Abbey Observations

Well the Commonwealth Service was quite something. I actually enjoy watching the service via youtube each year. Anyhow, back to the elephants in the abbey.

I am actually relieved William and Catherine didn’t put on a show of unity, and the rest of the BRF didn’t just put on an act. I mean come on, at this point – let’s call a spade a freaking spade shall we?!

After all the crap MM and PH have served out, they throw a tantrum over not being allowed with the grown ups (arrival procession). Then Catherine and William, who are used to dealing with their own children (who I bet are better behaved than MM and PH) – have to defuse the situation, so MM and PH will stop throwing a wobbly.

They do all this drama, damage, crap, unadvised statements, crappy passive aggressive website, PR, and then still expect a big shiny new toy at the end after QUITTING?!

They really want to have their cake and eat it. The blatant disregard and obvious self entitlement of these two is beyond disgusting!

So Jersey Deanne… what do you think will happen? Harry looks like he’s halfway to a psyche ward. MM is a disaster wearing too much green, and a hat to match which looks like it could receive satellite messages. She can never get her style and fashion right.

Divorce around the corner? This cannot go on? Why doesn’t PH wake the hell up?

So we can all wake up from this nightmare…

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I love it Anon! Your anon is spot on! They are headed for the gated trailer park!

It’s so obvious that her plan is coming to an end, I mean she is only good for two years.

MeAgain, has a deep hatred for our lovely loyal Kate and you know hate will eat you alive.

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She still needs her circus monkey to make it, she can’t keep a campfire alive on her own.

Harry does look like shite! She took our wonderful cheerful lad and turned him into a paranoid asshole. Who is that person? Where did our Harry go?

The twat will give up soon, there is only so much mothering she is willing to do before she goes after the jugular. MeAgain can’t figure out how to get to his trust fund, HAHA.

Thank you anon, 🥰🤣


Harkle’s Henchwomen

I find that I must respond to the comments by Jessica Mulrooney that were posted by KP during the Holocaust Commemoration day; a day when the DOC photos were presented publicly. Jessica Mulrooney is a Jewish woman who has betrayed the history of her own people; who they were and how they survived during the most painful part of world history. These photos by the Duchess of Cambridge reinforced to all of us… “never forget”. They were sensitive, meaningful and moving. The comments that Ms. Mulrooney made were beyond egregious, i.e., “Pretty pictures” , as in do something productive beyond pretty photos! All agree that the comments were made by an ignorant person, a Jewish one at that, but now we know her as a dangerous, discriminatory ally of MM, her mirror image. A Jewish woman, to gain access to the status of celebrity she thinks the Markles will crack, has put an entitled C list actress above her own religion. I put it to everyone, how far is too far?

Thank you anon, I agree with you, 🥰

Anon said: Kate has become the Royals’ crown jewel

AMANDA PLATELL: No tears or tantrums here, Kate Middleton has become the Royals’ crown jewel after a torrid week for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

I love it, lots to be thankful for 

Kate’s birthday

So much for Kate’s birthday! Royal fans are left reeling as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to step down looks set to overshadow the Duchess turning 38





Yeah. It’s a mess for sure. I just hope Catherine is enjoying her day regardless.