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You see this? http://www.justjared.com/2018/11/10/meghan-markles-personal-assistant-resigns-six-months-after-royal-wedding-report/

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JD got the article hot off the press last night from the Daily Mail! She was one of the very first to post the article. We have a couple of follow up responses as well. Please feel free to check them out on jerseydeanne.com!…

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Yeah Just Jared just happened to be at the Korean airport Lol. And they bought an article in the daily mail too about the airport pr stunt. Tom Cruise is pushing hard to sell the movie. Tom is good at all kind of stunt lol But I agree about Henry Cavill, he is the new guy so he should stay realistic about the biz. And not believe his own hype because it all just hype and pr to sell the movie.

Yes, the PR of old is different than the PR of new, everybody wants to get paid, or they aren’t moving anywhere! Papped in a parking lot, please! Call us will be there. 

Mission impossible is a bankable franchise, the Studio will pay for stuff like this.  This is a head sweller, everyone telling you how great you are, how gorgeous you are, the temptation is there. Your hearts desires are just a phone call away. 

Tom Cruise is very controlling in the way things get done, professionalism to his projects is paramount. I think that’s why he is so successful in his projects and trusted with money. You are going to get what you paid for. 

I love how they brought the SM along for the ride, I’m totally invested in this. The conversations I have with neighbors over how this movie developed over the year was fun and exciting. I give a lot of credit to Henry Cavill for telling his story about Fallout through his Instagram page. Christopher McQuarrie was excellent and answered questions from the fans in between location and downtime on Twitter.

Making movies is so competitive especially for the summer blockbuster market. You have to do what it takes to get your branding message out early.   Keep the momentum going. I really think Tom Cruise achieved that. 

Thank you anon 💙💙💙

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