Anon asks: So old is Archie, Really?

So how old is Archie REALLY? There is no way he is only three months old, the surrogate gave earlier birth than they say.

Honestly, I don’t know, He is ever-changing from newborn to the christening pics which were really odd!  I’ve decided to name him Blanket. It’s odd the kid doesn’t move.


Thank you anon, God Bless America and England 🌸😎


The Sun- Eco warriors fly private to France – Ingrid Steward chimes in

Everyone is right to criticize the latest from the faux royals Harry Markle and his wife, Meghan.  They are preaching the WOKE left agenda that is all the rage here in America. Calling anyone a racist to stun the people with their unconscious bias is cruel and hurtful.  This study is flawed as being exclusionary to one group of people causes resentment.


Meghan if that what you wanted, you have indeed caused resentment from day one.  I warned every chance I got and still, they let you in and rolled out the royal red carpet. Like the narc you are, it wasn’t what you wanted. You wanted the A-listers that you could never be on your own power and talent.


Prince Andrew bowed out of Royal life because of his nasty obsession with children. Since he has been thrown under the double-decker, I wonder when they will out your yachting life and expose that you also smashed Prince Andrew before you met Harry.  My research told me that all roads led to York; I should’ve stopped there.


Meghan doubled down with some information, a recording, I do wonder if those backers are still around, we told they weren’t, but the left WOKE speak got me wondering if George didn’t reach out for more to bring the Royal Family down.  Meg’s been cashing in at every turn and opportunity that royals don’t do or not allowed to do.


We know the pedo network is deep, and they all share the disgusting obsessions with child sex slavery.  In the beginning, I couldn’t believe any of it, but it’s out in the open with the full force of the FBI investigating everyone involved. I hope you had good vacations; it could be your last.

Harry/Meghan/Private Jet

Revealed: Private jet Prince Harry and Meghan Markle used to fly out to Spain cost £20,000 from a fleet dubbed ‘the Uber for billionaires’

20 thousand! Is that all is that from taxpayer’s money? Or is it from the duo side scam deals?  No matter how you slice it, it still looks terrible. Too bad, they don’t care what you think! Maybe they will go the way of Andrew. Stepping down from public life and spare all us indigestion from their woke speeches and 10k table cloth dresses.

I think designers give her ugly shit to wear because she is such a royal pain in the ass.

Thank you anon, I appreciate you sending this article

Anon Submits: Two Hypocrites

Meghan Markle ‘flew to Ibiza on a private jet’ with Prince Harry and their son Archie for a five-day break to celebrate her birthday in early August

What, the two environmental saviors of the planet flew private? Say it ain’t so! 😝😝😝



David Lammy told the Brexit Party leader to ‘lay off’ the Duchess, as he was joined by other critics including royal commentator Robert Jobson, who described Mr Farage’s insults as ‘the epitome of ignorance’. 

Meanwhile, another Labour MP, Stephen Doughty, accused the politician of ‘racism’, and said he had ‘shown his true colours’. 

Who’s the ignorant  MP now?  Stephen Dougherty is showing he is on board with the George Soros Narrative. Using Racism as a counter-argument in defense of criticism is null and void!


Thank you anon! God bless the UK, 🌸😎💋


I support Farage, and he was terrific at calling the EU out as the clowns they are. A fantastic speaker and I believe a real ass-kicker for Brexit!  I posted a bunch of video of Farage in action.

Hollywood Harry the hypocrite

Revealed: Prince Harry ‘stayed on a gas-guzzling super-yacht for Google’s green summit’ – as Expedia billionaire Barry Diller reveals the royal spoke about saving the planet by taking fewer selfies at ‘trampled’ holiday destinations

Good ole Harry! The PR myth, it’s so sad the guy everyone used to love turned out like his uncle Randy, SMH.

There you go Harry, are you guilty?

We are eating cold salads and drinking hot tea, served by the butler, Victor. And we are hopscotching topics, from Silicon Valley taking over Hollywood to Jared & Ivanka & Josh & Karlie to pornography to his company’s dating websites to the time Harvey Weinstein tried to throw Mr. Diller off a balcony in Cannes to how his friend Hillary Clinton is faring to the mogul’s dismissal of Donald Trump (whose Secret Service code name is Mogul) as “a joke” and “evil.”


Has the media gone overboard in criticizing Mr. Trump?

“Are you kidding?” he replies.

He corrects me when I call the tech titans our overlords. “Our overlords are not them,” he says. “Our overlords are artificial intelligence.”

He says he has gone to a couple of Broadway shows recently with Hillary Clinton and that “she’s well with herself again and she has a role to play.”


Interesting, read the entire article from the  New York Times.  Diller is political, prominent democrat and considers Geffen family.  It’s incredible how these Hollywood types cover for certain people.


Harry is certainly showing his true colors that will no doubt make the British Press go crazy, and I don’t blame them.


Maybe Harry should go audition and end up on the casting couch like his wife used to do for Harvey, Ratner, and Mnuchin. Oh wait, Mnuchin paid, the other two were freebies, per CDAN.


Thank you anon, God Bless America and Great Britain! 🌸😎😉


Tiggy Wiggy is at it again- Be the change BS

The @SussexRoyal account posted a call to action last week. The photo asked “Who is your force for change?” underneath the Sussex cypher, and the caption asked their 9.3 million followers to “please add your suggestions into the comments section: someone you lookup 


Ugh, Barf, 🙄😖, nobody said they were smart.

Here is a suggestion how about England for a change, you know the people you take money from?

Anon submits: Camp Google

The $20million climate change party: How Camp Google racked up an 800-tonne carbon footprint flying ‘hypocritical’ celebrities to environmental talking shop on 114 private jets to watch Coldplay and hang out on mega-yachts

Google the same company that’s going to be investigated for possible treason with the Chinese over Artificial Intelligence.


David Geffen is there, LOL  watch out for your little boys, tsk tsk.


The drugs that will be consumed and the sex and debauchery no doubt in my mind!  Ciao! Life is good! No plastic straws hypocrites!

Thank you anon, what a joke!

Anon submits another article on Google Camp for Hypocrites

Backlash at barefoot Prince Harry and ‘hypocrite Greenerati’: Eco-warrior elite who turned up at secret climate change Google camp in 114 private jets, helicopters and mega yachts are mocked for leaving their own carbon footprint


Again, buy my album, see my movies, buy my BS speeches

Do as we say, we are the woke left! Sheeple, LOL

Thank you anon, God bless America and GB 🌸😎💋

Express- Harry and Meghan in shock split~ I told you so

The Clinton like foundation will follow them straight to the United States. Where she will eventually kick Harry to the curb after she has, she treated him like a circus monkey.  Smeg will sue him for divorce, leaving Harry a shell of his former self.

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I’ve warned from the very beginning this will be a disaster, and it is with Royals taking the passive approach. This situation is what a Narcissist will do isolate the victim from everybody! Well done, Meg, how predictable of you!

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Please note that Express referred to her as the American and Duke of Sussex and I agree with them completely! This could have been avoided in the first place. How will the pay Sara Latham now?  Those dreams of a charity for profit being dashed? Oh well, maybe they will start the break-up narrative.

Is it time?