Harry and Meghan to announce new brand and charity this week on Instagram


Meghan and Harry are getting called out for their new pointless Instagram post

‘So good you can provide information nobody else can’: Internet’s sarcastic responses as Harry and Meghan share ‘wash your hands’ advice on SussexRoyal Instagram weeks after it became government advice


Thanks for letting us know what we already know, Harry and Meghan. Seriously, they are jumping on the bandwagon with IG posts to get some attention because this virus is stealing the spotlight of them. Someone should tell narcissist Meghan that’s she’s not a doctor, politician, scientist or counsellor. The world doesn’t need her and her *tips*.

Ah, more advice from the couple living in the mansion in the woods at our expense

Meghan’s PR people keep trying to nominate her for living sainthood.

You two are so patronizing and smug – nobody needs your advice you are not experts in anything. You wanted privacy go have it.

Oh thanks meg I didn’t know this!

We have already read this advice. We have our own channels for messaging from people we trust. Stop cluttering up the internet to promote yourselves!!

WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE TWO, absolutely insulting with their bloody preaching, now recommending to people on how to wash your hands often, avoid touching your face, maintain social distancing, whereas the general population probably knows more in their little toes than these two snowflakes do as people. About time they stop with these ridiculous postings, as so embarrassing for the Royal Family. Listen I prefer to hear from health professionals with regards to the coronavirus than these two airhead/flakes, but then anything for the attention and limelight.

Teach us Meghan how to be better people. Please we’re listening. How’s your dad by the way?

I’m so happy that the Sussexes have told me what I should do! There’s so little information available on sensible precautions. They’ve come to my rescue once again. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL What a couple of lackwits!

IDIOTS! The REAL Medical Experts are telling people to NOT seek medical help at the first sign of symptoms. As if the medical professionals are not overwhelmed right now. Tell the Greedy Thoughtless Twosome to SHUT UP! Pfft…………..

Please you have not relevant anymore and any information regarding the virus can be gotten on multiple websites. You should be on the front line in UK along with William and Kate helping the British people but no you are hunkered down in a multi million property you do not own……How is your father Meghan??

We know all about distancing & washing our hands but please advise us how to get rid of both of you?

Meghan is so patronising, preaching at people from her ivory tower and telling them what they should be doing when she doesn’t have to do it herself. Loads of us “normal” people are stuck living in towns and cities and are faced with the actual REALITY of trying to implement social distancing. Meanwhile Meghan has run off to hide in her giant mansion isolated in the middle of nowhere. She doesn’t have to walk along a street to go to the shops while feeling fear every time another person gets near, trying to keep far away from other people. She has staff to do all that for her. So shut up Meghan. You have no clue.

That was ground-breaking. I wonder why the experts haven’t mentioned it…oh wait.

I would normally say you shouldn’t listen to these 2 but then I realised Meghan is an expert at washing her hands of things that are inconvenient so maybe we should take more notice of her posts.

I’m beginning to think there’s something seriously wrong with them. Seriously.

Harry and Meghan are very good at washing their hands of things..Family, friends, titles, public and country…Theyre experts at this whole hand washing thing.

But she herself is not independent, instead she relies on a man. She literally has her man hustling for her to get work, cause she knows shes nothing without him. So please tell me how a woman who cant walk or stand beside her spouse without hanging all over him is in any way shape or form “Girl Power”. MeAgain is the exact opposite of a “strong independent woman”

Stop f. u. c. k . i. n. trying to lecture people, telling them what they can or can’t do or forcing them to do as you say not as you do. Everybody already knows the fact that we need to wash our hands very often and to stay at home as many times as possible. Harry and Meghan, listen, I don’t know who the hell you guys think you are but remember you are neither actors and actresses nor duke and duchess. You are nothing but jobless people living in Canada whining about their parents.


Tone-deaf Meghan says if you feel bored just become a digitally trained counsellor

Meghan is a deranged narcissist who thinks she’s an expert in everything. Glad to see that they’re getting called out in the comment section for this dangerous IG post.

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With everything going on, it’s a lot to take in. Many of us may feel confused. Or alone, or anxious or scared…and in isolation, some of us may just feel bored, or that you don’t know what to do with yourself without your normal routine. It’s perfectly normal to be feeling any of these things. Our emotional well-being is challenged everyday whether we realise it or not, but our lives are usually filled with distractions. Now with constantly changing COVID coverage, we are all adjusting to this new normal and the feelings that come with it. But here’s the good thing (because right now we need to hear good things, right?): Yes, there is isolation and physical distancing, but there doesn’t have to be loneliness. There are resources that can help us all through this process, and ways that YOU can become one of those resources. @crisistextline @giveusashoutinsta @kidshelpphone and CTL Ireland are organisations that need new volunteers now more than ever and have an open door for you to get the support you need. • – If you’re home and feeling bored, you can digitally train to be a counselor and HELP someone who really needs your support! What an amazing way to use this time • – If you feel alone, overwhelmed, depressed, or anxious, you can text one of these lines and talk it through. • – If you are in an abusive relationship and now find yourself in isolation with your abuser, these counselors are there for you. You do not need to suffer in silence. And for those of you who don’t feel comfortable texting with a stranger, reach out to your friends, family and colleagues. Phone calls and video conferencing are such a great way to feel more connected – ask if they’re okay, tell them how you’re (actually) feeling, and use this time to really listen for the answer. If there is someone you know and are worried about, your text may be the thing that saves their life.

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Commonwealth Day Service

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge joined The Queen and Members of @TheRoyalFamily for the annual #CommonwealthDay Service at Westminster Abbey. The Commonwealth represents a global network of 54 countries working in collaboration towards shared economic, environmental, social and democratic goals — the Commonwealth theme for 2020 is Delivering A Common Future: Connecting, Innovating, Transforming. Her Majesty The Queen was 26 years old when she became Head of the Commonwealth in 1952 — important symbolic and unifying role. As Head, Her Majesty personally reinforces the links by which the Commonwealth joins people together from around the world. From working to protect the earth's natural resources and preserving the planet for generations to come, to championing fair trade and empowering the youth of today to transform the communities of tomorrow, this year’s Service celebrated the Commonwealth's continued commitment to delivering a peaceful, prosperous and more sustainable future for all. #CommonwealthDelivers

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Meghan and Harry – Canadian mobile phone network

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle promote a mental health initiative run by a Canadian mobile phone network on Instagram – the first new campaign they’ve supported since Megxit


Wonder if they got paid for this/if this is one of their first deals to make money?