Henry Cavill does Hawaii!

Henry Dances! Who knew! Congratulations Jocelyn Blankenship, you did the vows! How cool!


Cavil Gossip ~ Cat fights 😹 ~anon

Regarding the WDW losers. One of them is a 52-year-old named 00000. The other two are in their 40s. They love to make up false stories about Henry. They were the ones who kept pushing the rumor he was dating his friend Ben’s sister, Joslyn. Then they played dumb when Henry fan pages posted about Henry possibly dating Joslyn. These bitches love making up rumors but refuse to take accountability for their actions.
Joselyn works for Dany Garcia! The Blankenship family are fantastic friends with the Cavill’s. How dare they!  I wonder who sent the anons about Alison sister, now that was odd. How could they possibly know that kind of information?
Like you said they made it up. People should disregard these rumors.  Henry is on set working hard delving in his character Geralt of Rivia for our entertainment pleasure.
I would love it if Henry’s PR could drop stuff like his favorite things, music, fun facts with Henry, things like that. I would gladly post to raise his profile.
Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎🌈💙💙
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