PBS- What Tom Hanks has to say about the Weinstein scandal


Anon submitted: Schiff lied on CNN

Brit Hume is not necessarily a Trump supporter. He simply pointed out that Schiff lied when he went on CNN and was asked if he had any advanced knowledge of the complaint. Schiff replied, “We have not spoken directly with the whistleblower.”


Brit Hume is one the last of real reporters that don’t show much bias. Schiff did lie, now he must pay the consequences. Everything that he has submitted to congress will and shall be under scrutiny.

BINGO we are almost home. I can’t wait to see how they will spin this one.

I appreciate your anon. Thank you for sharing this.  🌸😎🥰

Was Baba Bill posing for that?

Now tell me he never knew anything. He never heard anything.

Hilarious photoshop!

Hillary Clinton one of the puppet masters attacking our duly elected by the people, President Trump!


Hillary is a poor loser! George Soros is pouring in millions to attack and undermine our president!

AOC claims “Everyone is forced to drink out of toilets” Thats not true!

AOC claims “Everyone is forced to drink out of toilets” Thats not true!

AOC screamed at Border Patrol agents in ‘threatening manner’ during tour: Witnesses by Anna Giaritelli

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., screamed at federal law enforcement agents “in a threatening manner” during a visit to a Border Patrol facility in El Paso, Texas, and refused to tour the facility, according to two people who witnessed the incident.

A group of 14 House Democrats,…

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