Anon said: Drama Queens from woke hell- Boo hoo

Meghan Markle is ‘existing, not living’ and Prince Harry ‘wants to leave the UK entirely’, claims ITV broadcaster behind documentary that shows Royal couple ‘vulnerable and bruised’

Oh, Please STFU, Go to the US already! Big Time Failure! Thanks Anon, 🌸😎🥰😹😹


Ko~ on Meghan Tax Issues

Ko~ on Meghan Tax Issues

Anonymous said:
Hi JD, Ko again. Thanks for posting my ask on surrogacy. Just want to clarify that I have not ruled out that option as MM’s dangerous cunning knows no limit and I do not put anything past her. Meanwhile, will the announced shift to Frogmore help reduce PH’s tax liabilities in the US? And wrt tax, what is the status of items in kind (jewelry, clothes, etc. and so no cash…

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Guess who owns Garrard’s? Ron Burkle

Guess who owns Garrard’s? Ron Burkle

Breezycooke came upon this little gem and we both at the same time thought MM chandelier earrings. We can’t bring the entire article back, this should wet your whistle for intrigue.

“In fact, his current business partner at Stephen Webster, billionaire Ron Burkle, now also owns Garrard, where Webster sits on the board and shares its Albemarle Street workshop with his own staff of 45. And when it…

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InStyle: MM BS – Think Pink My A$$

InStyle: MM BS – Think Pink My A$$

One would think after the sound verbal thrashing Megs experienced by the Queen’s advisors, she would have listened and throws to improve her behavior. Her being punished like child by having to sit and stand away from the family on important occasions should have been a wake-up call but we promptly saw her PR machine start blasting away at anything negative that was reported about her and she…

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Tiara – Crown of Truth Anon

Tiara – Crown of Truth Anon

Anonymous said:

The crown of Tiara, which Megan put in her wedding, all said here that it is not the original of Queen Mary; it is a fake copy .!?😕 Where is the truth .!??😕 and now they come out with a new theme about the crown of the emerald green,!??? Lol

Unfortunately, only the BRF knows the truth right now be we will eventually know as well. We do believe that the Tiara she wore…

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Meghan’s Jewelry Anon

Meghan’s Jewelry Anon

I think the article about Meghan choosing not to wear jewelry from the Queen is really interesting.

1. It came out right after we found out there was drama over an Emerald tiara. So, she clearly cares a lot about wearing the Queen’s jewelry.

2. The Queen gave her earrings nearly identical to the pair she was supposed to be merching on their engagement together leading to Meghan’s Mirror and…

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Why MM “CHOOSES NOT” to Wear MH Jewels

Why MM “CHOOSES NOT” to Wear MH Jewels

An article was recently published discussing why Kate wears the Queen’s jewelry, but Meghan chooses not to borrow pieces. 

At the 2018 Tusk Conservation Awards, Kate wore the Queen’s Diamond Chandelier Earrings that were originally given to the Queen Mother. The earrings consist of thin strands of diamonds supporting gigantic pear-shaped diamonds. Kate has worn this particular pair of earning…

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Merching – Nice try Sugars

Merching – Nice try Sugars

So many of MM’s sugars will have you believe that HM QE favors MM over KM and of course over her own granddaughters because MM is just that amazing. She is apparently eloquent, educated, a dog whisperer, a peace maker, royal historian, you name it MM has the quality that HM The Queen adores and loves! From all the amazing praise and worship HM feels for MM, she should just seriously abdicate now…

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