WikiLeaks boss Julian Assange fathered two children inside the Ecuadorian embassy with lawyer, 37, who fell in love with him while helping his fight against extradition to the US

  • Stella Morris fell in love with Assange five years ago while visiting him
  • She is South-African born lawyer and changed name from Sara Gonzalez Devant 
  • The couple have been engaged since 2017 and relationship began in 2015
  • She first visited him while working on legal bid to halt extraditions to the US
  • First child, Gabriel, was conceived in 2016 before the couple’s engagement
  • Couple believe US intelligence agencies tried stealing son’s DNA from his nappy
  • Miss Morris had second son, Max, in February 2019, with birth filmed on a GoPro
  • Assange was visited in prison by both sons, when Max was three months old

Julian Assange is a crucial player


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Julian Assange is a crucial player in the investigation of Hillary Clinton and her team’s dirty dealings with children, it’s ugly and unimaginable.

We’re going to inform you slowly, so your head doesn’t explode.

Looking for Anons to start explaining what they did.

Juanita Broaddrick and Paula Jones speak out on Laura Ingraham- it’s all connected!

Juanita Broaddrick and Paula Jones speak out on Laura Ingraham- it’s all connected!

Hillary is not for women. She is a liar!
Kirsten Gillibrand was involved in the WikiLeaks Podesta email scandal that needs to go viral! Allegedly she abused children, key words, walnut sauce, Martha vineyards, hanky.


If George Soros is so moral, why isn’t he dumping Hillary? Or is he complicit?

Profile: M…

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Patriot Jaye Citizens investigative journalism – Hillary Clinton’s crimes against children

Most have read the Podesta wiki leaks files, and they aren’t good. Not only do they include Killary but include Kirsten Gillibrand, it’s deep folks!


Comey was about to bust Hillary and all of sudden he changes his course, why?  Everyone has a price, what was Comey’s?

Mueller Report~ Timing is everything

Mueller Report~ Timing is everything

Read the Mueller report. It doesn’t say what you think it does. Mueller didn’t indict him because a sitting president can’t be indicted. He also says that he didn’t want to say he was guilty because he has not had a trial where he could defend himself. He then goes on to say that only Congress has that authority and they should continue the investigation. He makes it very clear that Trump isn’t…

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Wake up!

Everything that you thought was wonderful and true is not!  In the next weeks, we will be offering evidence that will blow your mind! 

What’s up is down, and the shit you’ve been reading is a crock of shit!  You are being used! 

Everything they said about Trump is untrue, Debunked Forever!  Now ask why? 

It’s so hard to believe that I was unwilling when I started this journey. Hot damn! The greed in the world and what to do with all of you is fucking out there. 

What I did was follow the people involved and boom!  I know you think that can’t be, it’s all part of conspiracy theory!  😱  Well, drop the theory part, its real. 

Politico~ Dispute over political crimes

Politico~ Dispute over political crimes

The U.S.-U.K. treaty contains provisions aimed at preventing a bait-and-switch, where a suspect is extradited on one set of charges, only to have them swapped for another. But executive branch officials in the U.K. could waive that, leaving the door open to additional or new…

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