Monster Markle is at it again!

Sunshine Sachs also represents the monsters Clinton Foundation and Harvey Weinstein. They ought to know about foundations, isn’t that right, Hillary.  Giving that Harry has given her free reign, she should expect to be a millionaire overnight.  Charities should expect maybe 10% of what is raised and the rest going into Ms. Markle’s pocket.

I will laugh hard at Harry when it all goes sideways. What a fool!


Questions below

Two questions if you don’t mind
1. Do the Sussex’s now have a legitimate birth certificate for Archie? I remember reading that if you adopt from a surrogate there was an 81-89 day waiting period and then you can get a certificate with everything filled in
2. We know MM and PH were married in the church but do they have legit license from the Magistrate office
Thank you in advance

  • not that I know of  and they hoping you forget about it
  • That’s a good one!  I was sent some startling information about this, it may not be a legit wedding, dog and pony show. Could be blackmail

Thank you anon, 🥰

DM – Harry and Meghan spent Thanksgiving with close family

Where are the pictures? The paps have the house surrounded.  This PR fluff piece says Markle is a great chef! Chef, really? Sorry, she’s she giving orders to someone, somewhere. Close family? Who’s that? Harry said she didn’t have anyone.


Were Prince Harry and Prince William indoctrinated into Evil

What they fail to mention is Prince Andrew is a serial rapist

They keep saying to you; he was only with Virginia Roberts three times. What they aren’t telling you is that Prince Andrew was a serial rapist. There are plenty of victims out there from Malaysia to the ranch in Arizona!

Has Prince Charles claimed to want to slim down the monarchy by giving Eugenie a house on the grounds of KP?  What is her rent? The welfare price for London?

The second inline have a terrible time trying to figure out where they fit in, are they Royal or are they celebs?  Look at Margeret, Andrew, and Harry lost puppies.

Harry was easily picked off by grifter.  Harry’s problem was he talked too much while drinking at Soho House.  Markus Anderson moved Meghan Markle in for the kill, and now we have all of this.

I think it’s funny that Hillary Clinton insisted on meeting with Meghan Markle, Prince William, before the bad news coming out. Is this a coincidence?  There are no coincidences!

Anon said: Meghan and her friends

Meghan is in no position to judge other people considering she now hangs out with people like the Clintons etc. many of her new fake friends are also leftie-perverts.

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That’s right anon, we knew she was left-leaning, but she isn’t trying to hide it anymore.  Meghan and Harry WOKE  crap is for the birds.  I had anon a while back saying being Woke was not making about themselves.  Really? No shit!

Is Harry so brainwashed he actually believes this crap!

All that is a false narrative giving by George Soros, I wonder how woke he really is taking private jets everywhere. He ought to be locked up for the Coupe de Gras he is pulling on this Duly elected President. Read the kitty links Shills, trolls, read the Blue Share private memo.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎🥰

DM – Meghan Markle Black Side of Family

It’s all PR, and I was told by a PR that Meghan Markle’s black side of her family will be brought in when the timing is right. This would happen when the end gets near. If you think that her white side is bad they are just as bad if not worse. I was told this early in 2017.


Anon said: Meghan the political hag

EXCLUSIVE: Hillary Clinton enjoyed a cuddle with baby Archie after ‘fan girl’ Meghan Markle invited the former First Lady over for ‘very warm, sweet’ meeting at her Frogmore Cottage home earlier this week

Coming for the firstborn, lol

If this doesn’t look shady.

I told you so! I would get her on the political side.