When did MM live there, this is something new ?

Ok, whatever Smeg


MM advertising and modelling for LA jeweller

In daily mail article about MM turquoise necklace…On jeweller’s website att pic found!!!


MM necklace

Why do I or anyone care?  Isn’t that a white girl in the top picture? 😹😹

Thanks, anon, I joke about the white girl, she really does look like that without all the bronzer and tanning she does to push the narrative of racism.  Megatron really thinks that will protect her from criticism, MLK it’s your character Meg!

I have and her sister has better Turq jewelry, LOL


Diana would have knocked sense into her boys after their break-up

Amanda is a great writer, and she is spot on! Diana would have knocked some real heads together. As far as America is concerned, I doubt that highly even though Meghan’s hatred for Kate is evident to me.

HM, the Queen is not going to support them with a 10 million dollar house in LA we’ve heard about in the blinds. I think that’s all Meghan wanting to get away for being found out for leaking to the press.

Meghan is not the safari girl; she is the lady that lunches.

Thank you for sending this in, I appreciate this! 🌸😎💋

Did you hear about typhus in LA skid row?

It’s disgusting, and now police officers are catching this.

The libtards are blaming the lack of affordable housing but won’t claim the drug addicts and the mentally ill for causing the problem.

It’s going to happen to San Francisco. Not one politician is going to fess up that the illegal immigrants have taken that housing from the legal citizens. It’s criminal!


Yes, I did, the people are living in deplorable conditions, and it’s not okay for our first responders or any human to be around.  The left has got to insane to allow people to defecate and urinate all over.  This is a severe situation LA is in, how many Hollywood types are going to down there and help these people? Cher comes to mind instead of bitching about immigrants that have jumped the line worry about the citizens of our country.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎

California here I come…..

I think that is Meghan’s fantasy. That Harry will abandon his life and let her leash him and drag him around in a dog and pony show in the US. It is the only way she could stay relevant and even at that a de Prince Harry is not much of a draw. De-Prince De-Fanged De-Balled Harry. Harry’s value to her is as a Prince of the UK out of the UK. He is nothing but a man who abandoned his duty. Consider the pathetic figure of the Duke of Windsor. He became of the feature of useless “café society.”

I don’t think this story is remotely true just Meghan and/or The Express with clickbait. Making money off what is rapidly become the boring and perhaps even tragic saga of the would-be Princess and a has been Prince.

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It goes with the blind item sent into Enty, The Entertainment lawyer, now who sent the blind item in? Remember, MM is talking freely on her new Sussex Royal account to so-called friends. These friends are bolting back to enty to spill the tea. He is only repeating what is told to him by what seems to be a reliable source.

MM could be the one that’s spilling the fantasy to take Harry like a circus monkey back to Hollywood, this one I can clearly say No Fing way! One the monarchy will not pay for this, and the US isn’t going to help them in any way! Not after the Steele dossier! They were spying on us. It wasn’t the Royal family that did this but people that took it upon themselves to go rogue.

I believe we both have some wiggle room to catch the bastards and take care of them once and for all, but it will take time.  Meg’s think she has power, nope the backers are going to leave her high and dry to save their own skins.

Both have failed miserably! The only thing left is to sit back and enjoy the rest of this shit show.

Thank you anon, have a beautiful Sunday! 🌸😎😎🌞

Anonymous said: Lolly at what we are getting this week

Lolly at what we are getting this week in Phoenix tv, a royal baby special. Lol, channel 15, Sonoran living.
Let’s look at some links, and this should be fun.

Reportedly, means they don’t know, and paps are camped, there would be pics and who cares if she is Oprah friend

Even though the palace came out with its speculation

For weeks, the British media has been filled with mostly-unfounded rumors and “tips” by anonymous sources about the manner in which Prince Harry’s wife is experiencing the final moments of her pregnancy:

  • That she is capricious and extremely demanding with her staff
  • That she has decided to have the baby at home
  • That she is breaking all the royal rules concerning the birth of royal babies.

It has become a challenge to sort out the truth from the fake.

Okay, Pierce is still going strong on Social Climber Meg, we approve! lol

Talking of open letter that’s smart and snarky about pregnancy, it really sucks after you give birth, but this is the Royal photo call that the people want and like.

Suck it, princess, you signed up for the job and since when is Meghan Markle camera shy?  Something is wrong, and as the world can see, they are using a surrogate.  Knock the shit off and grow up, praise the mother who carried the sprout being the ridiculously strong feminist yachter that you are. 🙄

Today the due date, poop the child out already, we are aging over here for goodness sake.

Nothing else to write about

Didn’t we see Zara heavily pregnant to greet HM? Go to the wedding of the Frogmore’s? It’s church and HM birthday! 

You get the picture, lots of speculation and no baby, no Doria. Hey! We did get a blind item that a palace employee is shopping for a house in LA with a 10million dollar range. That one I believe, and it won’t be for Harry.  

Thank you anon, Happy Easter Monday! 🌸😎🐰


Anonymous said:Yikes, why would they want to martyr Meghan and Harry by exiling them?

Yikes, why would they want to martyr Meghan and Harry by exiling them? The optics are such that William (and by extension, Kate) look petty and small. This isn’t coming off as a power move at all.
It’s speculation, and the Express article does make William and Kate out to be the bad guys once again.  Don’t give it any attention, when I came home last night and saw that, UGH!  I’ve said there is something brewing it would be around the time that something like this reared its head.
We have to wait because the shit show changes all the time. How else was MM going to get any press while on maternity leave?  She likes to shock people.
The blind is much more interesting then Harry and MM move to Africa.  Maybe MM will move to LA and Harry will stay safely in the UK where he belongs. I would expect him to go to Africa where he loves to do his job with Sentebale and work on Elephant relocation.  Not for years, no way.
Thank you anon, 🌸😎🐰✡

Anywhere in the world?

House anywhere in the world but the UK? That’s what you are saying, JD? I don’t think so. I don’t believe for a moment MM wants Africa? She is a former z lister who was born and raised in LA. That’s the life she wants. Trevor paid her bills then. Now she cannot afford it on her own. She wants a generous settlement. A child will allow her to get it? Too bad the title of America’s Princess spells nothing in the US but there is always a possibility of some public interest in the BRF behind Palace’s closed doors. I believe the RF does not want her to run her mouth after the divorce?

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Oh god no, not Africa!  LA or NYC, Enty released a blind that said a palace employee was looking in LA in the 10 million range.  You know Enty is really good with his information.  Plus writing tell-all claims to be a king’s ransom in residues.

What was released to me as a don’t post, she was offered a generous settlement and a house anywhere in the world but the UK not to go through with it, but she dug her heels in and declined, but the source also said that’s it! They won’t give her anything more, yeah right! They would hold her to the agreement and make sure she left this time. We all know she wanted and needed to use the kid for the Royal Afterlife.

Let’s see what happens this week if a child appears for the fake photo ops that can’t be judged by our British Press.  I knew the press was going to flip out with the terms.

The offers are coming in for her to do movies, that’s what she really wanted and it took BM a royal family and using a country.  I doubt she loses a bit of sleep at night.

I can see Harry moving to Africa to shake off the last two years of hell or nurse wounds with I told you so.

Do take notice of the releases, most don’t include nutmeg anymore.

Let’s wait and see if it turns out to be true.


Thank you anon, 🌸😎🐰✡JD

It’s LA! I’m interested in other ppl’s thoughts on conferences

I’m interested in other ppl’s thoughts on conferences that consist of the real workers, experts who set goals to achieve their project as opposed to someone who no one ever knew existed but got a title from Royal lotto can sit at a table and claim to be helping an initiative. Other than word salad what has she actually done? All pr and no sustenance the hypocrisy of one’s lifestyle trying to dictate to others. L.A.
The press was put on a leash early on, wouldn’t they usually have investigated every nook and cranny of MM life? If we found her lies earlier on why didn’t they find them?
LA, I’m sure you can back me up on this, celebs are obligated to have an Instagram~ twitter~Facebook account to promote shows and movies as part of their contracts.  Also, part of their contracts maybe being seen doing some kind of charity work,  the aww moment, a one and done — free PR for the celeb and the show. There is no substance! It’s all make-believe.
The celeb personas you see are the actor, not the person.  What you see is not what you get. They can have tremendous egos or inferiority complexes. Their worlds are full of rejections and ridicule. Once they make it’s lots of ass licking and lies.
It’s all a big reality show but who is the producer?  or do we have a bunch of executive producers?  I recently found that creative artists agency is using their stable of celebs to help out.  Why? Meghan was supposed to be retired from acting. Always more questions.
Thank you, LA, 🌸😎

Anonymous said:has anyone seen photos of her curtsy to the crown prince?

Has anyone seen photos of her curtsy to the crown prince? He is only 15. she could be his mama. Dollar signs must have lit up in her eyes. She sure screwed up on what royal to pursue. The King of Morocco is worth est. Nine billion while British royals were around 900 million for personal wealth. Lol. L.A.
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