Enty was right again, its LA

Like I said we won’t pay for it! You want out? Pay for it out of your foundation. 


Big laugh of the day! Meghan Markle queen of LA

This article was irresistible to me! Boohoo, you miss LA and you want three houses to do your work? What work?  Tanning? lay about and do Yoga moves?  Oh, Meg and Harry, you must so exhausted after the whine and cheese tour. Oh Dear me, you deserve a 10 million pound house in LA so you will become a resident to which she can divorce Harry and take it all.

Harry, you deserve everything you get. stop being woke and wake up!

They are going to LA to visit Dorito! This article can give you cavities!

The Royal Family is supporting the documentary, it’s on their channel.  The Sussex’s still has tons of article’s in the media they are suing, okay sure, Jan.  It’s sheer insanity to do a stunt like this.  Stop believing they are against Harry and Meghan.

I adored Katie Hopkins, the crying scene is funny.  She is right we want the old harry back.

Cheat Sheet- Is Queen Elizabeth considering moving Harry Markle and Meg to Africa?

Well, this has been an ongoing rumor for over six months, will they or won’t they?  MM’s people were planting stories about moving to LA.  I was especially touched with Queen Elizabeth gets what she wants!


Now we have the Hollywood Madam whiner complaining she can’t speak out, HOLY MOLY, Don’t complain and Don’t Explain Meghan!


What will she do about her virgin brand! Oh No!!  It’s a scam anyway. I think what she offered these women is peanuts!  Mega Monster and her gal pal Misha Nonoo are desperate to be billionaire movers and shakers, what a joke!

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It’s not about racism, but legitimate criticism darling, as I’ve said since day one, you’ll be a royal pain the ass.  You didn’t disappoint me one bit.


If HM does send you away, I think that will be the end of the royal road for Meghan Markle and the remover of a thorn in the British people’s bum.  Champagne for everyone!  And remember you’re not a racist, but were taken by a grifter with her leftist groupthink.

Did you hear about typhus in LA skid row?

Did you hear about typhus in LA skid row?

It’s disgusting, and now police officers are catching this.

The libtards are blaming the lack of affordable housing but won’t claim the drug addicts and the mentally ill for causing the problem.

It’s going to happen to San Francisco. Not one politician is going to…

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California here I come…..

California here I come…..

I think that is Meghan’s fantasy. That Harry will abandon his life and let her leash him and drag him around in a dog and pony show in the US. It is the only way she could stay relevant and even at that a de Prince Harry is not much of a draw. De-Prince De-Fanged De-Balled Harry. Harry’s value to her is as a Prince of the UK out of the UK. He is nothing but a man who abandoned his duty. Consider…

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