DM~ Royal Commentator believes Duchess Difficult is true

Jobson again!  Is he is changing his tune? I guess she isn’t the best thing since sliced bread!

‘I don’t think Meghan was being difficult when she was picking out a tiara, I think Harry was probably being overly defensive and overly protective,’ he said.

Jobson did make sense when saying if it weren’t true, KP would have come down like a ton of bricks to deny the rumor.

Meghan is the Rottweiler! Having someone whine and bark at you, it’s better to give her what she wants to shut her up. Bad decisions are made all the time, man up and say, hey! GET ME THE HELL OUT OF HERE!    That’s my take on this.



The Tiara Story and Jobson’s book

The tiara story is in the Jobson book right? So where did Jobson get the story from? PC’s staff? The story itself isn’t important it is the fact the story was released that matters. We get too hung up in the details of these tabloid stories when we should be paying attention to the strategic things. Why is the story released? Who released it? Where did it come from? That is more telling in terms of agendas being played etc. because many of these stories are not true or exaggerated. We saw that with all of MM’s fake date stories. The so-called dates with Harry by and large never occurred and where a means to merch.

One might think this story came from the York camp as payback for the pregnancy announcement at the wedding but the book was written well before that so that is not a good explanation. The Jobson book really hits Harry for his “whatever Meghan wants Meghan gets” stance and being a pr whore. So to me, there is a lot of payback to Harry for his stunts. Which he may deserve we had several anons coming and saying that Harry during the engagement was screeching away at PC HM etc and putting enormous pressure on them for the hit he was taking.

I just do not know what is going on. In the pics from Fraser Island, we see two Harry’s. During the walkabout with Meghan, he is relaxed and happy looking. But when he was away from Meghan on the beach during the engagement he looks flat out deeply distressed. I give up. Whatever is happening will eventually shake out and then we’ll see. But there is no denying this mess was caused by Harry and his reckless irresponsible ways.


Not really, it was leaked by a palace source, I’m not buying Jobson, sounds like MM to me, attractive, educated the only thing missing was he chose me, screw all of that. Cepe Smith said, don’t believe everything in this book, I trust Cepe.

I know what I know, that’s not truthful to me, I won’t even bother with the rest of the excerpt published.  I posted all the links and said that it seems okay but I have not read them yet, boy I’ll tell you what, don’t!

Wow, Meghan Markle fantasies on wanting to be Queen, what rubbish, Jobson should be arrested for treason or writing under the influence of drugs and or alcohol. Be given a plastic spoon so he doesn’t hurt himself. He wrote this as historical fact??  If he wrote as fan fiction we could have a good laugh, maybe we still should. It’s a bad joke and I hope it fails miserably. The girl couldn’t put the Royal wedding together, Prince Charles had to step in it wasn’t for the reasons stated. Markle is not helping Prince Charles with the transition for love of God!

MM is not trustworthy.

Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎

Shadow King/Jobson Anon

What do you think about this?

Arise the Shadow King! Secret plan to make Charles Prince Regent in three years, how he’s already the power behind the throne and why Camilla WILL be Queen – as revealed by ROBERT JOBSON

Dear Anon,

There is so much to think about with regards to the article and the author of the article. I will most likely have more to add as a post at later date but for now I will stick with what I think is important, which isn’t so much the article but the author.

This article was written by a man who ALSO writes his own bios on Wikipedia AND IMBD! Literally, he writes his own bios. That SCREAMS NARC to me, amazingly similar to our unfavorite Royal NARC, MM.

The title “Arise the Shadow King!”! Seriously, it sounds like the movie title to a B-List horror film directed in the 80’s where a mummified king comes back to take over Egypt or something like that.

Jobson wrote a tell-all book, Diana: Closely Guarded Secret, with Diana’s former protection agent Ken Wharfe MVO. Everyone knows how the Royals feel about their former employees dishing on Diana. Speaking of The Royals, Jobson is also a “royal consultant” for the television show The Royals, starring Elizabeth Hurley. He has also played cameo roles, as himself of course, in all four seasons! I’m sure if he hadn’t typed up his own bio we never would have known we were watching a master journalist at work!

Jobson has been dubbed the “Godfather of Royal Reporting” by The Wall Street Journal. What exactly does that mean!? Does he send his goons out to scare other reporters off hot Royal leads?

The last couple of DM articles he has published, he basically bashes everyone in the Royal Family except for his fellow NARC, MM. Even when he did trash talk her, he made excuses for her behaviors.

This new book he has written about PC sounds mods like its “Prince Charles and Meghan Markle join together to fight world hunger, famine, racism, etc.!” Because according to one of his recent articles, that I could barely stomach to read, MM and PC are the best of friends and we can thank her for all the joy and wonderfulness now associated with the BRF because apparently until she came along, they were just one big ole mess and needed someone amazing like her to straighten them out! They also needed the “Godfather of Royal Reporting” to blast this new era of MM’s reign to the world!

As for the article itself. When you start an article out explain the step by step details of Her Majesty’s death, you’re seriously just asking for negative comments. The guy is desperately trying to make himself relevant that he is writing about the EXACT details of his sovereign’s death. This is the journalist, who we have been led to believe, traveled 18 months with PC in order to compose this new “Charles at 70” book? A journalist who can easily write of QEII’s death like it just happened this morning!?

Everyone knows that PC & HM didn’t have the best relationship for a long time, but it seems that strides have been made in developing a better bond. If PC was onboard with this article I would be incredibly surprised.

In regard to making CB Queen Consort. Well that is a risk PC is going to have to take. I know that her ratings have improved since they were married, and she seems to have a wonderful rapport with his family members, but it is the public’s opinion that matters and if he wants to risk it and end up damaging the monarchy, more so than his son PH already has, then that is his gamble.

 breezycooke 🤠💨😆💨

PC is now in love with MM ~ anon

Wow, it is like the whole thing gets nuttier by the day. PC is now in love with MM, so we all know how “woke” he is and not a racist and yeah he is throwing his sons under the bus with what pr whores they are. Not a good move PC. We want a united RF not father and sons in competition, and a jealous Papa is not a good look. And then we have attacks against Kate oh right more jealousy (MM I am looking at you). Are these people utterly self-destructive?
We are investigating this, give us a bit of time on that.  Our breezycooke is looking into this; I’m not sold that PC was on board with this. It sounds like MM, PR.  Thank you for reminding me I have to get back to anon about the next part in Jobson’s claims.
You’re right that we want a united front from the Royals, I think someone is working against them that has a lot of money to burn.
Thank you anon,  🌸🌸😎🌈

Jobson at it again ~ Opinion

What do you think about this?

Arise the Shadow King! Secret plan to make Charles Prince Regent in three years, how he’s already the power behind the throne and why Camilla WILL be Queen – as revealed by ROBERT JOBSON

There are those who insist the Queen is still as sprightly, fit and sharp as she was two decades ago. This is not true. She is still sharp on matters of state, but requires her schedule to reflect her age and capacity. Even she thinks those loyal subjects who believe nothing needs to change are deluding themselves.

I guess I’m deluded, I do believe they are transitioning but I don’t agree she will make anyone regent. 

Some close to the monarch say that, if she reaches the age of 95, she will make a monumental decision and choose to officially allow Charles to take over the stewardship of her reign.

Didn’t the Queen say nonsense to this?  She took an oath. Many would argue about this.  This is stirring the pot. Wouldn’t you agree?  

She will, they say, officially transfer all executive powers to him as Prince Regent until her death, when he will become king. This would enable her to fudge the issue of her not fulfilling her Coronation Oath to God and her people to serve as queen regnant until her death.

This information is coming from a retired writer and not the palace? 

Others, who claim to be equally well informed, say that such a move or use of the ‘Regent’ title is not really necessary. After all, as the Queen made clear to the unassuming 103rd Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr George Carey, when he went to see her on the occasion of his resignation in her Golden Jubilee year of 2002: ‘That’s something I can’t do.’

Haha, she won’t do that, why write about it then 

Times, however, do change. In truth, with the Queen now well into her tenth decade, senior officials within the Royal Household confirm that Prince Charles is effectively already our ‘Prince Regent’, a king in all but name.

WHAT 🙀who said that? 

Granted, Her Majesty is a consecrated monarch who pledged in her coronation oath to serve throughout her life. But can she seriously remain as head of state if she lives to be a centenarian like her mother?

What a rotten person to write such a thing, HM is still living

The Queen is au courant with the passage of time, and how her age impacts on the institution she serves. She has, impeccable sources have told me, already drawn a line in the sand, a date when, like Prince Philip, she will effectively retire from public life.

We all know what assume means, right? 

I’m not overly impressed with his book I think he does stir the pot quite a bit, it not kind to talk about the living especially one as loyal to the people of Great Britain as the Queen has been. I think him rude, but that’s my opinion.


Thank you very much, B    🌸🌸😎


Hold the bloody horses this is not about Prince Charles! It’s for MM, damn!

Richard Kay wrote the Tea with the Queen, I can Markle all over this, I took the time to read this article and it smells to the high heavens!


I’m screaming foul on Jobson and Kaye.  It’s MM narrative!

He sees his work ethic and his passion for philanthropy reflected in his new daughter-in-law, who has campaigned in the past to raise awareness of women’s issues. Nor will it have escaped his notice that she shares Charles’s belief in the importance of organic food.

As for Prince Charles, he has been utterly charmed by the beautiful actress.

‘She is so intelligent and so nice,’ he has been telling friends. ‘She makes Harry happy. We could not like her more.’

Total Rubbish! ! Nice try Markle