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How much to sell my story

How much to sell my story


Your story is in demand. If many newspapers and magazines want to buy your story then you are more likely to gain a better price than if only one publication is interested.

* Your story is exclusive. Every editor wants every story to be an exclusive. Stories from interviewees who have already appeared in many publications are less…

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Amy Adams, Sharp Objects HBO


You’re beautiful.

Have you guys watched this show Sharp Objects on HBO? OMG, you are in for a treat, Amy Adamas is fantastic in the series as a drunk reporter with a past, it’s a murder mystery with some pretty colorfully characters.

https://www.rottentomatoes.com/tv/sharp_objects/s01/ it’s winner !

What do you mean is it safe? Do you mean safe for your computer a virus? Mentally safe? To each is own. Its complicated because porn isnt always just 2 consenting adults getting paid to screw on cam. The ‘dark side’ is forced prostitution, childhood trauma that led to being in porn, normalizing abuse towards women, under-aged and so on & so forth. I dont think there is anything wrong with adults watching porn. Teens develop f’d up views on women and sex. But then again HW has the same affect.

Oh please, that’s not what I meant, and you know it. I don’t partake in this sort of behavior cause I agree it takes advantage of younger people. There is legal porn hello,

 You want a soapbox to stand on, go to Craig’s list!  Watching discovery ID, oh my god, they kidnap teens, drug them and take them across state lines. When you see a girl without her face showing she is probably an underage pro. 

What you are ranting is about is deep dark web kind of criminals.  It’s not just for women anymore.  There are abuses towards men, women aren’t the only victims.

 I saw on Pinterest pregnant women, and people were bidding on the babies. I don’t think they were looking for good homes if you catch my drift.

I wasn’t talking dark side, I was talking run of the mill type stuff that won’t get you sent to jail for being an Uncle Harvey. 

I did mean slow your computer down. 

Teach your kids, at home in school nobody should be touching your private parts, abused kids are going to be what offender seeks.  They can quickly get a child to trust them with small things a CD, snacks, games. Be aware. 

Thanks anon 

Today’s Blind Items – The Financier


Back in the day, he was an actor. A fairly successful child actor. As he started getting a little older, he played the game the way he was told. When he wasn’t old enough to drive he was hooking up with that A list movie producer and that A list mostly movie director that keeps popping up. He spent most of his time though with a guy who taught him about money while also having sex with him. I say sex, but our actor was not yet legal so lets call it what it is – rape.

The money guy schooled our actor on how to make money. Meanwhile, the actor was also used to bring in young male actors for the sick fantasies of the previously mentioned and also the sick fantasies of investors. I can’t tell you how many child and teen actors ended up dead from drugs or booze or just suicide because of these a-holes.

It hasn’t stopped. Things have just slightly changed. The mentor of the actor has to lay low all the time now. He is always watched by authorities. The actor though can move freely. He makes a ton of money which is used to finance movies for the director and the producer. Almost every movie they change the name of the finance company to keep people off the trail. Where do they get the money? Politicians, executives and anyone else who wants to have sex with young boys. The actor has a supply chain from acting schools and casting calls to model hunts and everything in between. The former actor uses his political connections to make people guardians of some of these boys. Can you imagine the sick f**k who knows what is going to happen to these boys but approves a guardianship for the boy to live with the guy who is going to rape them?

The thing is, people have spoken up. People have complained. You know what happens? Nothing. The voice gets hammered back down. Maybe some cash changes hands. Maybe the troubled youth ends up dead. A victim of the drug crisis or gun violence. The guardian did everything they could say the stories. Gave the youth a loving home.

If you go back a decade, you will see the fields of Hollywood littered with the dead bodies of actors who were victimized by this group. The deaths might be publicized but not the aftermath. None of the dead actors ever get in a memorial during Oscar or Emmy night. They just are child or teen actors who couldn’t handle fame. No, they are actors who couldn’t handle being raped and living their lives after years of abuse.

Ent lawyer is really dropping scoops left and right!  Thank you haute monster on the Blind Item patrol!