Enty the entertainment lawyer~ Lolita Island Jeffrey Epstein

Enty the entertainment lawyer~ Lolita Island Jeffrey Epstein


Today’s Blind Items – Caught UpIf you think the wealthy pedophile has some names he can bring into the mix, you have seen nothing compared to the names the A+/A list mostly movie actress can drag into an investigation. In…

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Voat poster~ Pizza gate✨✨


ok let me breathe, listen dudes. The other billionaire with a private plane who was BFFs to Bill Clinton and ol’ Frankie Giustra is Ron Burkle. Who just happens to own Soho House. Which is where Meghan Markle was pimped I mean introduced to Harry. Literally just talked about this in another thread.

In other news, that Girls Gone Wild freakazoid Joe Francis, who famously runs a retreat in Mexico very similar to Epstein’s Island – he’s somehow been blocked from profting from operating the property as a hotel, something to do with his bankruptcy settlement. Casa Aramara, Enty mentions this place a lot. So it’s crazy that this is right on the front page of the DM http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5149711/Joe-Francis-loses-rights-luxurious-Mexican-villa.html

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There is way too much coincidence here. Singer, Travolta, Disney, Lionsgate, Giustra, Burkle, Soho House, Markle, Mexico