How do u know they are innst lucia? Where this info come from? And why you are so sure?

sent out before answer, I wasn’t supposed to release the information and wasn’t warned in advance


Biggest PR Scam, PH/MM

Don’t you think it’s a little funny that the ship broke down? Prince Harry was choppered away to an undisclosed island when reporters asked KP, they responded, it’s a private matter.

The US weekly has been tight-lipped on when they are going to release the info on the vacation (security reasons), they are betting the farm on this, we already know sparkle is the source.

MM IG account was posting re-runs, I said to my tumblr buddy, I’m going to check out the palm tree on her site, cause they can be different on the east coast than the west. We trim the bottom of the palm fronds, the berries make a mess. Then, I thought, wonder if she already down there, nah right? I think she there right now, we have been hoodwinked, bamboozled, had.

I’ve been up all night reading, checking facts, visiting sites that have convinced me of the most elaborate scam I’ve ever read in my life and should be made into a movie. It’s compelling to read, you keep reading, cause you want to play catch up to the drama. Everything that you might have thought you knew and had a handle on might be wrong or what you’ve suspected! Go to love lola, read every single one of the comments, the person named B has got it going on. It’s a group effort and applaud these folks for a fantastic job, pretty sure one or two of you have been commenting here.

I want to thank AJ, who I just think is awesome for turning me on to this.