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MM Hollywood Royal


So much has happened the last few days that it has been one post after another. Between the scoop regarding the tiara to MM’s PA quitting over a hostile work envrionment, we have been given a lot of juicy information to talk aboout. 

One thing that keeps coming up is how MM is not fitting well within her new life. Being a royal takes time, dedication, humbleness, work, and many other characteristics it seems MM just does have in her. 

People are saying that she wanted to be a Hollywood Royal, and I think they are right. 

Megs has been obbsessed with the Royal Family for years. She studied Diana and wanted to be the NEW Diana. We know this because the moment news about Harry and her relationship became public information she pushed a Diana 2.0 identity to the world. The problem was, she got the photo ops to immulate the humanitarian side of Diana but what she realled wanted were the Hollywood glamour shots. 

She saw Diana walking the red carpet, dancing with John Travolta, attending state banquets in fancy ballgowns and the Crown Jewels. The years Diana was a full-time royal she met world leaders and stayed in the palaces belonging to other countries rulers. She sailed on fancy yachts and attended fabulous parties. The press chased her down the street for pictures and she was always headline news. 

This is the life MM wanted. 

She wanted the tour Candaian/US Will & Kate went on in 2011. They attended a Hollywood party and then the Hollywood BAFTA gala where Kate wore a beautiful gown and Will was in a tux. MM wanted to be the Duchess greeting the Obamas in the palace shortly after her wedding where she looked delirously happy. The duchess attending movie premiers wearing a gorgeous custom gown and the press screaming her name. 

Instead she has been booed, mocked, ridiculed and sent on a 16-day tour to Australia where she sat on a beach with a crazy dressed group of people having a kumbiya moment. She was sent to the middle of nowhere more than once where the only people screaming her name were the few hundred locals. The press were the ones picked by her and there were only a few of them. 

So, when you see people saying that she seems unhappy and ready to bolt, she most likely is. This lifestyle is not what she expected. She never realized the rules and structures she must follow. It isn’t one big party but an actual job. A job she had no idea of what it entailed when she signed up. All she saw was a life through photos and Lifetime movies. The reality has been a real eyeopener for her and the life she thought she would be living doesn’t exist. 

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MM Hollywood Royal


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