Back then

No wonder MA and MM were smelly. If you remember it was very hot in Toronto at that time. MM and MA both were wearing jackets. MM was a wearing the leather one. She could not take it off because of the dress with an open back. That dress was supposed to be for Pippa’s wedding. No way it was appropriate for the IG ceremony. So MM covered it up with the leather jacket. Imagine a heat wave and a leather jacket? Lol


Yes, I do remember how hot it was!  We all thought it strange that she wore leather, but that’s the pap stroll game. Megs was pissed that she didn’t get to go Pips wedding.  You can tell by how her face looked she was angry, and Rebecca English noted that her behavior was off, she stood up when she wasn’t supposed too.  Even Simon Perry pointed out it also.

Now, we know Justin and his wife were part of Harry’s takedown, I hope they both rot for this and the rest of these rat bastards, because I do really love the BRF, they are the foundation of the UK.

The doxing will be Meghan’s undoing, and I hope many people got to see what was really happening, but I do want to say to expect the unexpected.  Many will be disappointed, and there won’t be any winners.

Thank you anon, Happy Sunday! 🌸😎


William is hot and bothered for CP Haakon


Could you develop more about the stories of William being gay ?

I see articles about the cover and a funny story, about William and Haakon making out in pub (and Harry being a drug user), typically fanfiction stuff.

And since you’re one of the reliable sources out there, I trust you have more insight that most. 

Here is the “article” if you wanna laugh :



Well the gay stories I am talking about are a bit more credible than those and some date back over a decade

Also I understand anyone being hot and bothered about Haakon he is a dish. 

Harry may be a gay icon and loved by ‘the gays’ as they say but William is the one rumoured to actually be gay

I mean even some gay men have said outloud, We all love Harry it is a shame it is the other brother that is gay!