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New update from Henry Cavill
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The Durrell Challenge is less than one month away so I finally dragged myself out for a run! It was neither far nor fast but it was a run ;). There is still plenty of time to start training and/or fundraising. Just go to the link in my bio and all the info you need is right there! 13k of beautiful Jersey scenery on the 13th of May and absolutely no hills whatsoever…..none…..not one 🙄. Annnnnnd you can bring your kids. Not necessarily for the run…unless you’re that kind of monster(disclaimer: I’m not suggesting to anyone that you force your kids to run 13k….even though that would make them serious badasses….which is still not a suggestion) but there is a Superhero Safari and Really Wild Day around the zoo where the kids(and you) can learn all about the many endangered species that Durrell is working tirelessly to save.

Henry Cavill do it for Durell