Clooney’s and the Prince of Wales

Would have paid a huge sum 100K to sit with PC during this dinner. PC does this several times a year to raise money for his charities. Means nothing. The invites would have gone out well before the shower.


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What is this good cop, bad cop? Of course, it means something don’t be silly.  That is what the public will think regardless; it’s an embarrassment. Blind item says Harry didn’t know Meghan flew private. Just like the palace didn’t know this was going to happen and accepted this couple’s money.

Wakeup!  I believe I’ve proven my point that they are being set up by American PR and talent agencies. They have always been five steps ahead. Meghan Markle is going to embarrass the BRF every chance she gets, and they fall for it every time.

They are up against 50 agencies; please read my post I did yesterday on Time’s up!  I agree with the concept; however, don’t agree that anyone has the right to play games. We have a justice system for offenders.  This is beyond sexual harassment and feminism.

Oprah is represented by CAA, the whole lot is, I’m not paranoid, this is happening. Beyonce is with CAA; MM’s got the beehive on call for when the bottom drops out. They are going after anyone that was/is or going to be charged with sexual crimes, I do support that, I will be posting about some.  I don’t like the delivery of the message.

Time for being passive is over; it’s time to bring in the real guns now.  I have a horrible feeling about this.

I’m not picking on you, it doesn’t look good.

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Is Harry starting to get it yet?

Do you think Harry is starting to get it yet? Or, do you think he will see this as a slight on his precious wife? Perhaps his body language is giving us the answer, but I would love your opinion. I noticed with the last day time engagement when she wore Diana’s red/purple colours, and he looked detached as well. Wow, to be a fly on the wall at KP right now.
I don’t know, the Narc in Meghan is strong, you and me against the world type bull 💩.  Harry may need more to break that spell. This is sucking the life out of him stage. He will become needy, pathetic, need her at every move. In a sense, he is suffocating himself.   That’s all part of the game.  MM is getting off on it, look at her, great sense of self-achievement. And Harry looks homely.
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