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Everything people deride as crazy conspiracy theories are true. The people who control the world, hate humanity. They pit Christians against Muslims, create fear and terror, control our information highways, pit the poor against the rich, undermine family values, confuse kids, promote a decadent, dog eat dog way of life, create MK ultra-human killing machines, poison our food, our water, our air, take embryo tissue from abortions they proclaim to be pro-choice, deal in slavery drugs and body part trades, start and end wars. The BRF are not innocent in some of this stuff. They are an ancient bloodline family who did not get to the top of the heap by playing nice. They do not play nice now. But GB needs them for societal, political and economic stability.


Thank you anon, well put! I started seeing the conspiracy theories and denied them as utter BS. LondonScoops anon was full of them, up is down and still, I refused to believe it.

Deadline made me go a step further and as I unpeeled this onion all those things started to connect together, making a believer out of me. Also, I wanted to do something more, HRH Princess Eugenie and her friend Jules were making awareness about modern slavery and I was interested in the Jeffrey Epstein Scandal.  Epstein enslaved young teens on a large scale he received a slap on the wrist and the big players got away being sealed in a file.

It’s leading me to these global connections of evil is the only way I can describe them.  Meghan Markle is connected to a bunch of players in the scheme of things.

I’ve been told Assange being extradited to the US is connected to this, we need him to testify and maybe Trump helps the UK with their pesky fame seeker.  Only time will tell, we await May 2nd hearing.  The Democrats of my nation should be genuinely scared Assange has the gravy on pizzagate.




Londonbirde final post, Prince Andrew, the real shitshow is about to begin

Londonbirde final post, Prince Andrew, the real shitshow is about to begin

lovenowayworld submitted:

Londonbirde Final Post

I’m not sure how to start this so I’m going to jump right in.  You will have to recall many of the things I’ve said in past messages.  First, remember how I was able to tell you about the behavior/attitudes of H & M, how staff was treated, how staff was handling it.  That, and other things are now being…

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Londonbirde final post, Prince Andrew, the real shitshow is about to begin

Londonbirde Final Post

I’m not sure how to start this so I’m going to jump right in.  You will have to recall many of the things I’ve said in past messages.  First, remember how I was able to tell you about the behavior/attitudes of H & M, how staff was treated, how staff was handling it.  That, and other things are now being confirmed/ reported in the media.  Remember how I said at one point that I wasn’t sure if I could handle the information I was getting.  I couldn’t, and tried to stop, but you cannot un-know what you’ve already learned.  Remember how I said my source told me I couldn’t start with the whole truth because it was too much to be believed.  He was right.  I get it now.  Remember how I didn’t understand why I was being given this information?  I know now that it was in the hope that I would share it, (and I am not the only one), so that gradually many people would come to know and accept unpleasant truths.  I failed in that, because I did not want to look deeper.  Once I did look deeper it was too late, too much to put out there. I cannot report these deeper things because of legal issues.  I can confirm that so far as the subjects you are focused on, you are mostly correct.  I admit I have not read anything here for months. I know this is vague and not what you’re looking for, but my need to warn you has gnawed at me for several weeks.  The warning is to prepare yourselves for news you won’t want to hear, or believe.  There is a chance that someone will ‘fall on their sword’ to prevent naming of names, or that the old ways will protect them, but there is a massive undertaking to expose as many people as possible. Remember the unknown court case I referenced that will set new legal precendent in the US?  That is happening soon and is relevent.    There is much chaos in the US right now, and it is going to get much, much worse, but it heavily involves the UK and Australia.  (Other countries as well, but specifically those). You’re free to call me a lunatic, a conspiracy theorist, a troll…it doesn’t matter.  I have proven facts and I just needed to tell you all to hold onto your faith, whatever it is.  It is very hard and scary to let go of long held personal beliefs about your world.   Up is down.  Left is right.  Dark is light.   You will at a certain point remember that I’ve given you this message, and you will understand.


I did try to reach out to her for clarification, she didn’t answer. This was a post I was worried about from months ago, I’m not sure what it means. 

“I make this posting on behalf of the London bird who has learned that when one digs too deeply for worms their wings are clipped.”

Nothing is truly secret.   Simply hidden.

This endeavor will be deleted in due time.

than this 

Where is the best place to hide something?

In plain sight.

It’s about Prince Andrew, it was confirmed that Epstein is working with the government trying to save his ass from a life sentence. How the prosecution dropped the ball and didn’t properly notify the victims. Somehow his immunity deal is falling apart and this shitshow is about to explode. The Harry distraction is going the wayside for the biggest sex abuse scandal worldwide.  The girl dropping the ball is from Austrailia, used as a sex slave since she was 16, in our country the legal age of consent is 18.  There is a book coming out it will be front and center the world over. 

Thank you Love for bringing it to me 💖💖

Was Prince Harry Coerced?

Didn’t london scoop say that Harry was coerced?
Wink said he was Coerced,  they were all trying to get him out of it. Soho anon says, both, coerced and his decision.  Wink said London scoops was somewhat correct.  We take what we can get and try to figure it out.
We heard about tantrums, angry and it was knocked down by wink. Two sources unrelated saying he was depressed, angry, tantrums.  Winks says he did what he was commanded to do, he didn’t want to do it, but he took one for the team. There is something she is holding over him, that one I know about.  Harry talked a lot at Soho house and

Embed from Getty Images
WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND – OCTOBER 29: (UK OUT FOR 28 DAYS) Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex visits Abel Tasman National Park, which sits at the north-Eastern tip of the South Island, to visit some of the conservation initiatives managed by the Department of Conservation on October 29, 2018 in Wellington, New Zealand. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are on their official 16-day Autumn tour visiting cities in Australia, Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand. (Photo by Pool/Samir Hussein/WireImage)
Soho anon confirmed that.
Believe what you like it’s all speculation until ends up in the news.
Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎

Hi JD, I don’t want to start trouble but I think you too posted a message that had been posted on London Birde’s account. Is it just me, or do you think it’s unusual when supposedly English anons, use American spellings? Eg that message used “endeavor” not “endeavour” which is British English. This isn’t the first time, LS and I think that PR anon have used American spellings. You don’t have to post this, I just felt like sending you my thoughts. Thanks JD.

Thank you anon for pointing this out, yes I did have suspicions about this, I did point this out. I made the blogger in question angry, we told her time and time again to chill. Be careful of what people are sending you, I know we have PR related anons on this case. Felix and I did this out of love and concern, we were ghosted.   ☹


Uh oh it looks like London scoop paid a price. I do hope she is all right.

Check over her site, she got an article from the Republic UK, so what are her motives?  Of course, we hope she is okay, but like I stated a while ago, I think something is up with these not insiders- insiders. I’m sure another will pop up soon. 

Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎

Good Morning JD, Wait, what? You think London PR anon is Team Meg? London PR is Skippy’s newer anon, not London Scoop, who was pre-wedding. Why do you think this?

Royal informers would never mention Prince Andrew, polo was no diversion for the trial, he isn’t involved in it. I knew as soon as she wrote about PA she was team MM. She is telling us basics of PR, I appreciate confirming the family is on it. MM got a bug up her arse about the Yorks for some reason. Their paths are continually crossing in the past for it to be a coincidence. Ken Sunshine is an old friend of Sara, Mischa Nonoo is friends with the princesses.

Markle did this to try and shut us up about not living together, I got anon that said she did this for you. Plus, August/September are slow months for Prince Harry news. Also, I refer you back to the Polo of 2017 the kiss bought her time for her next scam. 

When you attack one, you attack them all, wink wrote this, and it’s embedded in my brain now. 

Thank you anon 🌺🌺🌺🌺

Prince Andrew

I am trying to figure out the mystery and went over LS’ posts. LS said there was more than one reason for Prince Andrew’s disdain. In a previous post she said without identifying PA (although she does in the later post) She says “this someone (later identified as PA) is THE REASON FOR THE WEDDING and they know it and have trouble hiding their feelings.

So PA is the reason – he is the man the backers sought to influence. This is why they targeted Harry with MM to get at PA. Harry has been sacrificed at least temporarily for PA. Oh geez. It shows I think that one’s sins have consequences. Both Harry and Andrew have been indiscrete and immoral making at the very least extremely poor choices about the people they associate with. And it catches up with you.

Seems to me now that I realize PA is at the heart of this that it is the Epstein case again. I will go no further. But this is just horrifyingly sad. And I must say the Queen’s unwillingness to police the family is at fault here too.

LS also says Harry now (in the days before the wedding) does not desire the marriage “at least as things are now” but initially was happy with her and would show the RF as being progressive (foolish Harry) and that now he is angry with everyone. He should be. To cover sins that should have been addressed in the past by HM on PA’s part Harry has been forced into this marriage. It was all there in LS’s posts.

LA also says they will find a way to “spin” the wedding positively later on. What? She never suggests they will try to find a way out for Harry. Make the distinction between wedding and marriage. The wedding can be spun positively as it was a showpiece of diversity for the RF. So that may be the meaning. But still, LS never referred to a plan to extract Harry from the marriage.

But I think we found the culprit here – PA. Dreadful.

Thank you for your opinion,  Wink said that HM wouldn’t sacrifice Harry, but it happened, Wink was clearly upset by it.  I don’t think this has anything to do with Prince Andrew, I tried to connect the dots, and they dead-ended, an investigative reporter would have to this challenge on.  

It could be about the Pearl; I leave it at that. 

Thank you anon