Great read! Meghan Markle’s White Privilege

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weird pr article from meghan

What in the hell?  It’s my opinion that yachters make bad feminists.  I do wonder if she still makes Harry pay for sex? 

She wasn’t there in 2017, maybe 2018, you know she is a liar, who really knows for sure. 

If the gruesome twosome were so concerned about Africa don’t you think they would have been back to Sentebale or the Elephants sooner? Something to chew on. 

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Catherine St. Laurent…someone who used stand for something important

This woman, Catherine St. Laurent, used to have credentials that meant something in the Philanthropic world. Is this a decision that she has made because she wants her own version of celebrity…she wants to be important…she wants to be noticed as a “somebody” because she is so insecure?

Perhaps she just wants money. It certainly cannot be that she just wants to work for Malibu Markle! That would take an intellectual plunge that no charity or foundation would view with an eye to hiring her in the future.

What is her goal…a book..celebrity status… money…a place on the global stage…what??? I am truly at a loss, as I originally thought anyone from the Gates foundation had some status. a strong self-image, and would not give it up easily.

I had heard many had turned down the opportunity, but never in a million years did I think that Ms. St. Laurent would step up as the neediest of the lot…ever.

I have always believed, we all stand for something…there is no price that can buy or pay for who and what we stand for. If Ms. Laurent signs on to be attached to Malibu Markle, apparently, there is.

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Thank you anon! Malibu Markle, that one is going to stick! 

Prince Harry- We demand proof of life!

I’m tired of this game, give us proof of life that Harry is in California. Meghan, call your paps and show us a picture of Harry in California. Make it like a ransom picture with Harry holding up the LA times with the date.

I’m sure Meghan must-have Harry on a leash with a radio shock collar. After all, she does need her meal ticket.  We don’t need him running away on you.

Too bad about the ratings on your Elephant doc, they say you suck and are too needy. We do know you, and you’re most likely calling the reviewers racist by now.

Boo Hoo Megatron, yeah that’s not going to help your career, how about a reality show with your circus monkey Harriet. I’d tune in to that car wreck.

Meghan, you are such a peach! Have you morphed into your next character, and do you have your eye on the next sap? Knowing you, you do, poor bastard. I don’t really care, just release the ginger back to his family.

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MM and her PR team are trying to throw Trump under the bus

Don’t invite us again. We were there to remember D-Day and discuss important trade with the British peoples.  We told the Brits that we stand with you on Brexit!

President Trump is the leader of the free world, hello! We owe nothing to the gruesome twosome. They Quit being Royals, they are nobodies now.  Get a job! and stop whining!

Can Harry and Meghan move to Holland for free since the Dutch Royals came to visit? No get over yourselves.

CDAN – Inskip is back!


Blind Item #12

The friend who had been banned from this ginger haired royal’s life is back in. The friend who was banned was the one who set up the original “date” with the alliterate actress. Apparently the actress is not aware of it yet, but I find that hard to believe. If I know, she must know because we share the same mutual back to the banned friend.

Come on Enty that’s Bullcrap and you know it

Blind Item #4

For the time being there are about ten-fifteen Secret Service agents who were pulled from bank crimes and other investigations to help protect the former actress and her celebrity husband. The number will probably go down as the rotation process for their permanent security can begin again. Currently that team is frozen in place and won’t be able to do their normal two week rotations back home. Also supplementing are county law enforcement personnel. The US is picking up the bill for about 70% of the $20K a day cost which will go higher once everyone starts moving around again.