AOC is full of sh&t !!!!

Her fall will be dramatic! “ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS

Officials push back on AOC’s border station claims, saying she is ‘misinforming’ the public” Even pastors who try to stay away from politics are calling her out on her BS. Nancy lost all the control over those id0ts.



Oh yeah, Nanny can’t control the big mouth and doesn’t realize her foot is stuck in her ass.

AOC is a nutter!  Did you know that Google is blocking the video of the Border Patrol video! Outrageous! can someone send that in?


Thank you anon, keep bringing comments, videos, tweets,🌸😎💋


and here is another one…

enty blind item #9! how does the palace NOT shut the self obsessed narc down? how can brf expect any one to show respect for those who DO their job?



We have been asking this same question for what 3 years now?  they are quickly losing respect and support. They are looking like idiots.