DM – Piers Morgan: Trump may look on like he’s on the ropes

PIERS MORGAN: Trump may look like he’s on the ropes but he’s got US jobs flying, ISIS chiefs dying, and desperate Democrats launching an impeachment bid they can’t win – all of which spells a stunning KO in 2020


Piers Morgan with the knock out of truth! I love his boxing analogy.

Trump floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee; that’s what he is doing to Democrats. They took the bait, hook, line, and sinker. Go for it impeach me!

The ever stupid bag of Schiff never thought in a million years a sitting president would ever release a transcript with a foreign president. You dumb Schiff he set you up, we all laughing at you now.  With the FISA report coming, the bag of Schiff will look even sadder, aww.

I realize that the hatred of the never Trumper bag of Schiff will not stop there, No Way! He’ll go kicking and screaming as they drag his ass out of the capitol, shouting, “He is a Russian Asset!” just like his insane boss Hillary Clinton and his brother-in-law George Soros.

Nobody likes bags of Schiffs; they smell and draw flies. This blogger thinks it’s time to pick the Schiff up in California and throw it in the trash.  It carries diseases, and nobody needs that Schiff.

JD 🌸😎🥰

Toronto Paper Stop believing them, they are trolls

Toronto Paper Stop believing them, they are trolls

Darling, we understand your nervousness. You know what is happening while you are away. Big things are on their way. We are all waiting for the big starting signal to expose you.

Second tweet: So much distraction. This is not about a fake pregnancy, shameless merching and staged family drama. Never loose the view on the whole circle. Darling you are only a patsy. That’s why you’ve been chosen,…

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It’s Ko! The sheer crassness of the NYC trip

It’s Ko! The sheer crassness of the NYC trip

Anonymous said:
HI JD, How are you? Took me a while to get over the sheer crassness of the NYC trip. But at least we now have open confirmation of the ring of middle-rung supporters and backers though we still do not know the master behind this.
What is the connection between Sunshine Sachs and Creative Art? Does NBCU still have a finger in this pie even post-Suits? If so, why? And where does the…

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Torontopaper1 is a plant

Torontopaper1 is a plant

Anonymous said:
Hi JD, Vin, Hope you are OK. I may be the only one but still, think Tor Paps could be trolling or mocking bloggers and anons by repeating what is being written in these forums. An incredible darling who used to visit blogs in person to mock and gloat stopped after mention of attorneys by you and RCMP in another blog and has instead created this account. Cheers Ko
We were remaining…

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Ko~ Part two ~ Wink ~ No milk for free

Ko~ Part two ~ Wink ~ No milk for free


Anonymous said:
Hi JD, How are you? Thanks for your patient and frank responses that are clearing some mists. There is one thing that has always puzzled me. Wink and her posts. Why did she keep insisting there will be no wedding, when several of us anons, and even other bloggers, could see the writing on the wall by May beginning. In retrospect, how could anyone claim and believe…

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I’ll be on later tonight, Ko your ask is going to be another long one

I’ll be on later tonight, Ko your ask is going to be another long one

Ko has asked me about Wink, I’m going, to be honest, as I can be.  I have all the don’t post in a file.  I haven’t made the decision yet to post them, but I will do some excerpt, again because I may have to work with them when this goes south, and we all know it will.

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Ko Anon: It’s a waiting game

Ko Anon: It’s a waiting game

Anonymous said:
Hi JD, Many thanks for your patient reply. I can only interpret NYC’s simplest answer clue as meaning that the wedding and mess have happened only ‘cos of demands of a foolish prince who has still not seen the light of the day. And so there is nothing more we can do either till he wakes up. Cheers Ko
Ko! I’m glad you came back! We did what we could, and we lost, Harry married…

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Some great sleuthing by anon

Some great sleuthing by anon

HI JD, How are you? BTW, I like that distinctive and artsy header on your website (and the content, of course 🙂 Meanwhile, that is some quick and brilliant sleuthing by NSW anon.

The Chucks restaurant, owned by a Finch who has business deals with Soho… now the pap-walk makes sense (so, she merches the restaurant now for fees?). The still-unsolved bit, though, is this Daniel Martin Johnie popping…

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Ko says what I don’t understand is why is the BRF

Ko says what I don’t understand is why is the BRF

Anonymous said:
Hi JD, Hope you are doing well. Re the PR, what I don’t understand is why is the BRF (PC via his PH allowance, whatever) foolishly paying for a PR that is not only blatantly bashing Kate and other BRF members, but also projecting someone as a saint? What utter folly can this be? Also, do you have, through your sources, some rough estimates of her monthly PR bill vis-a-vis monthly…

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🎆🥂Happy New Year from Ko 🎆🥂

🎆🥂Happy New Year from Ko 🎆🥂

Anonymous said:

Wishing you and family a very happy, bright, cheerful and amazing New Year, JD, Vin and all bloggers and anons who I may not be able mention individually but whose posts I enjoy. Special wishes for your health, dearest JD. Ko

Happy New Year Ko! We love everybody! 💋

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