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Sarri submits: Samantha Markle interview

Meghan Markle’s half-sister blames ‘death threats’ on a tell-all book on Duchess of Sussex.

Meghan Markle’s half-sister blames ‘death threats’ on tell-all book on Duchess of Sussex



She said the harassment she was subjected to forced her to move twice, first from Florida and then from Virginia after online trolls “taunted” her with threatening images of her and her home.


I agree with Sam Markle, and I have felt the harassment with death threats as well. Sam does warn that there are many fake accounts out there that claim they are her.  I’ve warned all of you to beware of these accounts.

Ki Native and Monroe trolls are the worst!  Could Meghan stop it, YES!!  One message to these people to stop these life threats would do it, but they have crossed the line with personal information.

How could you ghost a father that was loved and adored, had two heart attacks and still crickets.  I think someone lying, Meghan!

This interview was done by an NBC affiliate WFLA in Tampa, FL.

If the Royal family wants to get you, they will!  Be Safe Samantha

NY Times article on George Soros Bet Big on Liberal Democracy

It’s a long and entertaining read and would love to hear your views.

George claims money is freedom. I wouldn’t know about George, but it also corrupts when you give it away freely. Why didn’t you invest in the lives of the African continent instead of funding groups to bring them to Europe?  Politics is a contact sport, the masses are not happy with the messages you bring, and meddling is seen as offensive.

written by Micheal Steinberger July 7, 2018

MeAgain interviews her new fake friend MO

Meghan’s chat with the former First Lady of the US took place over a ‘casual lunch of chicken tacos and my ever-burgeoning bump’.

TIG Moment, but don’t do social media it’s bad for you 🙄


When did this take place?  Didn’t she bump into her backstage once?  Michelle told her to take it slow.right?


Meghan is doing the super woke agenda, and she has always been there from the beginning.  Now, people can clearly see what’s happening.  It needs to stop with her BS, and MM is going to change the world. No, sweetheart, you need to do your job you campaigned so hard.


The article is being moderated, I think we can say this was a bought and paid for by PR.


Thank you, Squad Member, God Bless America, and the UK, 🌸😎😖🍌💋