Daily Mail~ How Prince Andrew could help convict Jeffrey Epstein


How Prince Andrew ‘could help convict paedophile tycoon’ Jeffrey Epstein

  • Virginia Giuffre believes Duke could give useful evidence in the case of Epstein 
  • However her lawyer said he would most likely refuse to speak to US prosecutors 
  • Ms Giuffre, 35, claims she was among a number of young girls abused by Epstein
  • Epstein, 66, was picked up by police on Saturday over sex trafficking allegations


Here comes the angle, will Andrew do this or will he continue to deny the accusation.  What say you?


Daily Mail~ Trump banned Jeffrey Epstein from Mar-a-Lago after he sexually assaulted and underage girl


REVEALED: President Trump banned Jeffery Epstein from Mar-a-Lago after he sexually assaulted an underage girl say court docs, which claim pedophile recruited sex slaves at the private club

  • A court filing submitted in an ongoing lawsuit between Jeffrey Epstein and a lawyer for his victims states that he was banned from Mar-a-Lago
  • President Trump allegedly issued this ban after he learned that Epstein had sexually assaulted an underage girl 
  • President Trump said of Epstein on Tuesday: ‘I had a falling out with him a long time ago. I wasn’t a fan. I was not a fan of his. That I can tell you’
  • It is also revealed in the court filing that Epstein recruited young girls at Mar-a-Lago with the help if his companion, Ghislaine Maxwell
  • A Jane Doe 2 said in legal documents that she was recruited from the club as did a Jane Doe 3, with both women saying they are asked to be ‘sex slaves’


Thank you JKR and to Chris Spargo for the Daily Mail for getting it right!  This is the truth folks, don’t believe MSM when it comes to our President. 🌸😎💋


JKR submits: Daily Mail from Donald Trump to Prince Andrew, Guy Adams investigates Epstein

DM mentions Prince Andrew

From Donald Trump to Prince Andrew, GUY ADAMS investigates Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire who relished having VIP pals

  • Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein has VIP pals including Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton 
  • Kevin Spacey was also seen on Epstein’s Boeing 727 jet nicknamed Lolita Express
  • In 2008 he plead guilty to prostitution charges and registered as sex offender
  • Yesterday he appeared in U.S. court accused of running child sex-trafficking ring


What is missing is that President Trump was the only person to cooperate with investigators over Epstein. He even threw Epstein out of the club. Daily Mail has to pick up the speed this moving really fast.  Prince Andrew is toast. Ghislaine Maxwell and her father Robert might have been involved with the Meghan Markle case, and I remember something about making her a star, I have to check my archives.

The reason I blog about this is not only for the victims; it’s back way into Smeg.  Lila4 and I were on the right track a couple of years ago.  This is huge, and smeg is a small tater tot. Since this came out what does she have on him, nothing.

Thank you JKR 🌸😎💋

JKR submitted: Obama and George looked dressed for business


Barack Obama and George Clooney look dressed for business as they sail on a boat toward a charity dinner near ER actor’s lakeside mansion in Italy

  • The 44th president and his good friend, actor George Clooney, were photographed on Sunday 
  • They were seen getting off a boat that docked near Clooney’s mansion in Laglio, Italy 
  • Obama and Clooney were both wearing suits without ties as they headed toward a charity dinner
  • The Obamas are in northern Italy visiting with their friends on the latest leg of their European vacation


Two Jackasses in a boat!  The Obama attend a charity dinner to raise funds for the Clowney’s foundation to go after governments who persecute political enemies.  How about that kid that fell to his death?

Thank you JKR for your submittal, 🌸😎💋


JKR submits DM~ Meghan’s secret rock: Publicist Izzy May


If she helps Meghan with the PR, she doesn’t do a good job. Oh and Anderson is also involved again.

Meghan’s ‘secret rock’: Publicist, 40, who works for David Beckham has become one of Duchess of Sussex’s ‘dearest and closest friends’

  • Izzy May has quietly become the Duchess of Sussex’s closest confidante 
  • The two women were introduced by mutual friend Markus Anderson 
  • Miss May attended the Royal couple’s wedding last May with Markus Anderson


Like I said earlier, she is a publicist. Nightmare!  Sara Latham is the communication for Meghan and Harry. It was said she hired a new personal assistant that was un-named.

Izzy is a So HO affiliate and David Beckham as I mentioned before is represented by Creative Artist Agency who invited Hollywood stars that had never met the bride or the groom! Lovely right!  Markus sending out a reminder he is still lurking?

I know I posted about Freund before, aha I did

Freud Communications is a public relations firm based in London. It was founded in 1985 by Matthew Freud—of the Public Relations dynasty of Edward Bernays—and great-grandson of the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud). The PR firm of Edward Bernays became Britain’s largest independent consumer PR firm.[1] The firm was bought in 1994 by another independent UK agency, Abbott Mead Vickers (AMV), in 1994 for about 10 million pounds only for Matthew Freud, together with other partners, to buy back the company in 2001, for a similar sum, when AMV was itself purchased by the US group Omnicom.[1][2]

The French Publicis Groupe (the third largest communications firm in the world) acquired a 50.1% stake in Freud Communications in June, 2005. In 2006 Freud purchased advertising agency DFGW.[citation needed][3][4]

Freud Communications USA, which closed in February 2009, was based in New York City.[5] The company had a turnover in 2011 of around £40million per year, a staff of more than two hundred and has been ranked by PR Week in their ranking system as 6th in the UK.[6]

In 1999 Leapman reported in The Times that Freud Communications had offered an Internet brand management service to its clients. This would “scour the Net for references to its clients” and if they were criticised, “the agency would use rebuttal tactics to minimise the potentially negative impact of online inaccuracy“.[7]

In 2007 PR Week ran a story documenting the use of WikiScanner to track anonymous edits and link them to organizations through their IP addresses and found that “Freud Communications’ London office was caught making Wikipedia edits on behalf of clients.”[8][9]

They are dirty, got caught making Wikipedia edits on behalf of their clients! Boom!  Caught, busted and how much do want to make a bet they may be behind the PR LARPing?  These same people may have attacked reporters that we trust to give us the articles we need to run our blogs. Fake news people.

Let’s follow the links, shall we?  conflicts of interest of Wikipedia. Thank you JKR! 🌸😎

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JKR submitted:Don’t Post On This Article!

Don’t Post On This Article!

Meghan’s PR team is deleting comments again – Best Rated comments disappear, and people complain that their comments were removed within seconds.

Samantha Markle reveals bitter feud with her sister and Harry began when the Prince referred to the Royals as ‘the family I suppose Meghan has never had’ in controversial 2017 radio interview


Speaking in a new documentary Meghan and the Markles: A Family at War that aired on Channel 5 yesterday, Samantha lambasted the comments made by Prince Harry.

She said: ‘The first thing I thought was I don’t think Harry has been given the full story.

‘Something was not right. Though we weren’t the classic family together on schedule for every holiday, we were family.’


Okay, it’s not out yet on youtube, I want to believe Sam Markle, I genuinely do!

When you start deleting comments, it goes against every freedom of speech that Sam’s rants about.  I believe in the right to free speech. Why is this happening again?

I did a little digging, wow! The worst, of course, is Natgray who is out their mind and taunting Brits. The first best rated has zero arrows, WTH! Then I went back 5 minutes later, and it’s replaced with this!  You’re not going crazy, something or someone is breaking into the hack the comments.

Thank you JKR, 🌸😎

new best rated

JKR  submitted:Meghan’s “friends” leaks baby shower clip – we all knew that would happen.

Meghan’s “friends” leaks baby shower clip – we all knew that would happen.

Pink for a princess? Video reportedly filmed inside Meghan’s baby shower reveals the pastel-themed ‘dessert buffet’ served at the $500K celebration – including a cake topped with the royal couple


Thank you JKR, 🌸😎

JKR  submitted:Confusing Royalty With Showbiz

Confusing Royalty With Showbiz

Harry knows the dangers of confusing royalty with showbiz – now he has to tell his wife: The Prince’s biographer (and stalwart supporter) gives her heartfelt words of advice following Meghan’s baby shower


“Surrounded by the world’s media and her own pack of protection officers, Meghan appeared to delight in the showbiz-style attention.

And in the process she made a mockery of recent claims by her film star friend George Clooney that – like the late Princess Diana – she has been victimised, ‘vilified and chased’ by the press.”


Meghan Markle is not going to get away with this. I appreciate you bringing this to me. It’s outrageously offensive to taxpayers!  Thank you JKR 🌸😎


JKR  submitted:MM – Baby Shower

MM – Baby Shower

The TRUE cost of Meghan’s baby shower: Friends may have picked up the £330k bill, but Diana’s former top aide PATRICK JEPHSON fears the Duchess is making the same mistakes as Harry’s mother – and risking the Royal Family’s reputation


🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 That’s for being him.  Who cares who paid, things is you don’t set up fake PR shoots.

Thank you JKR🌸😎