Oldie but a goodie Tucker Carlson vs Antifa supporter- the dumbing down of America


Piers/Meghan~ Amazingly funny

PIERS MORGAN: Me-Me-Meghan’s shamelessly hypocritical super-woke Vogue stunt proves she cares more about promoting herself than the Royal Family or Britain

Super woke! 😝😝😝😝

Yep, they have your ticket, Meghan Markle! The super looney from the far left!  Me Me Me Me Again


I thought Meghan might have learned her ‘woke’ lesson after the banana debacle in which she signed the phallic-shaped fruit for a group of sex workers with guff like ‘You are special’ and ‘You are strong’.

But nope, Meghan’s here to save us and there’s nothing any of can do to stop her.

‘LEAVE HER ALONE!’ I hear some cry.

But the problem is more that she won’t leave US alone.

Meghan didn’t need to guest-edit Vogue.

She’s already guzzled at the udder of royal fame like a starving desert traveller arriving at an over-flowing oasis.


You guys have to read this article it’s the best yet! I’m so in love with Piers Morgan right now. 💋💖 I have goosebumps!  I’m sucking up every word he writes, laughing my ass off! 😝😝


The reporters are now spot on! You can’t turn the press off and on at a whim and scream PRIVACY, and we don’t give a  flying💩.


Frankly, if you took Harry to LA, we would be forever grateful never to hear from you again.  You can put up with the American press, and we still laugh you at you. It will be fun to see you take Harry around LA like a circus monkey, and I’m rooting for this! Maybe you can kiss Hillary ass and give her a tossed salad.




PS: Why does she have to hang on everyone, she like a drunken stripper!

Thank you, squad member! God Bless America and the UK! 🌸😎😝💖💋

Sunflower submits: I was invited to the white house

I thought this would make you laugh and feel great that Trump is protecting bloggers, YT channel videos, etc.


Trump recognized them!  Congratulations!

The MSM are the real trolls!

Let’s continue to Keep America Great!

Follow Mark Dice on Youtube, and we love the humor!

To Acosta

Thank you sunflower and @realDonaldTrump 🌸😎💋💋💋💋💋

Aeltrileaf~ Some really great posts! Jeffrey Epstein and more







Culinary1604 submits: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

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SMDH, she is never going to get it

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Oh, look cameras! Goodie!

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How much did former classmate pay to be there?  Is it hot under the tig wig?

The further the worse

Let’s open up our borders. Let’s give illegal aliens free health care. Let’s give the right trans women to abortions … Joe Biden?

I cannot believe that Joe Biden, who was supposed to be against providing free stuff to illegals just a couple of years ago, raised his hand with the rest of the crowd!

It’s a train wreck. As an independent, I will have no choice other than voting for Republicans. By the way, is Obama still a Dem.?

It’s so cringing to watch these idiots, is this the best our country has to offer?  Have people become so stupid that they actually think that free everything is actually free?


I’m running to the right! I’m a former registered democrat lifer can’t support this kind of lunacy. You know it’s bad when Bill Maher makes fun of the pack of morons.


This is funny AF!!


Thank you anon, keep them coming, 🌸😎💋

Julian Castro~ How did you get a job with Obama?? Trans women have the right to abortions~ Really??



Wow, I’m deeply offended, I mean I didn’t know I could have a do-over after my uterine cancer, Julian.  I thought it worked like the outy becomes an innie.  I had no idea they were transplanting ovaries, tubes, and bloody uterus? LOL


I meant to post about this the other day, but would you trust this nincompoop to run the USA?


We love the LGBTQ, but I doubt that any of them are going to show up at planned parenthood for their imaginary abortions and expect the taxpayers to foot the bill so they can claim whatever story. Will they reuse someone else dead fetus to make them feel more like a woman, Julian?

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LGBTQ are a lot smarter then the audience they had because they all cheered, I do wonder if they thought about that one after the show?


Even Bill Mahr doesn’t recognize the party anymore, the 20 panderers are going to lose at this rate.