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Huh? Proud of Harry? for the vets!

I don’t get the proud of Harry stuff. Why be proud of him? That is just the same enabling shit that has turned Harry into the mess he is.

Harry smiles turns on the boyish charm and he gets forgiven. Harry dove into the SH sewer and got a wife there and now probably through a surrogate he got a baby.

He has undermined the Monarchy and caused stress for his family especially a 93-year-old Queen and grandmother. His wife spread rumors about his BROTHER cheating causing pain for his brother his sister in law and his nephews and nieces. But Harry shows up ostensibly to promote the Invictus Games but turns it into and Harry and his new baby pr show and brings out his Diana card and all is forgiven.

Enabling. So Harry can continue his oblivious path of messing up only this time with a kid. I would think it great if he cleaned up but the person I think we should be proud of is William. He lost his mother too yet he had the integrity and courage to get into therapy to do the right thing and then be able to serve his country and his family with a stable loving family and a wife who supports the Monarchy instead of undermining it. Proud of William. he got it right.

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Yes, you know why I support the Invictus Games!  Those brave men and women need something positive.  Yes, he has a lot to answer for but I won’t go there when it comes to Vets!  Just like I don’t want to go there with children.  You have to draw the line somewhere.  This is me doing just that.

Since this is a public forum I won’t do that and I am after all a Harry blogger because of those vets! and he better not fuck it up like last time in Aus.  He left me so disappointed.

I have no problem roasting his ass, he is, after all, okay running the shit show.

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Frogmore Cottage to Windsor Castle by Car takes 7 minutes

Map from Frogmore Cottage, Windsor SL4 2JG, UK to Windsor Castle, Windsor SL4 1NJ, UK

Why would they have anything set up at Windsor Castle?

Why did Meghan Markle unfollow the Royal Family?  Might have something to do with the leak that William cheated on Kate? Mind you fake leak. William was famous for setting up new friends to see if they ran to the press.  Hey Meghan, you failed the loyalty test!

Meghan is punishing the Royals for not allowing her to go Easter, what did you think they would do? And Am I the troll?

Now, they know you’ve leaked all this time. Too bad, I was trying to warn them.

LOL, Megsy just gave the BRF the finger!

Yeah, Megsy just gave the RF the finger. While they pay for the IG account to exist. Who is the sucker here? LOL.

So she is mad at them and had her hissy fit covering it with we will only follow charities now — right Megsy.
And the word salad she wrote dam she can’t even write a coherent grammatically correct sentence. You know alcohol kills brain cells. Explains it all perhaps — not many brain cells left there.

So she still has access to the IG she isn’t going anywhere maybe a padded cell someday but not now. Why isn’t she doing baby prep instead of poking the RF on IG? LOL. No baby to prep for? What a farce she has turned the RF into a shit show the royal clown car at the circus.

Meg proves she isn’t going anywhere, she didn’t get arrested, and she looks to be clearly in charge.  Whoever spreading the lies and bullshit better stop.

Sussexroyal IG just debunked the larpers! LOL

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Tumblr anon asked: How can an ig follower be identified as authentic and not bots?

How can an ig follower be identified as authentic and not bots? I read to look for similar words in posts, but is there any easy way to tell a fake from real? Wow, claim 700000 followers, but less than 20 grand donate for baby donations. That is one way to tell real followers from fake? Wonder how many ‘fans’ gave away their lunch milk money.
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LOL, Many people are curious because MM is exactly what I said she was going to be.  Who cares!? KP gets back their website and those racist people who hate light skin people can go to IG. Hip Hip Hooray!
Any Milk money donated to a worthy cause is good. Will, it ever be worth it to wear a million dollar wardrobe you can only wear once?  No, considering all the blind items out there saying Meghan Markle is double dipping.  If true, which I believe it is, is fraud.
Meghan’s intentions from day one were for fame and fortune, and that’s going to one hell of a book she is writing.  How could that ever be love?  I feel sorry for Harry, we could have defended him and we will when this goes south which anyone with a lick of sense knows this is in the works.
I’d say to Harry, hang in there buddy, you gave her legitimacy, gave back her IG blog she shut down because of tax purposes, not because of him.  What was said to me over and over with the right PR he will come out fine — Lot’s of work ahead for him.
We will know more in the next months how this is going to turn out with how Meghan is going to pull off Operation surrogacy.  She is scrambling!
With the recent confirmation of a sex tape out there confirming Enty’s blind item, the tossed salad tapes are not something beautiful or sexy that will spiral you to become the next Kardashian family. There are only one of those families who work hard for everything they have.   If Kim tossed a salad that would be a huge turn-off.  Licking bums won’t get you anywhere, and it just makes you a brown noser! 🤣🤣🤣
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