X17- Hired Paps for Hollywood Harry

This is so funny, okay the first part they are in a car with the engine running shooting shots and then they get closer to the mark.

  1. Harry is looking at the camera, how does he know someone is watching him from a distance?
  2. Why is the dog on a leash?
  3. Where is the other dog they adopted from Canada?
  4. It’s more bullshit on a different day

At one point, he seemed to spot the camera, prompting screens being erected for privacy a short time later. Picture: X17 Photo.

Look at the angle, Hello Mr. Pap!

Not a bad place for self isolation. The couple have been living in the $27.6 million home since March. Picture: Clint Brewer Photography/Backgrid

back grid

At one point, the energetic pooch jumped in the pool to retrieve the ball. Picture: X17 Photo.


Do you see how close they were?


Sunshine Sachs and Meghan deleting comments again

Meghan and her PR team are deleting best rated comments on this article – the first three top comments have been removed and it will be probably more:

It’s still a blood bath for gruesome twosome! As you see by 13K plus comments they are laughing all the way to the bank.  I know it’s hard not to leave a comment, these two deserve every bad comment. They are a joke to set this up.

LA coronavirus info

This is the official count u site. Under FAQ you can see one for public trails. Click on it and it says the trails and trailheads are closed.


Thank you anon! More lies for gruesome twosome! 

Dear Meghan Markle, You are a loser!

You are losing big time!! How’s Hollywood treating you?  Not so good, eh?

Harry doesn’t look so good, are you beating on him? Verbal abuse and the lot?

Is your intense ego getting in the way? Guess what, you’re not royalty.  You’re a narcissist; it is the same thing over and over again. You must be struggling to be locked down this way. It’s karma coming to kick your ass—still the same old Z-lister.

Let the ginger go, and maybe people would want to hear from you. All the boohoos and woe is me, and I’m the perpetual victim of racism, yep, that must be it.

Meghan Markle Is a ‘Shapeshifter’ – And I’m Scared Prince Harry Can’t Keep Up

Meghan Markle is a “shapeshifter” who can quickly reinvent herself. I’m worried that “Hollywood Harry” is in over his head.

This article is the BOMB! 


I think it’s long been established that Meghan Markle had a plan from the very beginning to cash in on the royal reputation.

Granted, many of her deluded fans still refuse to see it, but her plan to become some sort of weird Hollywood royalty has been evident for quite some time.

Meghan has an advantage. She’s had exposure to the celebrity lifestyle in that part of the world, although when she was last there, she was a Z-lister. Most Hollywood gossip writers would have struggled to pick the former “briefcase babe” out a lineup.

🤣🤣🤣🤣We know all about Megsy!

Courage is the quality that guarantees all others…W. Churchill

Can we all agree that the World…and the UK being a major part of that world, is truly at War! A war that is going to take a great deal of our efforts, prayers, work, money, humanitarian efforts, and personal fortitude to defend; against a virus that will kill many valuable and loved human beings.

In my view, within the context of what we know of a military man (as Harry describes himself) Harry has “deserted his post”. This is something that only a coward does. In all of the great novels of bravery, we read of the soldiers who go to great lengths to return to their post or their unit when their fellow soldiers in the battle are under siege.

Hollywood Harry is not the man everyone would like to pretend he is. Things like “she is controlling him, he cannot get back to England, she has given him an ultimatum” blah , blah , blah.

I do not believe any of it. He is not back with the Royal Family because Harry deep down likes his comfortable existence in the Hollywood Hills. He sits in his rented house (or borrowed) and waits for fame to come knocking on the door. Harry does not have the will or the character to step up and be counted …when it counts!

Harry is exactly where he wants to be. People have given him credit, which he accepted because Edward Lane Fox created a mystique around him which he did not deserve. I understand most of those who served with him would never want him to lead them in battle, but Lane Fox handled his PR and made him into Hero Harry. However, Harry could have entered this horrific situation and been a beacon of support, standing with the Royal Family by just being there showing he cared. We all have to accept the fact, Harry just does not care. Harry is a selfish, shallow, self absorped person who married his mirror image. They hustled each other in my opinion.

Thank you very much anon for your opinion.  Harry is a PR myth that we all swallowed hook, line, and sinker. What did he do to ELF, he screwed him over and slandered him in the press. What a twat!