Trump Wishes “Nasty” Meghan Success as Part of the Royal Family Donald Trump hits out at ‘nasty’ Duchess of Sussex, Then Graciously Wishes Her Success As A Member of the Royal Family

‘ Donald Trump hits out at ‘nasty’ Duchess of Sussex

The President also says he ‘hopes she’s OK’ after giving birth to baby son Archie just weeks ago.

Speaking ahead of his visit to the UK on Monday, Mr Trump also said he had not realised Meghan would not be present among the Royals meeting him, who will include Prince Charles, the Queen and Prince Harry. 

Because she wasn’t invited! 😝😝😝😝😝


Anonymous said:This is what these racist females don’t get

This is what these racist females don’t get. I am white. Hitler was white. Should I support Hitler because he was white? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! Supporting someone because they see her as their “race” and for no other reason is not only idiotic it’s just WRONG. SMDH.
I know!  Like, What the hell are you talking about Twinky!  If you don’t like someone it’s not racist, you are allowed to dislike someone for their character.  I can’t believe this still goes on.
Thanks, anon, I couldn’t let one more pass🌸😎

Anonymous said:The testing will be for the baby

The testing will be for the baby. Not for her. Which she’s not related anyway. And also it’s dumb because the baby will be half and half. Not full-on titles because mm isn’t even related.
Queen says that it must come from the mother’s body, Meghan.  You need swabs from both parties anyway.  From what the press and the blinds are reporting she wants full titles. Meg wants a Princess Diana.  I know she is not related, anon.  Meg is a nutter.
Thank you anon🌸😎

Anonymous said:Meghan’s minions favorite “argument”

Meghan’s minions favorite “argument” when they don’t know how to defend her – ThatChickIsBack, New York, United States, 5 minutes ago: Wow look at all the trolls defending their white Royals.
How racist is that one? Did you flag that, cause I’m getting sick of skin color being involved in this?
Thank you anon  🌸😎

Richard Palmer Tweet – is he being sarcastic?

Media Meg vs Media Blackout

It looks like pr got everyone talking about her again. Now reportedly a six-month media blackout on baby birth. Is this to cover surrogate? Or drum up interest to get media to pursue her to look like hounded, i.e., Diana 2.0?
A concrete truck woke me up, I saw your ask, and I just have to answer with gifs and go back to bed if I can.
Thank you anon, I’m laughing so hard, Media Meg without the Media, that leaves Meg, there will be hell to pay the perpetual victim, said!
Taunt the British people!
and finally
wait I lied


Look at the bags allegedly containing the baby gifts consider their shape do they look like bags with gifts you’d give for a new baby? Stuff like toys, nursery lamps, baby bottles, stuffed animals? Not to me look more like they have clothes stuffed in them, so maybe all she got were baby clothes to merch?


The real shower party is allegedly Tuesday like she needed one, it’s considered in bad taste for a Royal to have one.  Tacky! Who knows what she got, more crap to wear to earn her living pap strolling. Hopefully, the people around the world put an end to that, but she gets away with murder.

I suspect she is in the US to do her taxes, lawyer, and PR.  This exclusive tells me something, and she is in cahoots with the DM.  I knew the west coast reporters but London it shocks me. We shall see how this plays out.

Thank you anon 🌸😎

JKR submitted: Richard Kaye Article

They Fell For Meghan’s PR Stunt!

Many fell for MeAgain’s PR stunt, even some journalists I used to respect.

A betrayal no daughter could forgive: Meghan’s made mistakes. But after her father leaked her heartfelt letter, RICHARD KAY says the time may have come to cut him out of her life forever

I don’t know about that. He is giving a little shove in all directions.  It’s subtly telling all of them we are on to all of you.

Richard recaps last weeks PR disaster of the five friends,  warnings about what happened with Diana. Then he brings up the ultimatum she needs to make up or move on with it because frankly this game is bloody old and we are all sick to death over this dead horse(PR).

It’s got no life anymore|(PR), the only thing left is some bones she can put that in her pressure cooker and serve as consumme to Harry.  It can go along with his new diet of juice. Poor Harry, is lacking nuts that Markle has hidden away in a ginger jar.  Enjoy your Fluids, Harry! 🤮

Give it a rest already Markle! Another warning shot to the Markle’s and MM.

Thank you JKR🌸😎

Comment Manipulation

was obvious on the DM article but keep in mind that makes it even more apparent the article is PAID for by her. And while the up voting was obvious there were a majority of comments that recognized this was yet another pr ploy by Meghan and few were impressed. She has lost. The end is coming. And she did herself in with these stupid stunts.
I don’t see much point in getting excited by her games now. It is the desperate last gasp.

I absolutely agree with you, they got her now.  You’re right, paid for the article, that’s about 65k?  maybe less she wasn’t merching anything this time.

Thank you, I still have faith 🌸😎💖💋JD