Hannity: Biden Inc. has been exposed

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Delusional Hillary says she can beat Trump again? HUH

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Batshit Crazy, but I told you she was going for another run at the Presidency.  Her president is dangerous to future elections.

When viewing Hillary’s tweets over the past six months, I can tell she was directing the shit show! It became evident that this hate monger was going to run.


IMO, Hillary is the one promoting the wacky female empowerment, emasculating men, unconscious bias, communist left-wing bull crap. Her narcism knows no bounds. The former SCOTUS is an inferior loser who can’t cope with defeat after she spent fortunes on an election rigged for her to win.

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We must stop the deep state and weed out all the traitors that swore to protect the country, both foreign and domestic.  I’m not talking about the ones that put their lives on the line as my cousin does in FBI, but the top scum that is tossing Hillary’s salad for what? Money?  You are a traitor!


I’m not sorry as a registered democrat and constitutionalist, my countries laws come first, and I won’t let you rip it up so your delusional dreams can come true! No Way! There are millions of Patriots standing in your way that blog and tweet for free or get a donation or two. We are priceless!  Your Sunshine Sachs PR will not win!  That’s right Patriots, and SS is the same PR for Meghan Markle. Connections.


JD 🌸😎🥰

AOC IN TROUBLE:’Americans Against Anti-Semitism’~Hannity!

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Pass the friggin continued funding for the humanitarian crisis on the border! They need temporary housing, food, diapers.

We have a right to defend our borders from disease, terrorists, and gangs. This nut job thinks the migrants should be free to roam!

Comparing the murder of six million plus Jews is unconscionable!

OACrazy thinks cauliflower is a racist vegetable, tell me how in the hell did you get elected?

Colonist, What century are you living in OAC?  Knock your race-baiting shit off!  You grew up in the Bronx! Everybody gets on well, and now I’m supposed to feel what? Guilty? For what? You’re an idiot! So Forget about it!

Bartending job waiting for you, oh yeah another fake feminist, shake it, baby! 


Our citizens don’t have homes or toilets in Democrat-run cities!

Did you forget!