AOC IN TROUBLE:’Americans Against Anti-Semitism’~Hannity!

the dramatic shot

Pass the friggin continued funding for the humanitarian crisis on the border! They need temporary housing, food, diapers.

We have a right to defend our borders from disease, terrorists, and gangs. This nut job thinks the migrants should be free to roam!

Comparing the murder of six million plus Jews is unconscionable!

OACrazy thinks cauliflower is a racist vegetable, tell me how in the hell did you get elected?

Colonist, What century are you living in OAC?  Knock your race-baiting shit off!  You grew up in the Bronx! Everybody gets on well, and now I’m supposed to feel what? Guilty? For what? You’re an idiot! So Forget about it!

Bartending job waiting for you, oh yeah another fake feminist, shake it, baby! 


Our citizens don’t have homes or toilets in Democrat-run cities!

Did you forget!


Exotic?? That’s racist, why would they print that?

Nasty Article About Harry’s Ex-Girlfriends

TV historian David Starkey brands Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriends ‘Eurotrash’ as he claims even the Queen thinks ‘elegant’ Meghan ‘could have done better’ than Prince Harry

What an idiot! Euro trash, really? I guess there won’t be anymore invites for him. Thanks, Aida 🌸😎


so Papa chimes in right on schedule. I can’t figure him. He sure did reinforce the controlling demanding weed smoking image of MM in that interview. And he made her appear heartless. But I just find it hard to believe he has turned on MM. Could the plan be to blame Harry and the RF for forcing her to give her dear Papa up? Hard to figure but one thing is for sure the war is on. She is insane to fight them. But she has been crazy to even try this scam.


You just don’t screw over family, especially if they have been there for you. This is how i see it. She ghosted him, he’s gonna call her out for it. And he is gonna clear his name. The lies that she paid her own school bills, im sure there’s proof of that too. All of the lies are being called out. It’s about time.



Slipping Away

hey Vintage! How about this song for the division going on between PW and PH? Perhaps this is how PH is feeling about it all:




DAVE EDMUNDS!!! SHIT!!! I’m dying 😂😂😂😂


But you know what tho I saw it coming. William and Kate dont need to be around that crap. They have kids to think about.


That’s the jam! lol Vintage🎶