Harry and Meghan hire X Clinton Aid~ permission from the Queen

OMG,  I told you so, politically motivated, someone remind me again who  Christian Jones wrote speeches for?

The Queen gave her approval on this? really, anyone finding this odd since Prince Charles said he was downsizing and this woman and her gobbly gloop speeches is being rewarded.  Monarchy wants real political power I see.

Ms Latham, believed to be a British-American dual citizen, worked in the White House in the Bill Clinton era as an assistant to the President.

She also served as an adviser for Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 presidential campaign, according to her online CV.

In addition she was recruited into British politics in 2005 to help Tony Blair’s Labour party in that year’s general election campaign.

Please discuss, to me I’m not only against this move, but I’m also furious after yesterday crushing blow to Brexit. Listen to your people HM.