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Thank you for following! We are talking about politics, Trump, Socialist party,ย  Russian witch hunt, Qanon, Henry Cavill new project Witcher, and Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. I’ll talk about anything.

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President Trump South Lawn Departure

Everyone is welcome to send anon or post 24/7 in the forum. Free Speech is spoken here! I own this website, and WordPress hosts it.

You have the right to criticize your representatives!


You have permission not to follow the socialist narrative. You are not racist if you love your country!ย  You are not racist to ask uncomfortable questions!


If someone calls you a racist for wearing a MAGA Hat, they don’t have a valid argument, laugh at the morons!


Laugh at a person that says you should raise your child gender-neutral! A boy has a penis, and a girl has a vaginal. Let kids be kids!


I’m not sorry for speaking out against abortion! Late-stage and or decision to kill your child after they have been born is Murder!


This shouldn’t be politicalized. Let’s keep it rare!ย  Use condoms, birth control, foams there is no excuse for an abortion nowadays!


Burning the flag in protest should be criminal! I don’t believe that is 1st amendment free speech! Find another country you think is better! We’ll start a go fund your ass.


You can protest all you want peacefully, if not that jail time!


Antifa is a bunch of punk-ass b*tches! Cowards in masks!ย  Sorry for the bad language.

If anyone wants to add to this, be my guest!

I hope you like the new look and I got FaceBook straighten out.

Thank you, JD, God bless America! ๐ŸŒธ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ’‹



Culinary1604 brings us Geralt of Rivia- Henry Cavill- Get Excited!

Henry at comic con








Henry Cavill brought to you by Culinary1604!! Get excited!

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culinary1604 submits: Henry’s in Italy ~ fans pics!!

Culinary1604 submits: Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill~ Some good gossip on Witcher and guess who’s back?


Everyone’s Stunt women we love to hate!ย  Well, I hope we are past that bit a trauma and can become more accepting.ย  It could be very professional and I’ll leave it there.

Stunting for Renfri wasย Lucy Cork, who also has an impressive resume. They said was