Tables Turned

Rashida Tlaib back in 2015. Now Tlaib and Omar are playing poor and victimized women of color and blamed Trump for insulting them. By the way, where was the liberal media outrage in 2015? Supreme Court admitted that Trump was right, and approved so-called the “Muslim ban.” The media forgot to mention that North Korea is not exactly a Muslim country, though.



Nice language, this broad has never met Trump


The Rash is an insane stalker of Trump. Omar is a twisted domestic terrorist fraud.  Victimized?? Please, they took advantage of all things offered for minorities to help them come to the house.  These four loonies don’t represent the values of our country.


Hell, I feel victimized by them, and I’m a registered democrat, but I have swung center and quickly headed for cover to the right! If other Dems feel that way, vote for Trump.


I received information, and it’s unconfirmed that The Rash doesn’t live in her district, and her father said so on social media. I could use some help.


The ban was warranted, and we must secure the borders now, and that means Air travel. The four horsemen of the apocalypse are the cheerleaders of illegal aliens. They are waving a big flag to terrorist to come to the southern border.  More Africans are coming because of these pandering crazies.  How do they afford the airfare? Find the group and we find the sponsor.


The travel ban was warranted, sorry to the families stuck there but American families come first, get that Squad? Americans families!  None of us give a toss about skin color; you’re in the wrong century, seek therapy nut jobs.


Thank you, squad member, 😎🌸💖God Bless America


I just read the article you posted, JD

“Biden was approached by a Spanish-speaking man who claimed his brother had been deported during the Obama years. The man used a female translator to tell Biden his story and asked him to apologize for supporting such policies. He also asked if Biden would support halting deportations of illegal immigrants entirely.”

This is ABSOLUTELY unbelievable! They are ILLEGALS. They know very well they have no rights to live in the US without proper documents. And they are demanding an apology? For what? Many of them had to leave the country a long time ago.

They are still here. Now they have an excuse not to leave because they have families. Did they think about their families while living in the US illegally?

I didn’t vote for Trump. I didn’t vote for anyone. I stayed home because I could not vote for Hillary either. But now I see why Trump got elected. And he will be elected again if Dems don’t get their sh^t together. I have a family in Wisconsin. They are long-time Democrats, but they don’t like what they see. AOC, Ilham Omar, Rashida Tlaib … Pelosi cannot get anything done. Nothing. If the House doesn’t secure the border, I will vote for Trump next election.

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Thank you anon, you are just like me! Registered democrat and with the mudslinging last election, I couldn’t either, but I will now!

A very long time ago my boyfriend’s father was the Democratic chairman of my county, and I smelled the trick that Biden did. That is old school dirty politics, grandstanding.

Biden was beaten up by Kamala Harris, and yet he was ready, calm, relaxed and collected today, No frigging way!  Kamala sent him into a death spiral, and now Joe can answer in a clear, concise manner??  I loved how they used Obama to get away from the pack of socialists. The immigrant doesn’t know a lick of English for being here for how long?  Come on, man, lol.


I started researching after I watched a video that I have posted that said that Hillary Clinton and DNC brought and paid for the witch hunt against Trump with the help of the FBI deep state!  I can’t stand anyone being dealt dirty. Obama and Biden were in office and knew the Russians do this every election buying facebooks ads. It’s all bogus! Donna Brazil knows this happened. Steele dossier was made up disinformation yet they swore to FISA courts under oath that it was legit.  They continued to spy on American citizens, which is against the law. That’s why they went to London, Italy, and Australia. That is how desperate Hillary was to beat Trump. Thank God he won!


This is the month that revelations happen, like Jeffrey Epstein,  if they unseal the who at Epstein Island a lot of people are going down and it won’t be pretty!  Look for Hollywood and politicians on both sides.


One last thing, if you are a socialist then get out of the Democratic party, you may not belong there. Join Bernie Sanders.  It won’t be because of the color of your skin; it will be about political beliefs. Kick them to the curb!


The racism, gender-bending, man-hating, restricting free speech, ashamed of our country is over! Bye! George and Hillary!


Thank you anon, I appreciate the ask, 🌸😎💋

 Jets were flying overhead at the super bowl!

Our president did what other president did before him, and he showed that it is refreshing to love your country, that’s why he said, Make America Great Again

Let’s keep America great by voting for Trump

I am sick and tired of a fake outrage

Fox News video House Committee holds hearing on treatment of migrant children

The right has been asking for months for financial support and new asylum laws that would take 15 minutes of bi-partisanship legislation, and they still want to accuse and run the Trump administration through the wringer. Knock this shit off and help these people.


Accept and sign the asylum laws that immigrant will be heard in their own country, leaving them safe from an 8,000-mile journey.


Again, I’m sorry, but Obama said Don’t send your children! He said that they would be trafficked, raped, murdered, sold to pedophiles.  It was meant as a detergent. However, this is very true. It’s happening, the border patrol is overworked, and they were never trained to be caretakers!