Meghan Markle on changing diapers/nappies


They have just lost the tiny bit of respect I had for them…

Reporters contacting private citizens, blasting those citizens in their crap ass paper, for comments that are NOT HATEFUL OR ABUSIVE, asking us what do we know and how we feel. Acting all fucking nice just to get any info that they can to dox us, shady ass mother fuckers. They release this shit to protect HER? Now they come up with this shit? Where the fuck were they when we got picked on? Where are they now? Haven’t heard a peep from anyone about it, but this shit happens. I want nothing more to do with them, so don’t expect any posts about them from me. I am officially livid, and annoyed.


Kensington Palace Twitter Duchess of Cambridge 100 Women Gala

Kensington Palace~ Endeavor Awards ~ You don’t have to be defined by your injury or disability

Cambridge coverage of the trip to Scotland to save a factory #RoyalVisitDundee

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Daily Mail ~ Palace staff spend hours moderating vile sexist racist comments

Palace staff are forced to spend hours moderating ‘hundreds of thousands’ of vile sexist and racist online comments aimed at Kate and Meghan fuelled b
  • Trolls have been making vicious comments and threats on social media
  • Some have been targeting ‘rival’ fans in a spate of torrid personal abuse
  • The Palace is said to have turned to Instagram to help them tackle the comments
  • The network has a team dedicated to helping high profile Instagram users

Fair warning people, chill your jets or get the boot as we know there have many that didn’t deserve this.  If they got MM under control, then things would chill down.

They let Markle in knowing she would screw them over, and it was like taking candy from a Ginger baby.  It was always going to turn against all of them for ignoring the troll that lives with them.

MM & Harry have attacked reporters, why to include Harry, he does live with her.  They allowed this happen, the staff is unhappy.  It’s easy to put two and two together.

Please refrain from tagging KP, BP, CH, let’s see where the chips fall.  Please don’t give # NoAir to people trying to pull you into a fight.  It’s frustrating I know.  The comments they show are nothing compared to the abuse we’ve all taken.  Take notice they are on Instagram.

This thought just came to me, and MM is trying to get her on Instagram account for her and Harry, duh.  MM wants her court just like she leaked.

None of this is fair to the Cambridge’s that must suffer at the hand of MM Social Media Army. Shut the comments off!

Some of the comments on Instagram have become aggressive between 'rival' fan groups

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Duke of Cambridge ~ Heads together ~ United Wildlife

KP is the New Soho Palace!

Meghan Markle and Soho House influence on the Palace. Now they have Soho insiders in Kensington Palace! Meghan has hired interior designers from Soho House to decorate Frogmore!

IMO  this too much Soho the celeb culture mixing with the royal houses. There has to be enough of this? Aren’t the RPO investigating the hire, if we can find this, why can’t they?

The BRF stand for dignity, honor, and duty to serve. What is going on?  This infiltration is killing the mystique I once enjoyed about them. Are they just actors?

I look forward to a healthy debate on this subject.

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CHIPPING NORTON, ENGLAND – NOVEMBER 08: Hailey Rhode Baldwin attends bareMinerals’ Global Wellness Retreat with beauty insiders and tastemakers at Soho Farmhouse on November 8, 2018, in Chipping Norton, England. (Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for bareMinerals) this is what came up when entering Soho farmhouse on Getty

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Cepe Smith Tweet~ Harry attended a Creative Workshop

·CC 16/1 The Duke of Sussex this afternoon attended a Creative Workshop on Ministry of Defence Mental Fitness at Kensington Palace


Thank you for bringing this to us, I’m thrilled to see Harry doing this. He does shine doing his work. Harry does have his heart in the right place. I personally have lots to be grateful for because of him.

You can get mad at a family member, but you still love them.

We all support this.🌸😎💋

Daily Mail~ Rebecca English covers Prince Harry & Meghan Markle