Dan Bongino Show! Episode 1069 Striking Video of the Owning of the Libs



IF you think the dress was expensive

IF you think the dress wasexpensive

Wed faint if we could see what her pr bill is. My guess for the entire time she has run this scam millions have been spent selling this z list rapidly aging cable TV actress to the public. Youd think some of that money would be better spent on a decent wig. At least buy her a hairbrush.


What about all the cosmetic work? Fillers, Botox, liquid nose job? Meghan is an

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NSW anon兩兩兩

Hi Jersey and Vintage,

After the spending frenzy of NYC with the fakest celeb friends ever, we now have had the most pointless tour ever. What was the reason again? It seems the highlight was meeting a 16 yr old boy – very impressive.

The weirdest pregnancy ever continued with the bump taking on all sorts of weird shapes and hanging down like 2 saggy lumps from the Dior dress. One thing I have noticed is that the belly button ends up in all sorts of strange places all over her abdomen, down low, on the side etc. Sure proof of a prosthetic bump and cannot be explained away in any way.

Harry and MM now have a new PDA affectation displayed throughout the trip – holding hands with the clutch purse in the middle. They have displayed all sorts of siily behaviour in their desperate attempt to be always clutching each other on public royal duty, but this is the silliest yet.

People are questioning about Harry with his hand outstretched to the man in the red jacket, I wouldnt make too much of a big deal. Harry is always pointing his hand or poking his finger in people faces, invading the space of others everywhere he goes. The worst thing I saw was when he rudely and violently waved his hands right up to the elderly womans face in Dubbo, while his
pig ignorant wife roared with laughter. As an Australian I was enraged and disgusted at the rudeness and mad aggression. Remember him yelling at Trudeau at Toronto IG. He is a buffoon with a limited sense of appropriate behaviour and low levels of personal control.

Given Harrys very lengthy history of bad behaviour, I wouldnt count on him feeling the strain of his wifes behaviour. I bet they go home and laugh at everyone they encounter, they are so full of themselves. They probably also laugh at how much money they get to spend, how many lies they tell the public, and how much they embarrass the BRH every time they step out. How else would MM get away with the bump antics and baby shower gate if Harry wasnt in full agreement.

Sorry I sound a bit bitter. However this couple and their new found celeb friends are having a laugh at the poor taxpayers and they are getting away with it always.

NSW! Hello dear!

I completely understand your frustration. What’s weird is ijust saw a post about will and kate, and there were things i never knew about them, especially william. he is definitely not a saint but he is the most educated, and he’s just acting like an heir. i read thru that and wondered what the hell happened to Harry? He had just as much education and everything at his disposal and he just made a very wrong turn lately. It annoyed me so much, i look at will and kate, and i can support them but i can’t get behind harry and that girl. it’s just wrong.
He brought this to the family, so he should take care of it, and fix himself in the process.


CHUCS For “Voyagers”

CHUCS For Voyagers

Their Twitter header says in part, ..created for the luxury voyager. I didnt realize that the restaurant, Chucs was nautical-themed. Would Mr. & Mrs. Thurston Howell III visit, or would Ginger feel more at home there?



Thats so funny!!!! 不賅JD

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Media is lazy- Frogmore was recently renovated in July!! #SCOOP

Media is lazy- Frogmore was recently renovated in July!! #SCOOP

the royal reporters are

1) corrupt by the system especially the RFs control of the press and

2) lazy. Consider this so-called move all they have to do is check the local councils public site for any application to renovate Frogmore Cottage, and they could see that four of the Apts. Were renovated back in July and that the current application is for drainage and roof worknot to convert the

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Bad Boy, Whatcha Gonna Do?

Bad Boy, Whatcha GonnaDo?

Waiting for Hazmat to low sag his pants!


Thank you for you opinion, I had to look this one up.賅賅

Sagging pants: wearingpantsbelow the waist so that undergarments are showing. Most sources report thatsagging pantsbegan in the prison system. 汕Saggingwas said to be a symbol that the sagger was sexually available to other prisoners, or

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Bumps, Boobs and Rolls

Bumps, Boobs andRolls

Anonymous said:
JD the pic with fool in green dress sitting down and wet spot on boob. I have to say I have never seen such a lumpy pregnant woman in my life. On left under boob see that bubbly lump is from pads or silocone.Fat rolls or lumps from padding on boobs,stomach, ass. Even Beyonce silicone folded,deflated. Not convincing on spongemeg. At least uses color now thanks to tumblr anons.

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October 15, 2018Please spread it far and wide





We all need to raise this to the world Yes, please spread it far and wide that of all the days they could have chosen, PH and MM deliberately chose International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day to announce their pregnancy. I can think of nothing more malicious than to expect the world fawn over them and gloat over their pregnancy on such a day.