Greg Gutfeld on Jussie Smollett Hoax-fake hate crime

IMO this was set up by his agency against Trump. I got a tip that Clinton was funding PR agencies


Deadline~ Jussie Smollett “Grateful” As “Empire” Renewed for season 6


Smollett has continued to insist on his innocence in and saw the 16 felony charges he was facing in Chicago erased on March 26. Looking at potentially years behind bars for allegedly staging a racist and homophobic attack on himself on January 29, Smollett instead found his legal slate wiped clean, the controversial case sealed in exchange for forfeiting a $10,000 bond and credit for a then-recent stint of 20 hours of community service. The decision outraged the Chicago Police Department, outgoing Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and even Donald Trump.

Jussie broke the law and got a slap on the wrist because why?  He reported a hate crime that was a PR stunt and terrible dig against a campaign slogan MAGA coordinated by his agent.  That’s a conspiracy charge and should be dealt with on a federal level.

The prosecutor Kim Fox is friendly with the Obamas and from what I read has politic aspirations.  Chicago is a crooked town!  Kim Fox, it’s the jury that decides the fate, not you!  Maybe, she should become a defense lawyer, that’s what she did. Perhaps her powers should be taken away.

Come on 20 hours of community service for setting the scene up to show the sitting president as a white supremacist.   Again conspiracy and hate crime. 

OOPS! I got caught, ah that’s okay! The damage has been done and erroneously blamed people who follow MAGA, Make America great again as racist and isn’t that the agenda the globalist want out there? Go into a race and holy war.

Who I feel sorry for is the real victims of hate crimes, they don’t get the attention they deserve. Police will not have the urgency knowing that it will get sealed and tossed or they could be faking!  Someone is going to get hurt.


Anon wrote: So drop a pic yesterday

So drop a pic yesterday which she always does before she makes a big announcement or pr splash. Articles all over about Megsy as a fashion icon and Kate even having to hire a new stylist to keep up with Megsy the fashionista. And then an article in an industry site Fashionista that makes the claim everything she wears sells out so you should jump on the Megsy Merching bandwagon and sponsor her. Your money will be well spent.🤣

Then the IG account which is an essential merching tool. Now you see what the shower was all about making those fake celeb friends and connecting to the brands.

Is this Harry’s plan to get rid of his balding wife? Let her become the celeb lifestyle influencers hope she gets that long-term brand contract so she will leave? Is this the RF’s plan? Hope she finally makes money so she goes?

They were doing this before the wedding to pumping out the articles in industry sites about how profitable it is to invest in a blog and how much money Meghan’s wearing your clothes can make for you. So they tried to get rid of her then by selling her, and now they have given her, even more, a royal IG account to sell herself. It is all about the merching the money-making.

The “Mummy” necklace she wore last night’s pics is already being hawked all over Jen Meyers has it now on her IG, and I keep getting the Rothy ads on my feed for Meghan’s crap. Which MM gets paid for.

So the monarchy well and truly is for sale? And for Mall tattoo. Amazing.

The RF is caving in; it is astounding especially Harry. Total cave in to cover up their sins especially Harry’s. I just do not see how anyone can see something noble or worthwhile here. Will, they put the required disclaimer on the royal IG that money is being made?


The use of constant media the branding company from Wayne, NJ just happened to be at the right place at the right time!  It’s was a comedy hour yesterday!  Note Harry’s ears are sunburnt and if you check his last engagement they are not.  I suspect the pictures were from the fall or some time ago, keeping with the vindictive one’s nasty disposition to punish Harry when he gets out of line with her.

You think like I am, give her the legitimacy she thirsted for, check! Give her the fashionista she is dying for, check!  Give her back her soapbox Instagram page she can regram from, check!  Her million followers for her to hear the worshipping and men who tell her they want to 🤬 her. Yeah, they are caving or was this the agreement?  MM doesn’t stick to agreements.

Meghan didn’t worry about the law last time or even now, only time will tell if the IRS will come down on her. She is still an American citizen that must follow the law.  I posted about this as you know in 2017 the IRS and consumer council wants this practice to come with a disclaimer. Let’s see if she does it.

It’s an arduous task to climb a mountain on the backs of others, Meg’s career was over, and she knew it. The backers who we now have a clue who they are, are part of the swamp that needs draining in the US.

Look what they did to Jussie Smollett, they set him up and gave him a script to follow to nail the political slogan MAGA, Make America Great Again as white supremacists so a political party could oust a sitting president.  Now, we know the motive.  Meg met with CAA, and I have the anons saying she did, she got some explaining to do.

Meg’s new buddies like Oprah, Gayle King, OWN and the gang are all part of CAA, TimesUP, Metoo and this a group that plans to railroad people.  I agree with the premises but don’t care for the delivery. They don’t take victims into account, like Paris Jackson, the woman from the Kavanagh hearings.  They are collateral damage. That is what Meg is going to be.  She will join Jussie with a ruined career.

When you are too thirsty, they will use you, abuse you and toss you away when the shit hits the fan. I’d say those records are sealed for a good reason. Jussie outed all of them!  Will Meg do the same?

Thank you anon, 🌸😎

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aetrileaf tumblr ~ Smollett case Deep Dive

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