It is beyond our control if a baptism takes place. I have to say unfortunately that Harry is just as involved as maggot. I feel bad saying this because of my fondness for skippy, but how could Harry not know. Maybe he is falling on the sword for someone else, but he and his brothers family are the future of the monarchy. He certainly has lost his shining armor, now he is just someone born into a position of money and fame, not an individual who deserves the title of prince, maybe a title of maggot’s husband.

I agree, Harry is complicit in this situation, he wants this, or he wouldn’t have married her. 

LARP, Live action role play are the anons pulling your leg to keep you talking about MM and Harry. These outlandish claims are false. Always asking for you to wait. It never comes true. 

Don’t fall for the LARP, they are well-trained PR, paid to do this deed.  


Social Media~ The new propaganda machine for groups with a narrative

Social Media~ The new propaganda machine for groups with a narrative

Proceed with caution, and this may even get me to shut down. I want to tell you that  I love my American Jewish friends I grew up with, and I love my Israeli friends, and they are joyous and grateful.

What I don’t like is groups unnaturally infiltrating any part of society.  Seethroughenergy on tumblr has brought to our attention…

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Social Media~ The new propaganda machine for groups with a narrative

Proceed with caution, and this may even get me to shut down. I want to tell you that  I love my American Jewish friends I grew up with, and I love my Israeli friends, and they are joyous and grateful.

What I don’t like is groups unnaturally infiltrating any part of society.  Seethroughenergy on tumblr has brought to our attention the LARPERs, live-action role players.  I think we can clearly say that other groups have taken a page out of the Isreali Government propaganda machine.  We are being driven/herded towards a disaster as humans.  Are freedoms of speech are being trampled upon.

I agree that Isreal has a right to defend herself, but they don’t have the right to bomb innocent women and children. Why blow up a hospital?

The most horrific mass murder was committed against the Jews by the Nazi, and it’s not okay for anyone on this planet to try to do the same. Please, I beg you to form your own opinion when watching this video.  I’m PRO Human.

I encourage discussion on this topic.

sockpuppet is an online identity used for purposes of deception. The term, a reference to the manipulation of a simple hand puppet made from a sock, originally referred to a false identity assumed by a member of an Internet community who spoke to, or about, themselves while pretending to be another person.[1]

The term now includes other misleading uses of online identities, such as those created to praise, defend or support a person or organization,[2] to manipulate public opinion,[3] or to circumvent a suspension or ban from a website. A significant difference between the use of a pseudonym[4] and the creation of a sockpuppet is that the sockpuppet poses as an independent third-party unaffiliated with the main account operator. Sockpuppets are unwelcome in many online communities and forums which may be prohibited.




Many of you read my LARP expose and most of you completely understood. I do hope in the future anyone sending TIPS will not be able to use you to manipulate people. There are always important questions regarding HOT TIPS, here are a few VITAL questions you MUST ask before becoming party to “helping” in a certain direction.

1. What is it they want me to believe, and why do they want me to believe it?

The power of the LARP is such that it keeps people on edge, especially LARPs that are ‘real’ with ‘real’ hot tips that apparently come true, verifying the source as valid. Surely everyone is acquainted with the phrase “the rest of the story” and in the “real” LARP that is what is ALWAYS missing. Helping Harry, poor Harry, poor innocent half-wit Prince. He was taken advantage of by a wicked witch, THIS is TRUE. She will be caught, this is also true. But what is the REST of the story, the part you’re not being asked to “help” with? Obviously the part they would prefer the public forget. And anything that will not help guide the narrative in the direction they wish it to go, IE. the truth about what POOR HARRY has been up to as the most royal Peter Pan ever…and any information to the contrary will never be leaked. Ever.

Promises that the wedding would never happen were given via LARP. The rest of the story? She is holding all the cards and they were unable to see her hand before they were forced to say I DO. Because any Trojan worth their while not only has an “insurance policy” they are rarely operating on their own.

Picture an epic battle where both teams are equally armed, trained, and driven to win. Round one goes to team MARKLE. Do not let anyone convince you otherwise.

Round two? This one looks like a draw at the moment. Insurance policies must be secured, the rest of the team neutralized. Finding out who has what, and what it will take for them to STFU, this takes time, and at any moment it could all blow wide open. And it is clear that this battle is FAR from over as the hits and assurances from BOTH sides, just KEEP ON COMING.

2. What purpose? WHY keep us hanging on the edge of our seats, we can see that despite what the LARP said–nothing is happening.

NOTHING is happening. That is the most epic part of the LARP. NOTHING is happening. Nothing promised, nothing assured, and YET they wait, patiently hanging on every last hint, every twitch, every action, filled with hope that the promised action is ABOUT to happen (any minute now). Why? Because a public sitting on their asses in front of their computer WAITING for something to happen, is much better than a public openly BOOING, tossing food, and on their feet protesting demanding answers. That’s why. That is why the Q LARP is so powerful. Q is both true and false. Misinformation is necessary. Mind fuck the enemy, misdirect, psyops. Brilliant, in fact Q is the longest running verified LARP in the history of the Internet. While the public WAITS it out based on promises, some of which are real, some have not been realized, and some are outright lies, the public sits on their asses filled with HOPE.

Right now “the people” are being lied to from both sides. One can argue that one side is better than the other. In my personal prejudice I prefer the BRF NOT because each of them are stellar characters, but because they are an institution important to the continuity and history of the UK as an independent nation. The EU / REMAIN crowd would much prefer that institution to quietly fade away. Globalism is a dangerous threat to independent states and people. If you have not sorted that by now–your programming has been complete.

So–somewhere that YOU cannot see–a battle rages. Battle for the hearts and minds of the people–one side wants disgust and a call to end the BRF for once and for all–the other side realizes what that means over all for the UK as an independent nation. At the center of it is a whore who walked right into the BRF and tore it asunder. And, at the time, they were powerless to do anything. Do not let that FACT slip away. LARPs feed hope and holy shit people are sucking it down with a straw.


3. The anonymity of the LARP. Q has proven that Q is what Q says it is. But Q also has not been a function of complete and total truth.

Anonymous tips from people should be treated with great caution. Ask for ID, make them prove who they say they are–and even then, short of a face to face, which I personally would demand prior to letting myself be used–I would proceed with caution and skepticism, because anyone can be anyone on the Internet–LARPers almost always go for the Internet ignorant.

I am sorry to say that anyone who says “I proved it via IP” is 100% completely ignorant of how the Internet works. PERIOD. OMERG I tagged this…oh, no you didn’t. That is all. Explaining the complexities of that will take far too long, and most of you wouldn’t understand it anyway. What rudimentary knowledge you DO have is being used against you to convince you something is true when it is not.

If you cannot sort that someone posting at 5:30 am from a coffee shop that is not even open yet is messing with you–then you just need to shut your computer down and or stick to sparkly puppies and hearts. Did anyone even QUESTION that? No, the sheep bleated and cheered YAY, poked fun and an invisible enemy who probably laughed their asses off. THAT person knows how the Internet works.

To continue making claims of validity based on the idea that someone posted something something somewhere–you have proven your malleability. You are just being used–your inexperience with the Internet is being used, your simple “innocent” mind is being used, your emotions are being used, and your HOPE is being used. You’re not inherently evil but you are almost assuredly blind to the evil that manipulates you. Willful ignorance. (or are YOU informed, are YOU willingly taking on the LARP and playing a role? what a curious thing to ponder.)

It takes a certain sort of mind to ignore the very clear “nothing is happening” and contradictory claims to continue cheering as if something really did happen. OMERG someone is doing something somewhere this must be true. If you had any idea how the Internet really works you would probably stop using it. But meh, you all have FB /Twatter, IG, Tumblr, and carry about a tracking device (cell) and willingly offer up every single aspect of your life and pretend you have privacy on the Internet. For everything you think you know there are 100 and one ways to fool you. If there weren’t, so many of you would not be phished, would not be facing ID theft, and would not be risking everything every time you use your phone to do banking (as an example).

Something IS going to happen eventually. It always does. What IT will be? That depends on the true characters of all involved AND the ability to control the EVIDENCE and the NARRATIVE. The BRF has long been short in the “character” department, but then so are most people, they are only human. MOST people will go to great lengths to protect their kith and kin. NO shame in that at all. but when ONE group literally holds the key to the freedom of many many people in their hands, HOW they go about protecting their family and position means everything to everyone else. This is the year of revelations. When truth can no longer be held in the dark, if you do not willingly give it up, it will be given up for you.

There is not much more time left to right the balance between the truth and the lie, the darkness and the light. Take care who bears you light…for often the hidden hand bears darkness instead.

Did you really think this entire thing is about a two bit whore taking advantage of poor poor Harry? Really?

And no, RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA is not involved in this. LOL This is just a meme. However, I do find it interesting that I have posted so much on global issues and have been working slowly to pull back that veil–but the one thing most people are most interested and focused on is the ball (MM et al).

NEVER focus on the ball, watch the hands, always watch the hands. You are not powerless, your duty and right as a citizen of any independent country (this excludes ALL EU states) is to be informed, to KNOW that the issues and facts are to RESEARCH and examine things–even those things that make you uncomfortable. People have forgotten how to think, so used to being spoon fed only “comfort foods” the people have fallen fast asleep. Sit behind your computer, sip up whatever is fed to you, be outraged at the politically correct outrages, never color outside the lines. Congratulations your programming is complete.

If you do not have “time” to research and sort out fact from fiction, then you need to STFU and take a seat, because you are operating from emotional positions and have become nothing but a parroting obedient member of the band. GO places that push your comfort zone, stop operating from feelings– facts do not have feelings.

I do not care about your feelings. I care about what is true, and so should all of you.


Understanding the Larp submitted

Understanding the Larp submitted

Understanding the LARP

What is a LARP?

A LARP is a Live Action Role Play. Something that happens in real time as an active interaction between the LARPer and an audience. A LARP can be 100% false, or half truths mixed with fiction, it is never 100% true. LARPers pass both true and false information and often use the platform to psych out the opposition who are most certainly reading.


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Understanding the Larp submitted

Understanding the LARP

What is a LARP?

A LARP is a Live Action Role Play. Something that happens in real time as an active interaction between the LARPer and an audience. A LARP can be 100% false, or half truths mixed with fiction, it is never 100% true. LARPers pass both true and false information and often use the platform to psych out the opposition who are most certainly reading.


Anyone can LARP.


There are many reasons for the LARP. Sometimes it is just plain fun, and for the most part  both the audience and the LARPer are aware it is just for fun. One of Reddit’s most popular LARP forums is r/nosleep where the LARPer (storyteller) AND the audience are required by the forum rules to stay in character as if the story were true. In that case everyone is in on the game. There are other forums where the LARP is a staple in which the LARPer attempts to prove their story is true and is quizzed by the skeptical audience.

But what about the LARPs designed to define, guide and restrict a narrative in any particular direction? Those are the most dangerous of all.

Do Governments use LARPS?


Many intelligence agencies train their agents in how to LARP. Being good at it means not being detected when undercover. One of the funniest training LARPS I know about is taking a straight-laced intel agent and making them LARP as a gay person. Going into a gay bar and passing as gay. That means not getting insulted when getting hit on, managing getting hit on without blowing your cover. Basically hard but innocuous training exercise. It’s learning how to role-play effectively. Let’s face it a normally straight-laced stiff backed intel type going into what are typically over the top, flamboyant gay nightclubs is going to really have to buckle down and learn how to operate as a gay person. The challenge is NOT to get made as a straight person.

In this vein Qanon IS a LARP. One of the most successful LARPs of all time, and most certainly the longest running (although Aussie dude ran for a long time as well). Q drops include psyops (Trust Sessions) to make the other side comfy af, whew they trust him, and REAL information. It is also a crowdsourced intelligence operation. Qanon is as real as it gets, but it is both real, and psyop. The LARP cares only about the mission, it does not really care about the emotional investment of believers.

But what about other types of ONLINE LARPs?

Online LARPS in which the agent of information is shady and mysterious, but drops accurate information via private messaging ONLY, does so in order to make the information appear to be dangerous and credible. These types of LARPs are dangerous–as we have seen lately in the entire Meghan/Harry debacle. In this case agents of information / misinformation and general all around havoc are utilized to direct a crowd right where they want the crowd to go. It’s like the shepherd / sheep relationship. Crowd-source support is valuable, and the ability to lead a conversation where they want it to go and away from what they don’t want it to go is very beneficial.  These agents may or may not be government / intel types, or well-trained PR. In this case, one can assume that both types are involved.

In the midst of chaos, when it is clear in back channels that a disaster of epic proportions is developing, both sides of said disaster will need to immediately take control of the narrative. When both sides are well-funded this tit for tat dropping usually leads to even more chaos leaving the crowd they mean to influence completely off balance, not knowing which side to believe. Unfortunately for the people used by said LARPers this can be both mentally and emotionally devastating.

The LARPers begin to hunt social media for users that already believe the way they need them to believe and who are already talking about the subject of interest. In this case it is Harry and Meghan Markle. We can clearly see both sides operating in this arena and it is a good example. Find a blogger, drop VALID intel, wait for it to “come out” to prove the LARP validity, and once that ONE thing happens the LARPer has free reign. Most people who are able to blog 24/7 (and therefore able to commit to the operation full-time) are women. Women in blog fandom type situations are very easy to manipulate into posting drops that are favorable to the side the LARPer is working for. In the case of Tumblr the “Harry is innocent, poor victim of this horrible woman” narrative is very powerful and bloggers have been fed information to this end probably since the OZ trip, and in some cases before the wedding.

In the case of Twitter we see more of a balance between HER team and HIS team. It apparent in reading that nonsense that the LARPers of both sides have harnessed the absolute worst of humans and are USING it to their advantage. It is like watching a train wreck, you cannot look away. You wonder what horrible thing either side is going to do next. “Gramma what did you do in the revolution?” “I blogged for Harry sweetheart”. “Who is Harry?”

It is important for gov. agents to have plausible deniability so they will be very careful who they drop to, and what they drop. they may be cryptic and mysterious and yet oddly correct. The effort to KEEP ATTENTION on a subject needs constant feeding–and this LARP has been constantly fed from both sides, almost from the beginning.

How Do I Avoid FALLING for a LARP?

Depends on YOUR agenda. Fandom is irrational but real. That people would be willing to devote a large part of their lives in order to support their favorite whatever is incomprehensible.

Women are very easily manipulated by emotional appeals and most if not all of the Harrystans are women. In the case of Tumblr a “POOR HARRY” narrative is strong. Drops stating that Meghan “will be punished” “just be patient”, “Harry is a victim”, have been happening,–inside information some of which eventually proves to be true. This raises the believably rating (and visibility) of the blogger.

Eventually the fan effort becomes an ego-driven as the blogger grows in popularity and more and more like-minded people find the blog and comment supporting the narrative posted by the blogger and back-supported by the LARP. This is a very effective way of driving a narrative. Meghan’s side has been somewhat less effective–as well it should be– her side does not have the back-support of so many intelligence agencies. Their side has been defanged somewhat.

I can promise you that nothing Meghan has done–once she came into sharper focus as more than a Soho whore Harry bedded– has been done in private. If she has been under the impression that she has any means of private communication, that would be a massive mistake. NOTHING she has ever communicated has gone un-logged. Not a phone call, text, email, physical letter, nothing. She has been under constant observation from the very moment she popped onto the radar. As we can see from her faux baby shower trip, not even her paps are immune.

It is NO mystery to me how Meghan thought she would slip out without the bump in NYC for a private dinner with Markus only to return and be caught without it by 15-20 paps waiting for her–SHE thought she was in control–but do you really think she would call the paps on herself when she knew she could get caught out without the bump? Not for one second of this twats pregnancy has she ever ever tried to hide her belly. In fact she has done nothing but call attention to it, from the endless touching to coat flicking, that woman has been all about showing off that bump.

She got caught. A reporter hollered “Hey Meghan, where’s the baby?” as she pulled her coat together for a change and held her huge handbag (not Harry this time) in front to hide that she did not have the bump on.

If she thinks the room they rented for the baby shower was not rigged stem to stern with cameras and audio, she’s fooling herself. Every word they said, everything they did, is on the record. (On that private jet she took as well. LOL stupid twat is stupid). Whatever that whole “meeting” was about (come on a baby shower?) is on the record. Every single person there who was and still is participating in this fiasco is also on the record. She was likely baby shopping thinking it would be easier to get her fellow pregnancy fakers such as Amal Clooney to help guide her to a successful “birth”. It’s ALL on record. This is not up for discussion. Meghan’s antics are way more involved than just some tramp trapping a high status male into marriage. For instance, IF Serena is a decent person, (and her association with Markle puts that into doubt) she needs to cut those ties immediately and back away from this train wreck. No matter the merching bucks promised, I can promise her it is not worth it. This will not end well.

You don’t get to screw with world governments and institutions and walk away scott free–RACISSS is only going to get you so far. So, why has Meghan gotten away with as much as she has? One word. Blackmail.

Harry is a hot mess, and has been for years, this is not in question. Harry, though, is not a child. He is 35 years old and it is time to stop pretending he is not FAIL in every possible way. Despite the tragic childhood, Harry, as an adult, has a choice in his behavior and the other adults around him who have been watching him self-destruct probably should have stepped up to the plate years ago. Harry is not a bad person, but he has not yet found his inner good person because he has been permitted to tramp around bitter and angry, and  enmeshed in self-destructive behaviors for years. Maybe people did try. But trying and failing for a person in Harry’s position should not have been an option. Sooner or later the chickens come home to roost, and in his case, that time is now.

Harry’s drug problems, and his out of control indiscriminate dicking has placed him exactly where he is now. His friends, most of whom slept with his wife before he did, have probably kept him alive up until now. But that safety net is gone, and look where we are. He is sinking faster than the Titanic. Without the stabilizing influence (or rather over dose protectors) of his friends, Harry is like a lost little sheep currently being led around by the nose by a woman who does not have his best interest in mind.

Whatever he said to her when he was stoned, (I personally believe another type of drug, the kind that loosens tongues) was administered and everything he said is NOW on tape. Everything he has done in that company is on tape. And SHE is not the only person that knows all. The motivation is political and very much a part of the REMAIN agenda. But that’s another story for another time.

How does one get this sort of cow back into the barn? You don’t. This cow has long left the barn and is MOOING all over the world. As we sit here and watch both sides duke it out in the media, one can only guess what the underbelly of this looks like. Trying to put this cow back in the barn without harming Harry is the mission of ONE side of the LARP. And what a mission it has been.

People being fed intelligence on the “Harry is an Innocent victim” side are without a doubt being used. I have seen fervent declaration that “SHE IS GOING TO JAIL” with such confidence, an experienced person KNOWS there is a LARP behind it. On her side Sara Latham, an experienced chop master, is working overtime to counter each punch the “Harry is Innocent LARP” drops.

Who is going to win? I can tell you who is going to lose if the BRF tries to hide this fake pregnancy and cover it up. She is not, nor has she ever been pregnant. She is a psychopath, and on that vein Harry might well be one too, but I doubt it. Despite the old adage that “you are as sick as your partner”, Harry does need help but he also does not deserve a free ride out of this mess. Making him stand up to his mistakes is vital to his health in the long run.

Harry clearly did not want to marry Meghan. The rushed wedding bought some time to sort out a viable exit, but it also fed the beast, and this has become a most epic game of chess.

The Meghan LARP is well-armed with RACISM which is the drag of the moment. It is also very effective. WILL the BRF be able to stand the raccisss storm that will ensue should anyone dare speak up about this two bit whore? probably not without some epic evidence (of which there is plenty) being dropped. Perhaps merely playing the baby shower “tape” to a world-wide audience would do the trick but it also means Harry’s drugged confessions are still out there. In the meantime, collect the evidence, pay off the low hanging fruit or threaten them with legal consequences should they unwisely expose private matters. But what about the Band Leader, Mr. Big?

That is a job for Superman. Trump is currently holding every card there is in regards to the vile activities of the UK intelligence agencies. EVERY. SINGLE. CARD. While the Brits clutch their pearls and hold their breath hoping he does not DECLASS and expose the FACT that the UK not only interfered in US elections, the vile reasons they did so are about to be exposed. Get some popcorn because the show is about to start.

No matter what the press says MM will not be at any state dinner wearing a tiara. Having that two bit whore sit at a dinner table with heads of state will be the greatest form of disrespect possible–and that had better not happen.

I expect right now the UK is literally begging Trump to NOT DECLASS, and to help keep their genie in the bottle–you know–for the good of the UK. I bet BREXIT happens fairly orderly and timely after Trump leaves the UK. IT is what the people voted for but every single manipulation has been about REMAIN. Because globalists fear the power of a UK BREXIT and were doing all in their power to stop it.

Meghan was part of a plot to bring down the royal family and destroy an ICON of British history, continuity, and stability. She’s done a bang up job (pun intended). In any case she has certainly been given every inch of rope needed to hang herself. She’s done well. Perhaps a red scarf is in her future? Talk about a nice touch–nothing of value will have been lost.

Do you really think that Meghan is Tweeting? Perhaps she is, just call that “more rope”. Every thing she does, every article she commissions, is just more rope. And the day of the rope is fast approaching. But those accounts could also be designed to make her look bad (not that she needs any help). Twitter account Anne Bolyn? Really? Anne lost her head by cheating on the King. Hint much there LARPers? (username makes it clear, but LARPer tweets things in support…you have to laugh.)

The push to keep Harry clean is misguided and will backfire in a very bad way. Harry needs to be tossed under the biggest bus there is. He needs to be made to publicly admit his drug addictions, his bad behavior, then he needs to be sent to the jungle far far away and left with a medicinal shaman for a year to get clean, get right in the head, clean out the anger and bitterness, and forced to grow up.

If he is not held accountable for his behavior this will end badly for the royals. His nasty habits and behavior as an ADULT with a choice, has taken him from the most popular jovial cheery ginger royal always with a ready smile and congeniality (when on duty) to someone who is BOOED in public and has food thrown at him. There is no easy way to rehabilitate what he has done not only to the institution of The Crown, but to the faith and integrity the entire country has always had towards The Crown. Steady on, stiff upper lip, the one thing the public could always count on is their institution had their back. This is not the York financial asshattery, or screwing young ladies, this is going to be much much harder to gloss over.

Bloggers who have been lured by the LARP into participating in this disaster have put their integrity and privacy on the line. As we have seen all that this idiotic participation has actually done is splinter friendships, cause private lives to become public fodder for ridicule, and rivalries created that are not only pointless but a waste of time.

NOTHING you post is going to change the choices facing the Royals, nothing YOU post is going to save Harry. Great job–Harry is not called to account, he is not held to the fire, he is let off scott free–thanks for killing Harry because that is effectively what you are doing. Harry’s self-destructive behavior IS destructive–and he will be found dead from an overdose in some pathetic dirty third world country–if he is NOT taken well in hand and not given the mental, emotional, and physical help he so desperately needs, and trust me a few months in a swanky rehab are not going to cut it. That has been tried, and failed before. Time for tough love.

How Can I Avoid Being USED By a LARPer?

Personally I’d play with the LARP as I have done in the past. But for a nomie, my advice is to just say no. Like the casting couch, refusing the LARP can elevate other blogs above yours. When ONE woman says NO to the casting couch there are 10 women lined up behind her who are more than willing to lay down and pretend to be thrilled by some director so ugly he could never get an honest lay in his life. (Then the women who hopped ON to the couch bitch and moan about it.)

So, know this, if you are helping them you are only helping them in regards to what they want you to know. What the LARP wants you to push, to post about. Why will you donate your time to this bullshit? Fandom. I cannot pretend to understand that mentality but I recognize it. Blind faith, blind fandom, I don’t know why, but here it is. IF you want to participate for whatever motive, insist on docs. Meaning, insist that the person reveal who they are to you via documentation. You may be asked to sign a NDA but if they want your help bad enough you will get the docs. But that likely will not happen because there are far too many eager BEAVERS out there, so the LARPer will just move on to the next blooger until they find some rube willing to post what they are fed because that feeds their vision of the person they have “Fanned.”

If not you, like the casting couch, it will be someone else. YOU are not special, no matter what ego massaging the LARP and or your stans are handing out. You were targeted because they think you are simple and will buy what they are selling because it is what you want to believe. Using the excuse that “the information was accurate” does not eliminate the fact that you are being used. “BUT I am HAPPY to be used to support ____Insert name”. Really? Are you really that eager to donate every breathing minute to supporting someone else’s life?

Yes. Apparently you are.

The doxxing that happened due to the stupid blog rivalries has been devastating to some–and a source of hilarity for others. I was reading a twitter account saying the most insane shit about one blogger being PAID that I had to laugh. But not one commenter even questioned the assertion. It was like bizarro world. OMERG so and so is a PAID BLOGGER. That’s strange, both the doxxed blogger and the doxer blogger are on the same side. Paid for what?

Personally if the doxxed blogger lost anything due to helping these royal twats I think they SHOULD be paid or compensated because that was just a shit move to use women who had no sense of reality when it came to this particular agenda and they should not have been used to support it. LARPing in this way is effective, but let’s face it, it is UNETHICAL and vile.

Getting paid to get doxxed. Right. The doxing might well have been the EMPIRE striking back–the other side trying to split the competition and dilute their message. It certainly worked. It might also as well have been a rival blogger who knew personal information. Women are nasty creatures.

Bloggers need to learn Internet safety. STOP sharing personal details online. Just stop it. It only makes you a target when online relationships go bad, and they ALWAYS go bad. Always. So learn from this. Do not share information about yourself that can LEAD to you and expose you to public ridicule. Who needs that? Also, the leader of this band should not only not have any readers, but should be put in Internet prison for cheering and laughing and mocking about it. It’s pathetic. REALLY pathetic.

Stop being so easy to manipulate, stop reveling in the fact that YOU have been given the keys to the kingdom…to POST. To push, to do the dirty work.  And although for sure some other blogthot will jump in eager to help the LARP, you do you and stay out of it. Enjoy the show but don’t be a player. Players get hurt.

In about two weeks this nightmare will be over. What will you do then?

I love it that people read my stuff and are too terrified to reblog, to terrified to comment–too terrified to like, even if they agree. All ye, like sheep. Stop trying to get a following. Write from the heart, write what you know. The amount of followers you have is irrelevant. If no one reads you, so what? you wrote.

See me? I’m in the red. Which one are you?

Are you a victim of larping?

Are you a victim of larping?

Are you a victim of Larping?
Live action role play
on a military scale

by jerseydeanne

Are you a victim? You may not even know you are and you may follow someone with the same kind of likes but the only thing they have agenda.

We all heard of internet trolls, I’ve been accused on a worldly scale that I’m one. Called a truther, troll, vile, told to kill myself and slit my wrists vertically.


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Are you a victim of larping?

Are you a victim of Larping?

Live action role play

on a military scale

by jerseydeanne

Are you a victim? You may not even know you are and you may follow someone with the same kind of likes but the only thing they have agenda.

We all heard of internet trolls, I’ve been accused on a worldly scale that I’m one. Called a truther, troll, vile, told to kill myself and slit my wrists vertically.

Being politically correct is not going to be one of my strong suits as I believe you do have the right to call out your representative and stop being sheepish.   If someone is spending your tax money you should be able to say, hey wait a minute!  You have that right, but there are others with a job to do to amplify the message.

The larper will give truth to the truther while giving the oppositions half truth all in the hopes that it fans the flames and carries the message further. You think, wow, I’m doing something right!  I am making awareness, and you are for all intense purposes. However, it stops being funny when you don’t want to play anymore or have questions for the LARP.  That may make them mad and next thing you know it you’re being doxed in a national newspaper and called a vile troll!

All countries do this, it’s not just for Russians anymore


Maybe you got to close to the truth, and now you need a good beat down and credibility smashing, like the team on Twitter, is doing to me now.  Is the intimidation worth what you and your family will go through once they set their sites on you?  Frustrating, annoying and there is nothing you can do about it. You can block, report (never works) and they will change their IP and keep harassing you.

Whether it’s MM or politics you are being driven like sheep to push a message one way or another.  What can you do about it?  I like to have discussions about this very real problem.

Stay safe my friends, 🌸😎JD