Oh my!

Oh my! Thanks Lily! It proves me belief its not just her high heels (she is an actress for crying out loud. She has been in high heels all her life. She can handle them) She has constantly been drunk or high!

Yep, How did she get this far? She is a flipping mess; the worst is she thinks she looks good. I don’t want teens to look up to her. 

Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎🎄🎁🕎

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Meghan Markle ~ It’s not her shoes

Meghan Markle ~ It’s not her shoes

Anonymous said:

JD, I don’t think the problem is only her shoes. I agree it’s not always convenient to walk in high heels but … Look at her stoned face. She does not even look down. Harry does but her …


We have confirmation, she is toasted! Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎

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Private ask or not?

Private ask or not?

Hello If you think this is ok to post go for it lol. I’ve noticed MM behaviors of late, and she seems unsteady, dazed, confused not knowing what to do. H seems to have to guide her along. Quite frankly she looks high. I know the hand holding is their brand now, but some of the time it looks like he is supporting her, helping her up the steps, moving her along. Not all the hand holding looks…

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Anonymous said: Oh for heavens sakes! News outlets calling this Meghan’s first solo royal tour to Canada. 🤮

Anonymous said: Oh for heavens sakes! News outlets calling this Meghan’s first solo royal tour to Canada. 🤮

http://gty.im/1013336910 News isn’t news anymore; it’s PR driven muck! In years to come it’s going to be hard to find out what’s real and what was faked. Allow me to translate; she is on a bar crawl to party with the only friends she has on earth if that’s what the mean by a tour. 🤣🤣

Thank you anon 🌹🌹🌹🌹

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People Mag, the Duchess Slant Meghan Markle

Remember the “I don’t care about protocol I am going to change the monarchy” Markle?  Gone.  Now she is obsessed with proving she can do protocol.  But she doesn’t.  I suspect she is so high most of the time that is why she cannot remember how to behave and why Harry is constantly talking to her he has to give her directions all the time.  Here is her pr again telling you she did not make a protocol mistake although the video actually proves she did.  LOL  


She is such a fail at this, and she knows it, and so does her pr, and they are trying desperately to make it look as if she is not a total fail.  And even that is failing. LOL

Thank you for your submission, I agree with you 💐💐😎