for Harry’s Polo Events due to MM

Are you tempted by other actresses, Harry?  Meghan you really should stop reading the tarot sites!  It won’t be an actress that gets him to cheat, and it will be you pushing him.  I did predict he will run during polo season; it’s an inedible sweetie. Some shit you can’t control.

Harry’s pub runs, I know a secret. 😹😹

Ruining polo for her insecurities. Oh Megatron, see now I’m getting why people call you inanimate objects like IT.  Shouldn’t have doxed me, sweetheart.

grandmabarb is right, use caution with Tpapers

We got a tip the PR trolls went to twitter and they aren’t telling you anything they are taking what the blogs are saying and adding some mystery to this.  Great job Grandmabarb! 💋💋💋🌸😎

They have been on tumblr,om , they are baiting you.  Watch them 👁‍🗨

Grandmabarb with some troll evidence

Shoutout to Peter Sheridan

Hey Pete, you want to expose trolls … here, THIS is a TROLL (or a Sugar I honestly cannot tell the difference) … go for it

But first, you really should write a retraction & offer a grovelling apology to the women you blatantly misrepresented

PS: I really hope those women sue the arse off you & the DM 🤞