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I got carried away, this message was brought to by the IG hunter @culinary16

Those blue eyes knocked me over I’m dead now.  🌸🌸😎💙💙💙💙💙💙

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Is the end of this farce coming?

Hello JD, I think it is very appropriate for this farce to end, that  “walnut” stay in KP with Harry … So they have the perfect excuse for within 2 or 4 months to go saying that the coexistence with the mother-in-law is unbearable , that Harry and Doria hate each other and that MM for supporting his mother has lost Harry. Harry ends this farce, MM is not as a bitch and the bad of this film is the mother-in-law, the most normal thing in the world. A credible story for anyone…………… I still think that who has mounted this farce are the British conservatives (David Cameron, Boris and May) as a distraction to the “Brexit”, the “Brexit ends the following year I think in April, from there we will see if problems of couple and you start talking about divorce or annulment …. I hope these are the next steps … Best regards

Thank you planet Madrid, interesting take, we shall see what happens. 

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As you all may know I’ve been working day and night on the website. The little bits and pieces are coming together. Many features have been added, and more will come at a later date. It’s okay to chat with me, I will still be here as long as tumblr will have me. I do want the website to be the main, followed by tumblr as my second and so on.   

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I do appreciate you hanging with me for two years, I mean that from my heart. I hope you understand what I have done and why, or maybe you will later on. Sometimes you have to re-evaluate strategy and see if it works.  I love all of you, I really do.💜💜🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 Keep the faith.