Princess Beatrice of York (@yorkiebea) | Twitter

Princess Beatrice of York (@yorkiebea) | Twitter


Wow! JD that is a beautiful pendant! That fits perfect for a Leo birth sign. Sunflowers, lion, gold, halo. Today is my birthday, so thank you👑💕 (The BananaRama and NuShooz) anon.



Happy birthday Leo! I’m a Leo too is August 10th, I love the 1800′s art nouveau jewelry. I have a bunch of examples on my Pinterest page.  I love high-end, Graff, Van Clef Arpels, Dior. So much to love and admire.

Have a great day! Drink some Rene Lalou 🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾

Same.  Leo here. Mine is, believe it or not, August 4 🙂

Same as Queen Mother and Meghan Markle, happy birthday thisusernameiswack , treat yourself well