Anon Said : The Sussexes shouldn’t get public funding

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry snubbed as the majority say they shouldn’t get public funding.

They shouldn’t since they are charging folks to be in their presence.  She is making a small fortune and taking the funds from their foundation to pay for Sunshine Sachs.  🤬🤬Them.

Thank you anon, 😎🥰💋


DM – Queen and Prince Andrew ride in solidarity

You got to be kidding me! This man should be shunned; instead, the Queen supports the jackass! Show of solidarity my foot!

It was after he and Epstein had been seen on a yacht with topless women in Thailand, and Epstein was not there but arranged for his royal friend to stay, she claimed.


‘At one point we had all these different teas and you could pick the teas that you wanted and she asked me to find one that would make [Andrew] horny.

‘I’m guessing she understood her job was to entertain him because I guess, the fear, I don’t know – the fear would be that Andrew would say, “no I didn’t really find her that attractive.”

 Oh, please, how many people actually think the Queen won’t support her son financially, it’s the dog and pony show.  Follow the money!

Prince Charles is next to meet the press in this Epstein dilemma with his abuse of young women that he secured these women for his young sons to experience. No wonder why Harry is so messed up in the head.


He is spewing all the secrets to his wife, Meghan Markle. Who, by the way, has been sending pages to a friend about the royal family.  I can’t wait for the divorce!


Looks like War! Conduct unbecoming for a wannabe Royal- I told you so!

Put Harry through deprogramming and pack her bottom back to the US!

Rightfully so Jan, Meghan courted the press!

Acting, preplanned hit on the BRF and you the taxpayer!

Lock MM out of the Royal accounts, Now! These people are the real trolls going after reporters and people using free speech!


LMAO, shut up

More like falling apart

Anon said: Harry and Meghan are taking a break from “work”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ‘plan to take six weeks off from their royal duties for much-needed family time’

😹😹😹😹Please stay gone!  Thank you, Anon, 🌸😎🥰

They are coming to the US, that’s going to be fun!

Anon said: Fake News – Harry

Anon said: Fake News – Harry

Harry wasn’t emotional. He was actually laughing if you look at the clip, and because it was so massively inappropriate to laugh, drops his head and makes out he’s upset. Shocking tbh to behave like that at en event for seriously ill children. Not what one expects of one’s Royal Family.

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Well Child Fiasco



Skippy, I admire your loyalty to Harry, and I know you have been following this scam since very early on. You have a great blog, which I have followed on and of for a while. I had red lights flashing from the engagement interview, but I didn’t have time then to do much further digging, because of commitments at home.

My daughter was very seriously ill for 22 years, I couldn’t begin to count the number of times emergency services took her to hospital. One year she spent over 300 days in or at hospital. The air ambulance came out on three occasions. She stopped breathing at home on 5 occasions and I had to give her CPR, until emergency services got here. I am now an angel mummy, but I was a mummy like those at the Well Child presentation last night. I have gone through the same anguish and terror that they have. I have celebrated the small wins just as they have. Having a child with a life limiting illness is the most dreadful experience anyone can imagine. Much worse that losing a parent (which happened to me also at a young age) .

Harry’s behaviour last night was disgusting with an audience of children and  families braver than he has ever been in his life, and I include his military service, a choice he made, for which there is extensive training. Watch your child go through months of gruelling chemo, and the rest of the meds they try when the chemo doesn’t work, watch them draw closer to death day by day and then tell me if you think losing a parent is worse.  There is no choice and there is no training for watching your child die.  Nothing prepares you.

The reasons for last nights fiasco I really don’t care about, if he didn’t pre read his speech, that was his own fault, so unprofessional and disrespectful. . If they Royal family continue to allow this charade, we will be a republic within 10 years. You can take that to the bank. 

I am stopping following you after today. You keep asking followers to “"Think about it” how dare you assume people come to different conclusions than you do because they don’t “Think about it”. Of course they do.

Finally we cut of the head of Charles I, we forced Edward VIII to abdicate and go into exile because he wanted to marry the love of his life. The crown doesn’t always win. 


I’m reblogging this, not to direct at anyone but because I believe this poster @jaz123098 sums up the situation with Mr Harkle perfectly. We Brits have had more than enough and we are not wrong to feel that way. This has been Our Royal family for over 1000 years and darn right we are entitled to call one of them out if we feel its warranted, without being judged. 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

I gave up that fight a while ago, it’s all about them, not the kids. I love well-child charity, I’ve looked forward to it every year, and maybe Kate and Will should take over. 

I love my British cousin, I hate to see them in any kind of pain. 

IMO they should bench the Harkle’s and let them go to California and be woke.

You have to wonder why some people hold on to Harry, the PR myth?  

Anon said: About Harry’s dumb speech today

He was not crying. No tears. He was laughing & even snorted. And he never stated his wife was actually pregnant. They used surrogate, almost everybody knows it. He’s so cringe and weak and gets controlled by his narcissistic wife.

It’s not about him, and he’s trying to make people go AWW, poor little Harry Markle!  I like the dignified Cambridge’s. That’s why I picked this video, but check out the full video of Harry’s acting skills on my front page.

I do love the well-child charity, but the woke couple killed it for me.

Thank you anon! 🌸😎🥰

Anon said: Harry and Meghan will attend a royal event this week

Anon said: Harry and Meghan will attend a royal event this week

Harry and Meghan will attend a royal event this week – London’s Well Child Awards. Must be awkward for the reporters to cover that and be nice when they know that Harry and Meghan are ungrateful, fake people.

The woke couple from paranoid hell!

Seriously, the press will conduct themselves appropriately for the sake of children. I suspect the Sussexes will be isolated from questions or they will…

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Anon said: …finding rainbow connections

Anon said: …finding rainbow connections

Hi, JD
New to your site and have similar interests. I am currently researching any links between PA, Clooney, D Geffen, MA, and Trudeau Jnr. I would appreciate your opinion.

Good morning Anon, and thanks for following!

Oh, wow, you are ready for the deep dive, and it’s all connected!  Welcome to the Swamp! Yes, that’s what the President is talking about, all with the help of the Deep State,…

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