Amber Heard loses bid to get $50 million defamation suit by her ex Johnny Depp thrown out as actor fights off claims he was a ‘monster’ who abused her

  • Johnny Depp is suing Amer Heard for defamation over a Washington Post op-ed in which she said she was ‘a public figure representing domestic abuse’
  • He says he was portrayed as an abuser and it cost him his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Carribean franchise
  • But her lawyers say he is not named and tried to have the case thrown out 
  • Judge in Fairfax County, Virginia, ruled that the case would go on although he dismissed one of the four parts of Depp’s libel claim
  • Depp has always argued that he was the victim of an ‘elaborate hoax’ instigated by his ex-wife, who ‘faked’ her injuries with makeup 
  • Heard has previously responded with a 300-page filing of her own, cataloging the years of alleged abuse she suffered at the hands of ‘the monster’

Swimsuit-clad Amber Heard is caught on surveillance tape cuddling up to Elon Musk in Johnny Depp’s private penthouse elevator, as actor accuses her of starting affair with billionaire a month into their marriage

  • Amber Heard is seen cuddling up to Elon Musk in the private elevator to Johnny Depp’s penthouse in exclusive new images obtained by  
  • Heard is seen with Musk’s arm draped around her, as they ride the elevator at the luxury downtown LA apartment complex where she once lived with Depp
  • The actress appears to be wearing just a swimsuit and cover-up 
  • Musk has insisted Heard already split from Depp by the time they began seeing one another and their relationship didn’t become romantic ‘until some time later’
  • But Depp accuses the pair of starting an affair one month into his 2015 marriage, with Heard not filing for divorce until May 2016
  • Depp, 55, moved out of the Eastern Columbia Building a month after the split but Heard carried on living there until December 2016, understands
  • Depp has subpoenaed billionaire Musk for his text messages as part of a $50 million defamation case against Heard  

Amber Heard’s ex-assistant claims the actress routinely abused her during magic mushroom, MDMA and wine binges – while Johnny Depp was ‘calm’, ‘thoughtful’ and NEVER used violence

  • Kate James, Heard’s assistant between 2012 and 2015, described her time working for the actress as a ‘nightmare’ that she still suffers from
  • She said Heard routinely abused her, often while bingeing on drugs and wine 
  • Abuse was so bad she became ’emaciated’ with stress as friends told her to quit – before she was fired from the job 
  • Meanwhile, she said Depp was ‘calm’, ‘thoughtful’ and helped look after her son
  • Heard’s team dismissed James as ‘a sacked employee with an axe to grind’ 

Anonymous said:It took Johnny Depp a few years since the false “abuse” accusations

Anonymous said:It took Johnny Depp a few years since the false “abuse” accusations

Anonymous said:
It took Johnny Depp a few years since the false “abuse” accusations to gather enough evidence from videos and depositions to start a case against the narc Amber Heard. If the royal family is trying to gather evidence against Meghan, it will take them a long time too as it is just too risky to lose. I think we will have to hold on tight while Meghan as Amber Turd did, seem to…

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