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@realDonaldTrump~ Dishonest media~ Trump won Fair and Square~ Right Hillary?

Trump won fair and square! Right, Hillary?  Oh right, you had a breakdown afterward and wasn’t man enough to keep your word to the American people!  You thought you had it in the bag with your fake dossier!

Drain the swamp, Mr. P!

Deadline~ Jussie Smollett “Grateful” As “Empire” Renewed for season 6


Smollett has continued to insist on his innocence in and saw the 16 felony charges he was facing in Chicago erased on March 26. Looking at potentially years behind bars for allegedly staging a racist and homophobic attack on himself on January 29, Smollett instead found his legal slate wiped clean, the controversial case sealed in exchange for forfeiting a $10,000 bond and credit for a then-recent stint of 20 hours of community service. The decision outraged the Chicago Police Department, outgoing Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and even Donald Trump.

Jussie broke the law and got a slap on the wrist because why?  He reported a hate crime that was a PR stunt and terrible dig against a campaign slogan MAGA coordinated by his agent.  That’s a conspiracy charge and should be dealt with on a federal level.

The prosecutor Kim Fox is friendly with the Obamas and from what I read has politic aspirations.  Chicago is a crooked town!  Kim Fox, it’s the jury that decides the fate, not you!  Maybe, she should become a defense lawyer, that’s what she did. Perhaps her powers should be taken away.

Come on 20 hours of community service for setting the scene up to show the sitting president as a white supremacist.   Again conspiracy and hate crime. 

OOPS! I got caught, ah that’s okay! The damage has been done and erroneously blamed people who follow MAGA, Make America great again as racist and isn’t that the agenda the globalist want out there? Go into a race and holy war.

Who I feel sorry for is the real victims of hate crimes, they don’t get the attention they deserve. Police will not have the urgency knowing that it will get sealed and tossed or they could be faking!  Someone is going to get hurt.


Did you read this, JD?

This is from the liberal Washington Post ——Fox News was right and the others were wrong. … even regular viewers of CNN and MSNBC must certainly recognize the straws being grasped to justify sticking with a conspiracy theory that has been largely debunked. —— Wow! I am speechless here …


yes, maybe the public will stop but some won’t believe it. It’s extremely hard to get people to stop believing the conspiracy theory unless Rachel Maddow, Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper come out and admit they were wrong.  Say it, We Were Wrong, we are sorry!  they lied to the American public about a sitting president.

This is my whole point; whether you like or dislike the president, he is still your president.  We need to bring back the pride of being American no matter what color of the rainbow you are, religion, simulate into this society. The American way!  don’t change us, be one of us.

Apologies need to happen to move on.

United we stand, divided we fall












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