Q Drops! 3808 – Sessions: Justice Department has 27 Investigations into Epidemic of Leaks


Sean Hannity: Dems are guilty of everything they accuse Trump of

I agree! Everything they accuse the president of the Dems has done.  I was shocked when they dumped the Biden crime on this president! I posted the Biden scandal months ago!  Did they put Biden before a committee? Nope!

People, don’t stand for this regardless if you like Trump or not. This is wrong, and our president is trying to drain the swamp of corruption.

Brennan, the father of all leaks. Puts informants in danger


I watched this, and they are right, once the cover is blown, you stay blown. The informant gets moved to bumble🤬 east of nowhere land with new identities.   WTH is going on with our country?  All this for the traitor Hillary Clinton? She isn’t worth it, so is it money motivation?  A distraction from the real problem? The Russia crap fell apart. Maybe building 7 world trade center?  

Thank you anon, 🌸😎😘

Fox News reports on the leaks on the Jeffrey Epstein suicide and the witch hunt

Wait for the report before thinking strangulation.

An autopsy on the body of Jeffrey Epstein reveals the convicted sex offender had several broken bones in his neck, according to reports. Former assistant U.S. attorney Andrew McCarthy reacts to the investigation and details his new book ‘Ball of Collusion’ on the Russia probe. #FoxNews

Who do you think sent in the info?

Who do you think sent in the info?

Anonymous said:

JD, I don’t like Meghan, but it’s strange how people believe every terrible blind item Enty posts about her and NONE that he posts about Kate. I guess we all believe what we want to believe.

Those wedding earrings made an appearance at the Easter service after…

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Tumblr Anon asked when is someone going to put a muzzle on the leaker?

Tumblr Anon asked when is someone going to put a muzzle on the leaker?

Anonymous said:

When is someone going to put a muzzle on the leaker and take away sm? Rips on kate now suggested the four together, and one retires early, the other passes out drunk, the other male knocks up the dried old has been claims now the male cannot keep it zipped up. Outrageous pr bs!!

[contentcards url=”https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6845443/Rumours-rivalry-Duchess-Cam…

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JKR  submitted:Meghan’s “friends” leaks baby shower clip – we all knew that would happen.

JKR  submitted:Meghan’s “friends” leaks baby shower clip – we all knew that would happen.

JKR  submitted:

Meghan’s “friends” leaks baby shower clip – we all knew that would happen.

Pink for a princess? Video reportedly filmed inside Meghan’s baby shower reveals the pastel-themed ‘dessert buffet’ served at the $500K celebration – including a cake topped with the royal couple


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Anon says: Prince Harry gone for 12 weeks

Harry gone for 12 weeks signifies If a pillow is born or A baby stolen from an innocent white woman he isn’t involved as I bet she isn’t pregnant and they’re afraid of what she might do to get a baby And it would Explain why we won’t see the c-word for Awhile.

We need to find out if Harry will be away for the entire 12 weeks, I think the palace has to tell us that. What bothered me is War games are supposed to be quiet. All military exercises are secret.

You know who I’m going to blame, Meghan Markle, she puts the Prince’s life in danger as well as the Battalion of brave men and women.  To me this is unforgivable, it’s espionage.

Thank you! I’m done my rant let’s get to the pillow, which I thought it looked like a money belt in the picture that was shown to me.   Come to think about; it does have a Spongebob shape! Rejoice Spongemeggies.

princeharryandme tumblr Spongemeggies

MM revealing dark secrets? Who will believe her?

MM revealing dark secrets? Who will believe her?

Hello JD! I have been thinking and who would believe anything MM releases. Wouldn’t it be necessary for her to say “I heard/saw/know this or that.” She can spout off all she wants, but she won’t be credible. I’m sure they will release the yachting info if necessary.

It’s the other ones to worry about. If MM has copies of documents, I would scream photoshop, you know me. 
The press and the bloggers…

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