This seriously concerns me!

yes, indeed, the timing may be wrong


Its photoshop, JD, Christening pictures

Its photoshop, JD


People on Twitter are saying the same thing

They are noticing the black line between Harry and MM, so let me check this out.

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LOL, well she does bath in a bronzer! Something isn’t right here, we have pudgy  Archie and not so pudge. Meghan is her normal skin color in the group picture, which is white.

I’m sorry, but these are different events in time.  When is the press going to come out and say something?

I can tell you the group shot doesn’t have an Instagram filter on it.



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Diana would have knocked sense into her boys after their break-up

Amanda is a great writer, and she is spot on! Diana would have knocked some real heads together. As far as America is concerned, I doubt that highly even though Meghan’s hatred for Kate is evident to me.

HM, the Queen is not going to support them with a 10 million dollar house in LA we’ve heard about in the blinds. I think that’s all Meghan wanting to get away for being found out for leaking to the press.

Meghan is not the safari girl; she is the lady that lunches.

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Ridiculous article in the Sun

They act like Meghan was a huge HW star before Harry when in fact only the people who watched Suits knew her. She was a z list actress, nothing special. Meghan, her fans, and her PR people need to stop acting like she is Grace Kelly 2.0. She’s not. She wasn’t famous but always wanted worldwide fame (she has that now thanks to Harry). Oh, and they also need to stop throwing Kate under the bus.

UGH, Duncan again! Book sales must be slow!  Between him and Angela Levine, I don’t know who is the better pot stirrer.

When Duncan left the Sun to write his Royal book, Meghan hadn’t yet fully erupted on the scene. My thoughts was another traitor to the crown.

So what Kate wouldn’t be known without William, she paid her dues and loves her man, three beautiful kids!  Isn’t this what the kind campaign told us all not to be? Well, that didn’t last long.

Meghan Markle has got a long way to go and ought to chill out and go to Africa so we can take a breather for the love of God!

Anon, you’re right! MM was a nobody on an obscure cable show that nobody watch and got beat out by the 600 lb women. I had to search for her and, I didn’t like what I saw, self-aggrandizing narcissist. Talk about the wrong stuff!

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Tumblr anon said: Rose Hanbury is in the DM again!

There’s an article on today’s Mail Online about Rose Hanbury again. However, this article seems to hint that all is not what it seems with there marriage. I’d hazard a guess it’s a bearding relationship and the Marquess is gay?
A few snippets: The ‘Marquess is relying on his close friend Banier, 71, for support. The pair have been close for more than 30 years..’ They’re a ‘professional couple and best male friends too..’ The Marquess stays at his ‘townhouse in Paris or on his estate…’

Francois is a dirtbag!

This is listed at the bottom of the wiki page about this grifter!

In 2013, a curious relationship between Liliane Bettencourt—nonagenarian heiress to the L’Oreal fortune and, according to Forbes, the richest woman in the world—and François-Marie Banier, a much younger, gay artist, brought about the biggest scandal in recent French history. Bettencourt showered hundreds of millions of dollars, along with real estate and other gifts, upon her vivacious friend. Ultimately, her adult daughter, Françoise, incited an investigation that led to allegations of political corruption that ended then French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s career.

My heart goes out to Rose Hanbury, the friends will stay out of the way until the smoke clears. As you can see above the Palace would advise Kate and William to stay clear and not offer any comment.  Marquess duty is to the Monarch, let’s pray he comes to his senses.

I knew it wasn’t about Will and Kate, their relationship is solid. Unfortunately, there won’t be any shoulder to cry on.

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I’ve been told the Mayfair club is where you want to be, not Soho cesspool