DM Article About Emma Weymouth

JD, this article is a motherlode of shade on Meghan.

Viscountess Emma Weymouth is half-black, used a surrogate for medical reasons, is respected in aristocratic circles, and is drop-dead beautiful. Kitty Spencer, Harry’s own cousin, is her child’s godmother. She’s not being treated poorly because of her color. She is thriving. I can only imagine that someone important wanted this article in the Daily Mail today about Emma’s charmed life.



Viscountess Weymouth is gorgeous!  I like Lady Kitty Spencer as well.

It never had to be difficult for Meghan, but she had to complicate things running this Diana 2.0 and torturing the British people with her games. Can’t turn the machine off now, huh  Meg?  I’ve been victimized of MM wrath as well as many others.  Honesty was always the best policy and cheaper too — millions of dollars paid to make this person happen.

Thank you anon for your contribution! 🌸😎